Great-Buying BTS concert tickets! Soundcheck + behind barricade [PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE LA]

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Ahhh this is my first video! Things get a bit chaotic as usual when buying bts tickets but I got soundcheck and one seat behind barricade babyyyy. See y’all December 2nd!

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Great-Buying BTS concert tickets! Soundcheck + behind barricade [PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE LA]
Great-Buying BTS concert tickets! Soundcheck + behind barricade [PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE LA]
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  1. Good luck to everyone buying tickets this week! Wishing you a smooth ticketing process 💜

  2. Is there a certain time that this is open because my father is in charge of getting them tmr but he works so I’m scared

  3. How long were you waiting in the queue for??

  4. first off: CONGRATS on getting your tickets secured, that's so great!!💜 but secondly, if you're going to LA by yourself, i just wanna say PLEEAASSEE be careful and stay safe!!! i've seen videos of LA armys just saying to be very careful especially if you're alone, LA can be a very…..NOT safe place😅 so please just be extra careful, try to go with a friend or even make other army friends when you get there!💜🥰

  5. I’m so happy for you 💜💜💜💜

  6. that shit happened to me I had two tabs for December 1 and one for December 2 and the December 1 one kicked me out just like yours did and I was able to get barricade for the last show lol

  7. Congratulations girl 💖💜

  8. OMG I am in the same place that day but in the other side!

  9. I got similar tickets as yours, says pick up at will call? What does that mean? I’ve never bought floor seat tickets before 😭

  10. How long did it take you to get out of the queue for Dec. 2? 💜💜

  11. did you buy 2 tickets or only one for you?

  12. is the grey the sold out ?

  13. Sorry for my very bad English. It's my first time seeing how people bought bts tickets, and I wanted to know… you have soundcheck tickets and normal tickets? The soundcheck tickets are always on the floor? And how do you get the code for the pre-sale? Sorry, I'm from Argentina and I'm not going to any of the concerts but I want to know the process for the future concerts, and i am really lost with all those "soundcheck" tickets and normal tickets and gold tickets 😂 I don't understand very much

  14. Were both tabs logged on the same acc? Loved ur vid btw 💕

  15. Where did you get the code from the beginning

  16. You can only buy one ticket at the time? I'm Just researching for a possible world tour and a show here in my country.

  17. if u don’t mind me asking what WIFI box do u use? in need 😭 I know WIFI has to do a lot with tickets too

  18. Reply
    Antileri Kudurtan T-Army February 4, 2022 at 8:40 pm

    Was there an age limit?

  19. Reply
    Antileri Kudurtan T-Army February 5, 2022 at 8:53 pm

    I want to ask one more thing. When you buy the ticket, do they bring it to your house or do you take it with a printer?

  20. How were you able to get into two waiting rooms? Did you have two different codes?

  21. hi i have a question its my first time purchasing ticket and if ever i got lucky and get verified it says there i can purchase mac of 4 tickets on one access code but can my sister use one of the tickets or is it for myself only?

  22. hi! idk if you will see this but how long into the ticket selling did you manage to get inside the map and pick the seat you wanted?

  23. Girl the same thing happened to me and it was like my world ended

  24. was your credit card info already linked to your account before you bought tickets or did you type it in when you were buying tickets? I'm wondering if I should use Paypal the next time they have a concert

  25. Reply
    Andrea victoria Gonzalez araiza April 22, 2022 at 5:53 am

    Hello!! How long before you entered the waiting room/lobby?

  26. So just to confirm NO REFRESHING when in the waiting room, right. That same thing happened to me where I waited and it didn’t refresh at 3:00 and I was afraid it wouldn’t so I DID refresh manually and I only got nosebleed tickets. I wonder if I should have just waited And trusted that it would refresh on its own?? Thoughts?

  27. hey! how was your internet when you bought the tickets? i’ve been hearing that you should have a stable/fast internet to have a good ticketing process, etc

  28. damn if only my mom was this supportive 😭

  29. wait so you can have two tabs open when you are on tickets master. and can you be signed in on the same account or do you need to use two separate accounts ?? because i saw people saying you can’t or it won’t work and it will crash.

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