ticketmaster events los angeles-The Buying Tickets Process

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ticketmaster events los angeles-The Buying Tickets Process
ticketmaster events los angeles-The Buying Tickets Process
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    Phone & Tech Reviews July 4, 2018 at 3:51 am

    do you think ticket resale companies like gametime will negatively effect profits in online ticket resale?

  2. Reply
    Kelly Bolton & Jonathan July 26, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    Just curious, did the Odesza tickets you bought end up selling?

  3. Are the tickets on ticket master for resell or retail price?

  4. And how did you please get the tix counter

  5. how do i order VIP tickets?? Do I have to buy one of these tickets first?

  6. Hello thanks for the video…Please explain Platinum Seats. If Im correct you cant purchase these seats for resale.

  7. Awesome channel!! Is there an optimum lead time for how long you want to list the tickets? I’m just wondering about the opportunity cost of holding an unsold ticket, and if it’s profitable to buy tickets close to an event.

  8. I live in Costa Rica can I do this business from Costa Rica?

  9. I want to do this from Honduras central america… can i buy tickets on ticketmaster if im from central america? Or what alternatives you suggest? How can i buy the Pdf ticket if im not from northamerica or mexico?

  10. I create an account on nextbigsound .com but the page doesnt appear as yours. The Top countries and Top cities dont appear. Do I have to do something else to see the page with those two options?

  11. What’s the Google Chrome extension that you’re using? Does it work in Europe/UK?

  12. Reply
    Giancarlo Calderon May 24, 2019 at 9:44 pm

    wtf man how do you look at artist's cities and countries it says connect Pandora AMP but its giving me bullshit

  13. heres my 2 issues.. I'm stuck with tickets I can't sell & loose money…. I get arrested for scalping tickets standing outside a stadium trying to sell tickets… your thoughts?

  14. Would be possible to have more than 3 searches per day if you wanted to scale?

  15. Do you buy tickets out of country?

  16. What are the retail prices for the tickets and how do we find them?

  17. If buying and selling tickets is so lucrative, why do you have to have another business selling the information and charging for the membership?

  18. Im from Nigeria can I do this over here ?

  19. Can you resell on live concert nation?

  20. Hey, in ticketmaster u can use more than one device to increase the odds of getting good tickets? With just one account obviusly. I'm tryna get the Bad Bunny ones

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