Great-#Ticketmaster exposed – How they help scalpers rip you off!

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Ticketmaster has been caught red-handed by undercover reporters helping scalpers jack up the prices of tickets… all for a cut. This is the reason you can’t get tickets to popular events.

All views shared in this video, unless quoted from an oustide source, are strictly my own opinion. I encourage everyone to research this story and draw their own conclusions.

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Great-#Ticketmaster exposed – How they help scalpers rip you off!
Great-#Ticketmaster exposed – How they help scalpers rip you off!
  1. I don't even do concerts anymore, and to tell you the truth what the fuck would i watch now anyway everything is shit .

  2. 19 people are scalpers apparently.

  3. I have a higher ranking data science at ticket Master and I will ask him about this…

  4. This reminds me of the monopoly record companies had. My advice for Ticketmaster would be, enjoy this while it lasts until the next better idea comes along and replaces you!

  5. Watched this right after buying resell tickets for deep purple on ticketmaster. It hurts.

  6. After getting taken for allmost $100 in "non_refundable handling fees" i decided i will only support smaller acts and quit going to big shows. Its just not worth it. If a band cancels you might get an option to purchase new tickets in advance,but they get you for those same fees again and can change the venue. Thx for nothing ticket master+marilyn manson+slipknot.

  7. Heavy metal? I like heavy metal!

  8. There's no way in Hell I'm ever paying the scalpers for their overpriced tickets. No band is worth that.

  9. YES!!!!! If this is the kind of news you'll be doing, I won't miss an episode of "The Frickin' News." (But keep the tutorials and Stupid Musician Texts coming.)

  10. Fair market =! free market. Monopolies are what free markets tend towards, by design. But a fair market in the USA would likely be commented as "Argh ! Communism ! Let's vote Trump instead !"

  11. Well done as UK have been investigating this too.

  12. Really dig the Frickin News theme.
    I kinda want that to play whenever I enter or exit a room, or when I say something crazy.

  13. TicketMaster can't be indicted on fraud soon enough. This hurts artists and fans and only helps corporate profit. People need to stop buying off reseller sites, (even the "verified" ones which are the biggest scams) and a massive class action lawsuit needs to break this monopoly bordering on organized crime.

  14. Great Bad News T-Shirt. The best Metal band ever! The Warriors of Genghis Khan rule!

  15. Yup…and Reverb has sellers pulling the same thing, buying up new limited gear and selling it at a substantial mark up. Just what we needed, gear scalpers!

  16. Funny Metallica can get Napster shut down but none of them can stop raping the fans. Stupid fans just keep paying.

  17. Good to have confirmation instead of conspiracies, but like you said, it isn't news to anyone. They've out-priced individual Montrealers from the Habs' Hockey games for decades now. Most of game tickets are bought by companies' CEO as employees' rewards or gifts to customers/reps/partners etc. The other tickets are bought by scalpers. I suppose it's the same thing with the Toronto Leafs? It's one of the reason that I don't even watch Hockey games, now. For Metal shows however, it's still possible to get great affordable tickets, because Montreal & Québec have big metalheads' populations and many venues organize concerts & open air festivals.

  18. What’s this garbage you’re watching? I wanna watch the news!

    This is the news!

  19. I don't know about north america but here in the UK I stopped using Ticketmaster because when comparing with other reliable websites their fee would always be bigger, ALWAYS! I only use them as a last resort
    People should do their research before they buy tickets and stop feeding the scalpers

  20. None of these pigs can make anything. They just have to cling onto a system that bilks audiences because its the only thing they can think to do with their miserable lives.

  21. I would guess it's allowed, because it's technically not a monopoly. You can organize small events and do ticket sales on your own. However, in reality, it is a monopoly. But, good luck getting it to stop.
    I saw an interview once, where a comedian talked about how much he hated meeting fans who'd tell him about what they paid for the tickets. He'd have to explain to them that he didn't charge that. Because he felt so bad about the ridiculously high resell prices.
    Both artists and consumers are fucked. No one wins, but ticketmaster.

