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What exactly is ticket insurance? What does it even cover? Is it even worth purchasing? And how do you even buy it if you wanted it?

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5:13 How Much Does It Cost
7:28 Is Ticket Event Insurance Worth It?

Ticket insurance works the same way any other types of insurance work – it will help protect your purchase in case you are unable to attend the event. Whether you or a family member gets sick, you get stuck in traffic, or there’s some natural disaster, you’re covered! Ticket event insurance will reimburse you the cost of the tickets, along with any service charges, fees and add-ons to make sure you aren’t out the event and the ticket cost as well.

However, it’s not exactly a get out of jail free card for missing your event, no no no. You must meet one of the limited ‘covered’ reasons for missing your event. If it isn’t on the exception list…you get nothing. This also includes getting sick/missing the event due to COVID. Many insurance providers do not cover reasons for missing an event due to this known issue.

How much does it cost you may ask? Well on Ticketmaster, they’ll charge you $8/ticket if you purchase the insurance when buying the tickets for the event at the same time, but will charge you $20/ticket if you purchase insurance after the fact. But remember that you cannot purchase ticket insurance less than 30 days before the event takes place.

If you want to purchase ticket insurance from a secondary market, then you can do that as well, but it will generally cost you even more. Stubhub will charge a minimum of $7 or 5.75% of the ticket cost. On expensive tickets…that really adds up.

So is it even worth purchasing? Hard to say. I personally have never purchased ticket insurance before because I don’t see the value. As someone who knows that you can always sell your tickets, it especially doesn’t make any sense for me to buy insurance on my tickets. However, if you were travelling to an event out of state or country, I can see more value at that point just in case something goes wrong. But when the event is happening down the street…I just don’t see it.

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  1. Once I accidently bought ticket insurance as I was rushing to buy tickets during major sale and I was trying to get to the checkout page as quickly as possible because Ticketmaster was crashing a lot – it was for BTS concert, I will admit. I just ticked some boxes without reading too much into it. I believe it was some questions on the side of the page, it asked something like are you a resident in the UK, are you over 18 etc. Then afterwards I got a separate email with a confirmation that I purchased ticket insurance. I was really confused but it was rather easy to cancel. I emailed provided customer service email address straight away and I was refunded in couple of days.

  2. Best of luck with your upcoming move ti the GTA. There is plenty of opportunity in your chosen field ticket broker in Toronto however as I am sure you know the competition is keen there with long term relationships are in place you will just have to learn the ropes. Leafs tickets are the kings there and start building your relationships asap. The current online structure sure makes this move much easier than trying to start fresh on the street as some of those guys can be a challenge to deal with. Look for your angle and you will do great.
    As far as insurance there has been a recent push to make all ticket purchases refundable in an effort to squish the secondary market.That would surely chance the landscape.

  3. Thank you very much sir 🙏

  4. hi! i bought a concert tickets a couple weeks ago for march 2022 and didn’t buy insurance for it. let’s say the delta variant cancels the show (hopefully not) will i end up getting a refund? just want to be sure 🙂

  5. How do they know whether tickets are used or not?

  6. Can you help me I bought 1 ticket and 3 fast passes and it charged me for 2 tickets and 12 fast passes and their saying they can’t give me a refund

  7. Thank you so much for this information.

  8. What about work? Is that a good excuse?

  9. Hey when you cancel your ticket insurance are you still able to go to the concert ?

  10. Can I get a refund if my ticket is expired? Like if I don’t use it

  11. I bought my ticket with insurance, with insurance when can I get my refund for my tickets? Before or after the event? Do I need to send proof with from any of the ones they have listed in their policy to receive refund for my ticket?

  12. In which part of the page I can ask for the redoubt of my ticket if I buy it with alliance

  13. Is the insurance a one time fee?

  14. I was getting a ticket and clicked this button since I was in a rush. I just wanted to ask is this a one time purchase? Like I don’t have to make any other payments right? If it’s just a one time thing then I won’t ask for a refund since the perks of it look good

  15. If you have ticket insurance and can’t make it to your concert how do you prove it to Ticketmaster? Like if I get sick do I need to submit a doctors note?

  16. Still undecided, should I get insurance or not with Ticketmaster? Urghhh Help meeee pleaseeee

  17. Are you going to shawn mendes concert? When?

  18. My BFF bought tickets to EDC Las Vegas we bought with insurance from AprilTravelProtection, we unfortunately can’t make it because my bff dog getting diagnosed with cancer, we have a doctor/vet note, will we able to get our money back?

  19. What if you could not attend because of a friend having a training for work

  20. I bought a ticket a month ago and now i cant go to the concert bc im going to do a surgery and i will not have any money. Will i get my ticket money nack?

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