Great-How Ticketmaster Plans to Change Access to Live Events Post-Pandemic

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Hey guys! In this video, I wanted to address the news that Ticketmaster shared about the new framework they want to roll out next year to be able to have live events come back safely. Their system would require fans to show either a negative COVID test result or prove their vaccination status to gain entry into any Ticketmaster events.

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0:00 Intro
1:08 The Current State of Live Events
2:18 Looking Forward to 2021
3:33 Ticketmaster’s Announcement
5:10 Ticketmaster’s Projected Framework
7:37 Important Things to Note
9:10 My Final Thoughts
11:36 Outro

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Great-How Ticketmaster Plans to Change Access to Live Events Post-Pandemic
Great-How Ticketmaster Plans to Change Access to Live Events Post-Pandemic
  1. As always solid content from Emma! I have no issue with any of those requirements if it lets me get down on the dance floor in 2021.

  2. Personally, I wouldn't mind sharing the fact that I would be vaccinated or not. Our gov (canada) is strongly suggesting to have a covid tracking app installed on our phones. Should someone you come in contact with got covid, you get warned about it. (no private info stored, and no gps data, only codes being exchanged within bluetooth range if im not mistaken). The usage suggested from ticketmasters would require a bit more personal info but if its only covid19 status, that would be fine by me. However thats for the US I think? How would they handle internationnal travelers??
    About those worrying about getting covid while traveling and get rejected at the gate. I don't know, in my case I would wear a hazmat suit and just say that its my costume for a big party lolll, or be the biggest antisocial guy out there until I get to the venue. 🙂


  4. As much as I want festivals its clear this process will not work and will only spread covid. Sad….

  5. Pretty sure its been proven that symptoms don't show for a few days so if you get covid today you'll test negative yet you still could have it and pass to others. Basically the 24 hour testing is not enough. Its sad because I like many miss festivals so much but its obviousl they are doing the bare minimum to get ticket sales

  6. As much as I want to go to festivals again, I will absolutely not provide “my papers”. They can promise whatever they want but this is some serious Big Brother stuff. Tracking “for the greater good”, provide your papers “for the greater good”, etc. Once things like this start they never leave, remember when the Patriot Act was supposed be temporary? Now it’s about to get a gold watch.

    Side note- The Pharmaceutical industry has immunity from lawsuits in regards to vaccines. The government is monetarily liable for which they have multi billion dollar fund. This law was upheld by a lawsuit against Pfizer ironically enough, the Supreme Court in ‘92 ruled that they were not liable for injury or death of minors linked to their vaccines. And the CEO of Phizer sold 60% of his stock the day this was announced. And undisclosed amount of board members did the same for a similarly undisclosed amount. So there’s that.

  7. A majority of mass vaccination won't begin until Spring 2021 so it is safer for the Concert Industry to begin concerts starting in the Summer. Hoping for Spring is not likely. Sure this process could work .

  8. I'd do it. For people concerned with privacy issues, there's no information, *nothing*, that you can provide that isn't already available to whoever wants to but it.

  9. My concern is the fact that they state it takes up to 4-5 days after exposure to even test positive. So I hope they work out all those kinks in their plan. I'd love to have a peace of mind attending shows

  10. I will gladly get tested. But vaccines takes a while to get out kinks tbh. Just hope that they maybe get approved so we can work out the kinks now of the vaccine and that we will give it to people that need it first.

  11. please talk about Ultra Taiwan 2020 next, as i feel like it the reaction to the Festival is split, some see it as a good thing and an example for America to get their act together and others see it as a cautiously/risky move, as it could potentially lead to a 2nd round of Covid cases in Taiwan even though Taiwan doesn't currently have any Covid cases and haven't for 200 days.

  12. I don't mind the whole Covid testing procedure,however it could lead to an influx in Covid testing just to go to a concert leaving those whole really need the testing at risk, take BTS's fanbase(the Army) for example, they announced that BTS is going on tour sometime in the future and they have the biggest fanbase in the world, wouldn't they jeopardize covid testing for those who need it like the elderly, workers or even the homeless. My second issue is that what happens if you don't have a phone or something with technology, if you lose your phone,or get jacked as they will delete paper tickets which sucks,what about those who test false positive, also they did not say that they won't store/keep your data used for making your ticket and your identity one, as that seems like another encroaching privacy issue.

  13. Is this something you're interested in talking about on a podcast? I think that would be so much fun and give some advice too ❤

  14. The one thing I dont get is I have 4 tickets to an event next year in my name/on my account so we can all sit together. Would i have to obtain all my friends results or just transfer the ticket over to their own account.

  15. Your last two concerns are the problem. The science is still not there. Rapid test false negatives can be 36%. It cannot be the appearance of safety. It has to be safe.

  16. Thanks again for your positivity!!

  17. The testing probably won't work 100%, people can test negative one day then test positive the next day. Also nothing in regards to international travellers etc in terms of international festivals.

  18. Working in the music festival industry. Many of us are already planning on NOT having another season in 2021. Why? There's to many details that still need to be ironed out and the reality is our industry is the least priority to any elected officials. I design stages for Resistance and other companies in that genre. Right now I'm currently doing construction and it's the new reality. Many of us can't wait around for things to come back. However hopeful for a 2022 season.. I love your content keep it up 💘

  19. I'd just really like EDC to be in May. It's at the end of May/beginning of summer season, so hopefully it can happen. So, I'll do whatever I can to have it. I think if it's postponed again, Ill.probably decide not to go. This is getting annoying. I dont think any festivals scheduled before May will happen.

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