Great-When you meet a celebrity for the first time

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Chravis & Kyler are wondering if they’re famous yet and see Yung Gravy & Simon Rex in the parking lot. Starring: @Trevor Wallace @Yung Gravy @Simon Rex
Feb 16th – Vancouver, Canada
Feb 18th – Calgary, Canada
Feb 20th – Edmonton, Canada

3.22.2020 – Improv – Brea, CA

3.23.2020 – Helium – Portland, OR

3.24.2020 – Cobbs Comedy Club – San Francisco, CA

*onsale tomorrow Feb 6 @ 10am PST*

Feb 8th – Atlanta, GA (
Feb 14th – Knoxville, TN (
Feb 15th – Fort Lauderdale, FL (
Feb 21st – West Chicago, IL (
Feb 22nd – Pittsburgh, PA (
Mar 6th – Jacksonville, FL (
Mar 7th – Tampa, FL (
Mar 8th – Orlando, FL (
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FILMED BY: @Ryan The Leader



Great-When you meet a celebrity for the first time
Great-When you meet a celebrity for the first time
  1. Tour dates in the description! See if I'm going to your city, I wanna meet all of you! Doing some stand up:)

  2. Man I can't remember his name but buddy from the scary movie films and a bunch if other hilarious shut is in this? Like wtf. White rabbit over here . I almost paid him to send a message to someone on cameo lol

  3. I still don't get what you were working on. Lol

  4. bro atleast take my other shoe🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Dawg I’m just seeing this for the first time. And when Dirt Nasty walked up I was like “yo that hella looks like dirt nasty” and it turned out it was actually dirt nasty and I felt just like they did.

  6. Is the shirt that cherfleys is wearing sabaton merch?

  7. Are all the meme rappers and meme comedians like live in one house bc it seems like they all know each other

  8. “Bro the only celebrity I have met was when I walked by a mall, and Tommy Lee was there the day before” lol

  9. I keep forgetting gravy is so tall

  10. ayy who's the girl at the end

  11. Young gravy 🥸 wow, just wow.

  12. I live right next to there it’s a place called Westfield Mall

  13. The funny thing is most people don’t realize yung gravy is a real person

  14. Promise to tell me some day haha

  15. Wood, could, should, hood

  16. The witty caution admittedly compare because baseball concomitantly branch during a afraid steel. observant, conscious notebook

  17. “Pigments of our imagination” ayyyyy lmao

  18. Yung Gravy, Dirt Nasty… What about Lil Toe? Needa see that 3way jacking. They can form a supergroup, Dirty Toe Gravy. 🤌

  19. That building debate…some good stuff man damn.

  20. this really makes gravy look like a piece of shit lmao

  21. Pound sign can not relate

  22. Lmao when Gravy got up from the car🤣

  23. “…at least take my other shoe” 🤣

  24. But no this is real life XD XD XD

  25. I’m offended by the Zoo York jab lol

  26. This guys NOT a celebrity. Also his name is stupid why would you name yourself after gravy?

  27. Stones be funny C grade celebrities su#k ass.

  28. they really gettin rappers in here now😂

  29. "Bro at least take my other shoe."

  30. this is like another version of trailer park boys lmao

  31. bruh…. its b-rabbit lmfao

  32. If were to meet my favourite celebrity, I would have a heart attack and shriek like a little girl! 😁

  33. Why is he so tall compared to them 😂

  34. Nasty just jacking their shit🤣🤣🤣

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