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Here are the five main reasons why you can’t get a refund from Ticketmaster!

1) Bought Tickets From A Secondary Marketplace

You cannot request a refund if you are not the original ticket purchaser of the tickets. When an event is postponed/rescheduled, only the original ticket purchaser is eligible to get a refund from the box office. As a result, if you bought your tickets from Stubhub/Vivid Seats etc, you will only be eligible for a refund if they offer one to you.

Ticketmaster tickets may be in your account, but if you had them transferred to you from someone else due to you purchasing secondary market tickets, then you will not be able to request a refund. You may see the option to request it in your account, but the refund value will be for $0 which is essentially a non-refund.

2) Your tickets are listed for sale/already sold

You cannot get a refund for tickets if they are being listed for sale or if they have already been sold. Specifically, Ticketmaster can track if tickets are listed for sale/already sold if you had them listed through TM+ fan-to-fan resale, or if you had them listed elsewhere through barcode integration with Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster cannot refund tickets if they are listed for sale/already sold because these ticket sales would need to be fulfilled. How are you supposed to fulfill a ticket sale if you no longer own the tickets?

If you do want to get a refund though and your tickets have not yet sold, just un-list the tickets and then make the ticket refund request. If the tickets were already sold, then you’re not going to be getting that refund if it was a direct integration.

If you sold the tickets elsewhere and transferred the tickets out already, then again you will not be able to request the refund because the tickets are no longer in your account. However, if the tickets were sold and not yet transferred out, then in theory you could request a refund. This wouldn’t be advisable though because then you will still need to complete the ticket sale with tickets you no longer own, potentially resulting in many issues with fulfillment and penalties.

3) Transferred Tickets

If tickets have been transferred out of your account, you will not be able to make a refund request until they have been transferred back. This includes tickets that you have transferred out due to sales, but also for ticket transfers to friends and family.

You will need to work together to get all the tickets back into the account of the person who made the original ticket purchase so that they can go ahead and make the refund request and then disburse all the money back to everyone. Make sure you get the tickets into the account they need to be in so that refunds can be received!

4) Missed The Deadline

You only have 30 days from when the refund window opens up to go ahead and make a refund request. If you miss this deadline, you CANNOT request a refund.

You have 30 days from the announcement of a rescheduled date to make a refund request. If an event gets postponed with no rescheduled date though, then the event organizer has 60 days from the postponement date to announce a newly rescheduled date. If no new date is announced within those 60 days, then a 30 day refund request window opens up regardless.

Last wrinkle here is if the event gets postponed with no rescheduled date, but then during the 60 day window it is them subsequently rescheduled, then the 30 day refund request window opens up at that point.

Basically, it’s very important to keep track of the various dates and announcements so that you don’t miss out on any refund eligibility. The worst case scenario is you hear about the rescheduled date but then don’t act in time, only to realize you can’t request a refund anymore due to your lack of speediness. So sad 🙁

5) Not Officially Postponed/Rescheduled Yet

If the event has not yet been officially postponed or rescheduled, then the 30 day refund window isn’t able to open up. Many event promoters may be trying to wait as long as possible before officially announcing a postponement in the hopes the event can still go on, but we all know that isn’t very likely. As a result, you just need to be patient and wait for the official announcements and then you can begin making your refund requests!

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  1. Do you know if “TicketExchange” is legitimate? It does say they’re owned by Ticketmaster but I figure you’d know more about that if it’s legit or not, thanks man

  2. In February 2020 I bought 3 tickets for a bts concert from SeatGeek. The concert was supposed to be in June 2020, but it’s still “postponed”. It’s extremely aggravating because I spent A LOT of money on those tickets. Idk how long they are gonna hold my money hostage.

  3. What to do if they postponed the events without any new date. I missed my window since now is July,2021 the original event supposed to be for last March 2020 and June 2020. I. am afraid not getting my money back since I had a bad experienced with them. I transferred some tickets before and someone bought them and 6 months emailing Ticket master to pay me back was without any luck, not until my Bank stepped in and considered them as a fraud then I was able to get my money back(not from Ticket master but from my own bank).

  4. I purchased tickets through Ticketmaster (reseller tickets) and the event has been canceled since February. I also purchased the insurance. Insurance company told me to wait another month this was back in May 2021. I read on Ticketmaster’s refund policy that the reseller would be charged on their CC so that I may receive my refund. So what could be the reason it’s taking so long? I even received an email saying I won’t have to do anything else that I should receive my refund…

  5. So what if you lost the card you purchased the tickets on and now they tell you they cannot send your refund to your new card😭because I really wish I knew that before buying my tickets.

  6. I bougth 9 tickets along with insurance but would not be able to attend due to health issues in family amd some friends from mexico can't attend since border for travelers is still closed due to covid, can i get a refund? I email them but since it was automated email they responded that window date for refunds has expired 🤔

  7. I sold my tickets at ticket master few days ago and it’s telling me that I won’t get paid until after the concert In December do you know if I am ? I need the money now but that’s their rule 🙁

  8. What if they never sent the tickets?

  9. I ended up reselling my ticket but no longer have access to that the card since I canceled but did input in my new card. Still haven’t received my refund.

  10. thumbsuprun- I have a different situation. I bought 2 tickets from Ticketmaster to be mailed to my address and these were bought within the time frame necessary for mail delivery. I was promised an email confirmation when the tix get mailed-NEVER GOT IT. The tickets never came and I missed the show. During this time when it was getting close I requested WILL CALL or the option of PRINTING TICKETS at home but the venue did not allow ANY changes to ticket delivery. The day after the show I requested a full refund and received an email stating that they were not issuing refunds. Any help for me?

  11. I purchased 3 WWE tickets from Ticketmaster w/ ticket insurance from Allianz.. We couldn’t go to the show because after I paid for the tickets.. that arena mandated the vaccine 💉 so I didn’t want to go anymore due to that reason. So I filed a claim with my bank (chase) and they refunded me my money right away.. now it’s 6 weeks later and Chase reversed the charges because Ticketmaster sent in documentation about their cancellation policy.. 🙄 Filing a claim through Allianz is so complicated and could takes weeks or months before I get refunded back my money from them. This is such a bad experience, and so frustrating to deal with especially right before Christmas. I feel robbed out of $407.

  12. Couldn’t make the event due to horrible weather conditions. They won’t refund 😭

  13. Bought my tickets through Ticketmaster. Wanted to buy another and they had me buy a another 6 tickets (to refund the original 5) and now they won’t refund. They can’t give me a reason they won’t refund, just saying they won’t. Bought insurance on all the tickets too. What a waste of money..

  14. So… If the concert was not canceled or postponed, even if I send an email to ticketmaster, they will not refund me, right?

  15. Question: is safe to buy resale tickets on Ticketmaster? How u verified them? I’m trying to buy tickets for coachella

  16. Can you get a refund if game 5 does not happen i bought them on ticketmaster resale ? Thank you

  17. Can I ask how making a claim with the ticket insurance affects the card ? It's under my mom's but can't make the event unfortunately

  18. Reply
    채린하세요 . May 11, 2022 at 7:31 pm

    What if concert doesn’t postpone or canceling?

  19. Terrible company

  20. Anyone else had Ticketmaster sell you your selected seats then later change them to completely different seats with no allowance of a refund? Makes a mockery of their guarantee "The seat you pay for is the seat you get" It's not!!

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