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The last thing you want to happen is to buy some tickets, only to now worry if your tickets will actually arrive on time! Learn all about ticket delivery dates and the best tips on how to make sure you get your tickets on time!

When buying resale tickets online, the first thing you’ll notice when sorting through all the available tickets is that not every ticket will have the same delivery date. It may seem odd at first because you’d expect everyone to have their tickets at the same time. However, it really depends on two things:

1) Delivery Type
Electronic and mobile delivery types will vary from Instant Delivery to 24 hours prior to the event depending on when any delivery delays are lifted. There is certainly a draw towards purchasing instant delivery tickets though as you don’t need to worry about anything. Hard stock tickets can range as well depending on when tickets are available to the seller.

2) What Date The Seller Chooses
Ticket sellers are able to pick and choose what date they think they will have the tickets available, so you may potentially see a big swing between availability dates for tickets even if they are the same ticket type. Some sellers are confident that tickets will be ready in a couple of weeks after the event goes on sale, while others may simply choose the latest date possible to give themselves the most amount of time before they need to deliver tickets.

Regardless though, tickets are guaranteed to be delivered in time for the event as long as a ticket resale site has a form of fan guarantee.

Ever had tickets that weren’t delivered on time? Comment below!

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  1. One of the benefits of using the new mobile platform should help improve the ticket delivery process. Stubhub seems to be cracking down of brokers who pre sell tickets that they do not have in hand and they figure they will just fill the orders from the street before an event. However this process can be flawed when an event rockets up in price and brokers have to bust their orders. That is a big no no for stub hub. That might even make for a good ticket tip Thursday video brokers busting orders.

  2. Hiii! Your channel is super helpful i've been watching your videos for days now to prepare for the Twenty One Pilots presale on Monday! Do you have any tips/a specific video where you talk about getting multiple tickets at once? I'm looking to get tickets to 4 different shows all at the same time and some of the venues are TINY capacity (I'm talking 200-400 capacity with thousands of people trying to get tickets) so I already know it's going to be VERY difficult! – Thank you so much!!

  3. what’s the presale code for the lil baby concert? 🙂

  4. I have a question regarding the verified fan process. I was waitlisted for a recent Twenty one Pilots verified fan presale. I was wondering for the presale do they only sell a certain amount of the actual ticket quantity for the presale. Or is it that they put all of the tickets they have up for grabs? I was asking this because there were three of the more smaller intimate shows and after the presale it said “there are no tickets available at this time check back later” or something along those lines. I didn’t know if that meant that there will be no more tickets ever for that even or not. But I’m freaking out because I also have to prove to my dad that Stubhub isnt a scam(how do I know if the ticket is a scam just Incase the events I want tickets for dont have anymore available tickets and they’re only found on stubhub) if you see this thank you so much for reading I’m just freaking out cause they’re my favorite band

  5. Looking at a potential trip to the NBA Finals.. I appreciate your help in this video!!

  6. I bought Conor McGregor vs Dustin poirier tickets for UFC 264. I used vivid seats and bought the tickets months ago. The event is in 3 days and I still haven’t gotten my tickets. Should I contact vivid seats or is this normal? It says I’ll get the through electronic transfer and I also know this event is in very very high demand

  7. Thanks for the video. Regarding mobile transfer tickets, how Will I know the tickets are ready for transfer. I see the transfer button but the event is still one month away.

  8. How do you feel about Vivid seats my event is Saturday evening and I bought the tickets earlier today and worried about not receiving in time

  9. Also love your videos man!

  10. It’s supposed to be electronically transferred but I’m worried I won’t get them

  11. Just got my tickets!!! Going to see the Atlanta Braves!!!

  12. i bought tickets from ticket master to see don toliver in october 22nd, but the problem is that it says the ticket will be ready in october 25th, which is when the event is over, what should i do?

  13. I ordered two college football tickets on Tuesday and they haven’t sent me an email yet and the game is tomorrow

  14. I bought tickets for the clippers vs blazers game yesterday and the game is today but I haven’t received them yet and it says that they will arrive on Thursday even though the tickets are mobile entry

  15. every time i enter my bank details and proceed to placing an order on ticketmaster, code error U219 pops up. any idea of how i can fix that?

  16. I purchased from vivid seats and recieved the tickets instantly through ticket Master. They even appear when I log into my ticket Master account. I am worried because I have not been charged yet but recieved them instantly and that they will cancel. Has anyone gotten them instantly only to not be charged and canceled last minute? The game isn't until a month from now

    Just as I posted this I was charged for the tickets😅 now I feel relief

  17. Texas Tech Men’s Basketball tickets are in huge demand in Lubbock. I bought all of my seats individually through Vivid Seats October 11 as Texas Tech ticket office was sold out on season tickets and general admission hadn’t gone on sale. My confidence level is iffy. Can anyone speak to my situation? My tickets are supposed to be electronically delivered.

  18. Wish every seller was like you. I’m getting close to day of and no tix. Bought tix to an event 3 weeks, and I have in hand. Nerve wracking.

  19. Mine still says transfer pending …

  20. Does anyone else have trouble with Vivid Seats and reselling tickets?

  21. i ordered tickets on vivid seats for a concert next wednesday. i have bought from there before and i usually get the tickets sent right away but this time it didn’t and i’m worried that they won’t arrive by Wednesday, should i contact them? or just relax

  22. I bought tickets for basketball game this Sunday on vivid seats and I’m trying to transfer my tickets to Ticketmaster after it said my tickets were Delivered via electric transfer but I haven’t got the email? Should I wait a couple more days or call ?

  23. I’m planning to used vivid seat after the purchase then do I need to transfer them to ticket master ???

  24. Hey man i bought tickets from Vivid Seats and received them today my game is tomorrow and i’m worried if they are legit tickets, I tried seeing them on my Ticketmaster account and they won’t appear it’s on the same email I used and i’m worried it wont let me go through

  25. I bought some tickets for a concert row 4 first floor Center seating, they were very expensive and the arrival date isn’t till the day of the concert. It says I’ll get the tickets at the end of the day! This scares me because I’m flying out have hotel everything set up I even used my vacation time to get off work. Is it guaranteed I’ll get them on time or is there anything I can do? I am in the US

  26. I bought my tickets on May 11th on Ticketmaster to see Dave on May 18th, but the problem is that I was supposed to get my tickets on May 14th and I have yet to get them. Then today Ticketmaster sent out an email saying they would reach out to the reseller but idk when I will get my tickets now. I’ve tried to reach out to them but I have yet to get a response.

  27. Imma about to get a gnr ticket for milano concert from stubhub. The show is on 10 July and the tickets are supposed to be delivered by 8 July . However on 8 july I m possibly flying to Italy so I'm kinda worried on how I'll get the tickets. Any solutions please?

  28. Hey I am traveling from out of town and I had no idea about the delivery delay.. I selected u.s mail tickets but I have already left for Vegas and the show is in 2 days on Wednesday… how can I still get my tickets

  29. Hello I bought some MLB All Star Game tickets & after I bought them I noticed everyday the delivery day changes for the remainder of the row I’m sitting in & different seats, is that a red flag to be concerned about that the tickets I bought for my seats in that same section & row ?

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