1. Thank thank you much! I follow all you tips and I was able to score soundcheck tickets both days for the BTS concert 💓💓💓

  2. Army getting ready to blow your videos up again. I got my previous BTS tickets with your advice.

  3. So let’s say they are meet and greet for presale tickets will there be meet and greet tickets left when the general sale goes on?

  4. I'm looking everywhere for these verified fan links for this new concert and can't find anything

  5. Can I be on the same Ticketmaster account using the same presale code, but on different queues (like purchasing tickets for two different shows using the same account)?

  6. For using a computer, do you have a recommended browser? Is there a difference between using a regular browser and incognito mode?

  7. Is there a way to see a schedule of current presale registrations?

  8. ah so the presale fanclub code given can only be used for a specific day?

  9. Ok imma go cry now😭 I registered for the bts permission to dance pre sale general I haven’t gotten a code and every time I click the wait list it says I’m not linked to the sale🥲 I didn’t get innn🤧

  10. I’m here to prep for my Harry styles tickets tmrw 😭

  11. everybody’s here for bts.. i’m here for a tour that harry styles hasn’t even announced yet

  12. i’m here cuz olivia is touring and if i don’t get in i’ll literally scream

  13. olivia rodrigo just announced her tour and i HAVE TO GO so im watching so many of these videos

  14. Since u said to be fast and avoid clicking the map to pick seats, do i just buy random seats then? is that what you meant?

  15. I‘m watching to prepare for Olivia‘s presale tomorrow. I will literally cry all week if I won‘t get any tickets omg

  16. should I use my phone or my laptop to buy tickets

  17. Im preparing for Olivia’s I got a code buttt I’m not sure how to buy the tickets

  18. does anyone know by any chance if the olivia rodrigo sale is for everyone or just verified fans because verified fan goes on sale at 10 just like general admission?

  19. me prepping for olivia’s presale bc i got selected for presale 😩☝️

  20. Here for the SOUR tour

  21. Do you think it’s better to refresh it on your own or let Ticketmaster refresh itself?

  22. Hi! Your videos are very useful. I just have a couple of questions. Me and my friends are buying five tickets with two different accounts because the limit is 4 tickets per code. What do you recommend so that we can get seats together? Also, if I click right now on the link they sent me it only says that the sale opens in three hours, but it says nothing about a waiting room and it didnt ask me for a phone verification. So when is it that I will have to verify my number and enter the waiting room? Thanks!!

  23. me struggling to buy tickets for the olivia rodrigo sour tour-

  24. I have a question about TM flagging accounts. I had to make different accounts for different countries since the account i use for my country doesn't work or exist in lets say the US. I used the same info and phone number for the US account as my own countries account. Will TM still see that as bot behaviour and flag the accounts?

    I find it hard to undedstand how else we would be able to purchase tickets on our own but from different countries?

    Thanks and love your video's!💜

  25. im here trying to get tips so I can get Badbunny presale fan tickets and i cannot find the link to sign up!! HELP!!!!PLEASE!!!!

  26. Do you have any idea of the percentage of people who actually get a presale code? What are my odds? I’m hoping so bad to get a code for BTS in Vegas 🙏

  27. Been put on waiting list for the LA BTS concert, now I registered with the same Account for the Las Vegas shows and hope I will get a Code this time

  28. they are asking me to pay 800 if im on a wait list and dont make it will i get my money back

  29. ty
    also I'm ur 1k comment

  30. ticketmaster is cancer to the live performance industry

  31. Great video. I had one question. I have two ticketmaster accounts one for school and one for my personal I signed up for presale using both do you think this would be flagged as bot activity?

  32. if you get a presale code do you know the chances you have or actually getting tickets? cause i know they give out more codes than there are tickets but since the presale is the only time people can buy tickets and stuff what do you think the odds are of my getting them??

  33. I really hope i will get verified. Trying to get into tge VERY limited one night only show for harry styles in London. Thanks for explaining.

  34. question… does it matter if you sing up sooner or later for the presale giving you a better chance to get verified? or is it ramdom

  35. watching this for another seventeen world tour 🫠

  36. i got waitlisted last concert for seventeen, should i make a whole new email and try again just to make sure

  37. im here for svts upcoming tour. this is gonna be an experience but hopefully im able to get good tickets!!

  38. manifesting vip seventeen tickets !!! I’m a local in one of the locations they announced so I hope that boosts my chances!

  39. Not the seventeen tour as an example that’s why I’m here for their world tour 💔💔

  40. Thank you! I’m trying today for Harry Styles tickets, and am very nervous!

  41. y’all here for bts i’m just trying to survive the harry styles presale

  42. Who’s here for Harry’s House

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