  22. Many have been saying for years money in music now is only in touring and ticket sales so… yup! Ticketmaster simply followed the advice :)) I hope they get sued and end up in jail.

  23. There is a trick to this and that is understanding the options and commodity market. If a show is sold out, go anyways. Why? Because tickets are worthless after the show as options are worthless after the due date and commodity traders usually don't want a bunch of livestock in their New York apartments. The longer the concert is going on, the cheaper those scalper tickets will get.

    I believe it was Rolling Stone who followed a scalper after the scalper got his hands on a bunch of Beyonce tickets. About 20%-30% of Beyonce's tickets are scalped. It turns out that Beyonce is not as popular as she is made out to be and he had trouble selling his tickets while at the event. The ones he could sell were sold at a loss.

  24. We don’t have StubHub in Australia, last time I went to buy tickets to a concert – who I first saw in 2013 in small venues – had 8 minutes of sales then sold out in one of the biggest venues in our city. The ticket prices went up from $80 to $170 ~

    The worst part is they were being sold directly through the website I brought the tickets from. Called Ticketmaster Resale.

    They Don’t even hide it.

  25. As someone who got gouged over concert tickets, I CANNOT agree with Glenn more. I paid $450 for 2 floor seats (me and my girlfriend) to HIM's Bang & Wimper Farewell tour last November at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. I tried to get tickets the millisecond they went on sale, but Ticketmaster conveniently experienced "network issues" and by the time that was resolved, the show was sold out. So I bit the bullet and paid the $450 on StubHub; I had to be there with my girlfriend because I introduced her to HIM (the band not another guy 😂) It was worth to see HIM one last time it in the end, but the sooner Ticketmaster faces consequences for this and scalpers go out of business, the better.

  26. what are nose bleed seats? ive never been to a concert with seats sounds kinda boring i wanna get out there break my neck and mosh

  27. Yeah happened to that slayer show, sucked

  28. I just bought tickets for Slayer, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse at the Mansfield Xfinity Center on Live Nation for this upcoming may. "Premium" tickets just near the stage were going for $150 but they put on some additional fees that made my bill nearly $800!

    Fortunately I was able to find some decent seats for much cheaper, But I can't help thinking that just LAST YEAR around the same time, I purchased two tickets for Judas Preist at the Worcester Palladium (a much smaller venue) and I was about maybe 20 feet away from the stage. with tickets costing around $65-$80. That's Fucked.

  29. Here's an interesting one. Why is there only ONE Monopolies And Mergers Commission…!? 😂😂😂

  30. My first concert was Kiss on the Dynasty tour. Ever since then I've tried to save my ticket stubs. Some of my oldest stubs are from 1984, sold be a company called Ticket-Tron, and the face price is $13.50. I saw U2 on the "Unforgettable Fire" tour and that stub says $13.50. I have a stub from a Stevie Ray Vaughn show at a theater in Passaic NJ that holds 3,200 people. And the price on that stub is $13.50. Ticket-Bastard has definitely inflated prices over the years.

  31. Well, you just don't go to concerts anymore and they will go bankrupt in a couple of years! Because, they (scalpers) are paying for all the tickets. If no one buys these tickets, then these bastards eat the cost of all those tickets. After several big concerts, they will probably run out of cash and go bankrupt! End of problem!

  32. Can i buy from another site?

  33. I cannot stress enough how much I hate Ticketmaster. They porked me out of a bunch of money last year and there’s nothing I could do about it. They have made it so only rich people can attend these events. It’s absolutely outrageous. There is no company I want to see go under more than Ticketmaster but what can any of us really do about it? Absolute scumbags.

  34. Dude ur right Rage Against the Machine tickets were like $300 each the first day.

  35. I'm so glad I don't go to huge events. Just small pop punk and hardcore shows.

  36. CBC did a story about Canada’s Dumbest charge on top of ticket 🎫 prices when you order online back in 2014 Ticketmaster was making extra money on it this is when Katy Perry performed in Toronto and it was uncovered that Katy Perry’s Promoter Owns Ticketmaster.

  37. ARMYs are furious right now about this scam. We just wanna go to BTS concert peacefully. May TicketMaster rot in hell

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