ticketmaster events 2022-3 Ways to Create Tickets to Sell on Eventbrite for Your Next Event and Control Capacity

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This video will show you how easy it is to create tickets for your next concert, conference, fundraiser on Eventbrite. We will also look at advanced settings you can use to automate your tickets available on the Eventbrite registration page. Additionally, you can learn about how to use a new copy tickets feature to copy your ticket settings to a different event and the section feature to help control capacities amount to various ticket types.

1 – Requirements 00:16
2 – Create Basic Ticket 1:02
3 – Fees 1:47
4 – Add Sales Dates 2:01
5 – Advanced Settings 2:31
6 – Setting Event Capacity 3:39
7 – Creating Sections 4:20
8 – Copy Tickets 4:50
9 – Edit Tickets 5:14

If your account is professional or premium, you can add multiple tickets for sale on your Eventbrite registration page. If you have an essentials package, you can only have one ticket type per event.

Creating a new ticket is as easy as giving your ticket a name like “General Admission,” “VIP,” or “Early Bird.” Then add the number of this ticket type you would like to sell in the Quantity and set your price. If you are offering Free or Donation ticket types, you only need to add the name and quantity available.

The default date settings will put tickets on sale immediately and end sales at the end of your event. You can customize the dates and set specific tickets on sale when another ticket ends sales.

In the advanced settings, you can add additional information about your ticket that your attendees can read. You can change the visibility to hide tickets when they are not on sale or require an access code you set up and provide. Next, set the quantity for sale per purchase. Finally, you will note where tickets are on sale and how tickets will distribute them after purchase.

You can set an overall event capacity to meet your facility requirements and ensure you do not sell too many of any ticket types when you offer multiple tickets. Additionally, you can group tickets in sections to limit the capacity for a group of tickets or arrange tickets in groups on your registration page.

Many organizers will create dozens of tickets that go on sale at various times and different price points. When you create a new event, you can copy tickets over from another event. Copying Ticket saves you time and ensures you have every ticket needed. The sales dates for these new tickets are based on the number of days before the original date a ticket went on sale, and you will use the new date for your event to add a new start date.

Finally, you can edit tickets anytime throughout the event creation and registration process. For buyer clarity, the ticket information will remain on the attendee’s ticket but will group under the new name.

Start creating your event today!

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ticketmaster events 2022-3 Ways to Create Tickets to Sell on Eventbrite for Your Next Event and Control Capacity
ticketmaster events 2022-3 Ways to Create Tickets to Sell on Eventbrite for Your Next Event and Control Capacity
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