amazing-MyTicket Events WordPress Plugin. Selling PDF Tickets for Events Online.

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Text version of this documentation is available here:
Guide for standalone WordPress solution for selling tickets:
Guide for seat reservation:
Mobile application to validate PDF QR-codes:
All in one WordPress theme that runs on this plugins:

MyTicket Events is a free WordPress plugin that helps people sell and organize events online. It is integrated into WooCommerce checkout, has its customizable PDF ticket module, supports email notifications and various event listing layouts, such as:

Event grid layout
Event listing
Event search with sidebar and top bar
Event calendars
And even custom concert halls

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amazing-MyTicket Events WordPress Plugin. Selling PDF Tickets for Events Online.
amazing-MyTicket Events WordPress Plugin. Selling PDF Tickets for Events Online.
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  1. Thanks for the great plugin and great video.

    I'm probably tired but can't work out how I can have a myticket-event product and a non-ticket. For example a ticket but also sell another product that is a cap. Or a programme Something that is a "normal" woocommerce product alongside a ticketed event.

    Thanks again!

  2. Please make a video on Event booking website with free plugins

  3. This plugin is a work of art the only one with the capability of moving online tickets to venue validation.kEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  4. upon plugin installation the My ticket details section is not visible, Kindly advise on a fix.

  5. It was a plugin conflict issue, I removed competitive ticketing plugins and it worked fine .THANKS

  6. Reply
    Barbara Badertscher June 12, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    Hello, I really like your plugin and want to use it. However, I don't see the "myTicket Events Details" fields in WooCommerce. Is there a solution for this? Thank you so much!

  7. Hey, this looks amazing. More people should hear about it…
    Anyway, a question / suggestion – I am selling only online events, and would be great to have the option to restrict part of the content of the event, to be visible only to those registered – to place event link (zoom), and event recording. Unless it's already possible?

  8. Hello, why can't i get it working, I'm talking with the support over the week, no result. Trying to get to work with ticketing theme. I'm considering to ask refund and move on with other plugins.

  9. Hi Kenzap, this a very useful plugin. Thanks. Anyway I tryed it in a mine child theme, but I don't see the MyTickets Extra Details Section into the product page. Any idea Why? Woocommerce was installed before and I am using the theme "Colinear".

  10. Hi Kenzap, Thank you so much for the video. Can you please help a little further changing the background of the ticket?

  11. Is there any way to add more data about the buyer on the .pdf ticket? I can't find it on the .php files
    thank you very much this plugin is wonderful

  12. beautiful, how do i classify my tickects into vvip, vip, general, early bird etc ?

  13. Can I reach you on your Instagram if so what's your handle or Facebook?

  14. Very helpful

  15. Can you Help me?

    I need to put the name of the ticket holder on the ticket at the time of checkout, this control is extremely important, but it’s disabled and I don’t know how to enable it.

    I uninstalled and installed the plugin Myticket and even then the ticket holder name it didn’t come enabled, but I know it is possible to do it, but I don’t know how. Please, I need Help

  16. Hello, I'm testing the plugin and I'm having a problem with the seat sales, the layout is not updating to sold chair. Am I doing something wrong?

  17. Very useful plugins. Thanks for this.

  18. When I scan my pdf file QR code its show me this error ( rifiedException: Hostname not verified: certificate: shall bfFRaz+MhJkaGulAi7fVeSjFDBY= DN: CN.* subjectAltNames: [*.web-hosting.corn,] ). What is the problem can anyone explain?

  19. Nice plugin – just what i was looking for. However i do have a question in case i want to sell a regular product. It is possible to remove the ticket "option" and do not send PDF on a regular product. Like selling a subscription it just need to send the order confirmation without a QR and PDF but for an event you would really like to have the QR and PDF option. Thanks in advance

  20. Can it work with travel and tour package in woocommerce

  21. I am using wp-event manager for listing the events so can this plugin will be useful with wp-event manager plugin?

  22. Can users add events using this plugin?

  23. Powerful plugin ,But when I book at three Ticket,Only one ticket is going on mail others two Remaining ticket are not coming please help

  24. Goodmorning, love this plugin it's very easy to use and exactly what we need. Now i have a little problem. De download button doesn't work, i get an error if i want to download the pdf after purchasing a ticket. And i don't receive any mails. Can you help us?

  25. Thank you

  26. Hi what WordPress theme works the best with the plugin?

  27. Hello Henzap. Thanks again for this video. Can Elementor be used to edit or set up MyTickets Event plugin?

  28. Myticket metaboxes on woocommerce products are not displayed. I've tried to rollback wordpress core and woocommerce, but nothing solved this issue. Any clues?

  29. Can you please add quantity, so that we can specify the quantity of tickets for different events

  30. Reply
    Cameraman Drohnenaufnahmen February 20, 2022 at 12:04 pm

    Fabulous Event Ticket Plugin Thanx a lot , found it over the blogpost about Mapping Seats for Concert Reservations very good explained

  31. Thanks for the great plugin. I really want to switch to this but the plugin doesn't not allow me to access the customizer in the back end. I tried changing themes but still failed to. Any assistance please

  32. How can I restart the ticket id from #001

  33. Hello. Thanks for the video. Do I have to have a payment method set up for my ticketing options if I am charging $0.00 for my event or if I do it via a RSVP option? Also: is there some sort of option where only agents of my choice can book tickets when they log in with a username and password?

  34. Hi, This tutorial so amazing, Can you help me, I installed the plugin in my WordPress, and I follow the instruction in this video, And I got some problem to add the product like I can't see the MyTicket Extra Details, when I do make product, can you help me with?, Thank you

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