ticketmaster bts-GETTING BTS VIP GOLD SOUNDCHECK! How to get Map of the soul tickets via Ticketmaster | VLOG

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Hello all! I CANT BELIEVE I GOT VIP AGAIN FOR THIS TOUR, IM SO SO HAPPY! I really wanted to do a sit down run through the layout, pricing etc for the Membership Pre-sale! I really hope this helps!
If you have any questions please comment them below!

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ticketmaster bts-GETTING BTS VIP GOLD SOUNDCHECK! How to get Map of the soul tickets via Ticketmaster | VLOG
ticketmaster bts-GETTING BTS VIP GOLD SOUNDCHECK! How to get Map of the soul tickets via Ticketmaster | VLOG
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  1. will there be a new ticket sale in 2021/22 since the tour got postponed or will people just keep their tickets?

  2. Do you know how can I get vip ticket in Europe?

  3. Do you have a limited time while chosing seats?

  4. Will this tour ever happen? I became an army this year and i am hoping to see them live after covid restrictions are gone, did you get your ticket refunded? X

  5. i was planning on attending, but covid 🙁 did u get a refund?

  6. Reply
    日本が大好き May 3, 2021 at 7:21 am

    Did you use different ticket master accounts , please reply

  7. Can you tell me the price please 🥺🥺

  8. Are vip sound check tickets closest to the stage , that is first row , ?

  9. Reply
    Saskia Oltersdorf July 7, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    Hey, is it easier to just click the categorie (VIP gold or silver) and then check out? It’s quicker than actually look at the map. x

  10. How were you able to have two browsers and two different days? I thought you could only have one? Were you using two different ticketmaster accounts?

  11. Thank you for doing this video
    I love how you put the tabs side by side. This is very encouraging and hopeful. Fingers crossed

  12. With how many accounts did you sign in or you sign in with only one?

  13. Hi, i have a question. When you say ”code”, what code are you talking about? Where do you get it? Thank you •ᴗ•

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    Srinuvasulu Yallamaraju November 30, 2021 at 9:03 am

    Is the soundcheck ticket can allow you to main concert also

  15. Are the orange colored dots the “vip”? Can someone please answer:(

  16. Hi new subscriber. Quick question what do you mean by membership fan club? Is that like the army membership we purchase on weverse or its different? Also, you think in the future you could do a video explaining that like registering before the pre-sale for those who have membership if that's a thing. Like I think that's what ticketmaster did for PTD but not too sure since their MOTS tour was canceled and VIP/Soundcheck ticket holders got a special code for pre-sale day 1. 😕

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    Peter Jared Caballes December 18, 2021 at 1:26 am

    hello! i wanted to ask how we claim the VIp benefits?

  18. I have a question . i know this is an older video but if you get sound check tickets ? would you have to buy concert tickets separately? I would believe you would but I just want to be sure.

  19. hi! the 2 windows open are they 2 separate log ins or the same? I am really hoping to get VIP for PTD LV and I am really stress now not jut waiting for the code If I get one but also if I can get the ticket

  20. Watching this one for the presale tickets that’s gonna happen today for PTD LAS VEGAS CONCERT

  21. thank you soooo muuuuch, but i still cant figure out how you stayed so relaxed:D did you put your seat in the basket in the very beginning and then started to explain the different seat types to us? So does this mean once the seat is in the basket its saved? And why didnt u want the silver VIP? u just did not attend? sorry when u said it, then i missed it, englisch is not my mother language

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