amazing-USEE4YOURSELF Tour 2021

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Sat-Aug-28-21 | Paradise Rock Club | Boston, MA

Tue-Nov-02-21 | Hawthorne | Portland, OR
Wed-Nov-03-21| Crocodile – Second Stage | Seattle, WA

Fri-Nov-05-21| August Hall | San Francisco, CA

Sat-Nov-06-21 | Belasco | Los Angeles, CA

Tue-Nov-09-21 | Masquerade-Purgatory Stage | Atlanta, GA

Thu-Nov-11-21 | Bottom Lounge | Chicago, IL

Thu-Nov-15-21 | Webster Hall | New York, New York

Fri-Nov-16-21 | Foundry | Philadelphia, PA

Fri-Nov-26-21| Fillmore | Baltimore, MD

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amazing-USEE4YOURSELF Tour 2021
amazing-USEE4YOURSELF Tour 2021
  1. Idk is underated rappers🔥

  2. You said at HoB Dallas that you'll be back in Texas with a bigger venue on the next tour. I see that was cap 🧢😔

  3. you should come to europe 🔥

  4. I'm exited already got my tickets

  5. no England is not ok IDK,
    come eden project in cornwall

  6. Saw you at rolling loud 🔥🔥

  7. Saw him and zel back in 2018 in sweden shit was lit asf

  8. See you in Seattle at the meet and greet man! Gonna be supa hot fire. Uh-huh, uh, uh, uh, uh

  9. Bro im hype af i gotta get a ticket

  10. Here before he’s famous 🔥🔥

  11. You want ft with one iranian singer?

  12. I want to hear your voice….😭
    I hope you visit Japan someday.

  13. You should come to Brazil 🇧🇷

  14. dawg we waiting for u in Cali and TJ

  15. Damn this is my favorite album and its not in texas

  16. Run it back run it back run it back

  17. What! None in TX 💀🥲😅

  18. We need the Rolling Loud replay

  19. So hype for tomorrow's show!!!

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