ticketmaster-Ticketmaster SCAM

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After a 20min wait in the queue, these tickets were available (Sec 310, Row 3), as you can see in the video time-after-time the tickets were apparently (ahem) taken … but miraculously (WOW) are available again. I attempted to purchase these tickets over 10x and still, they were not available.

Similarly, after I got fed up, I went on the Ticketmaster App, and the same tickets were available and the results were the same. Something smells fishy (and illegal).

Unfair business practices, eh?

ticketmaster-Ticketmaster SCAM
ticketmaster-Ticketmaster SCAM
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  1. I can’t believe it’s happening for so long and they just get away with this every time!

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    It's A Wrap Sports Video December 8, 2021 at 7:12 pm

    I'm about to produce a video on another shameful Ticketmaster practice. did they ever reach back out to you with a solution or suggestion? They are crooks.

  3. It's so clearly a scam. How is this legal? It happened to me yesterday. After 2 hours of this, all the tickets were suddenly available for "resale" and went from $100-$1000 per ticket

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