ticketmaster events chicago-Can ticketmaster make you take a vaccine to see a concert?

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(Excerpt from Cover Band Confidential Podcast Episode 128)

With the announcement of the COVID-19 vaccine nearing approval, Billboard.com posted a very controversial article about what Ticketmaster (and it’s parent company Live Nation) may require in order to attend their concerts. Do you think that’s legal?

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ticketmaster events chicago-Can ticketmaster make you take a vaccine to see a concert?
ticketmaster events chicago-Can ticketmaster make you take a vaccine to see a concert?
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  1. This crap is totally Orwellian and dangerous. Life is a series of choices where you weigh the risks and make your choice. Life is dangerous… and ultimately 100% fatal. If you're afraid of a concert crowd, then stay home… but let the rest of us live our lives. Communicable respiratory diseases will always exist… and the vulnerable should always be protected. Let's not forget that the death rates from COVID are absolutely tiny and entirely in the elderly and otherwise very sick people. Healthy people will be fine… and I can say that as someone whose entire family (9 of us) all had COVID and are absolutely fine. We felt meh for a day or so. So what if a lot of healthy people get COVID and have cold symptoms for a few days?? We recover fine and now contribute to herd immunity.

    This paranoia is killing our country. The stats around financial demise and things like suicide, domestic violence, drug use, etc… are absolutely clear. We're watching our basic freedoms be taken from us and dictated back to us (in measure) from the powerful elite. Powerful officials are telling us to cancel Thanksgiving. They want to normalize telling you what you can and cannot do. Where you can and cannot go. Who you can and cannot spend time with. That ought to scare you. That's not America.

    And I don't give Ticketmaster / LiveNation a pass here. What they'll do is just refuse to work with any venue that won't enforce these rules…. thereby strong-arming the venues to follow their edicts or go out of business.

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