Great-How to spot fake tickets to concerts and sporting events

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John Matarese has some tips on spotting counterfeit concert and sports tickets after Downtown turned into a black market for Bengals/Browns tickets this week.

Don’t Waste Your Money with John Matarese. John Matarese shows why you could be wasting a lot of money.

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Great-How to spot fake tickets to concerts and sporting events
Great-How to spot fake tickets to concerts and sporting events
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  1. Ayy twenty one pilots lol

  2. Hey i saw tøp

  3. I'm really scared cuz I bought tickets from ticketmaster for 230$ each for the Ariana Grande concert tonight & they're in someone else's name, so they resold. I'm really scared I won't be able to get in and they're fake!

  4. I bought tickets for Justin bieber on the 30th of June on ticketmaster and I hope I don't turn up on the door and they say these are not real😪

  5. Use a black light you'll know the difference


  7. I think I just got scammed 600 dollars for bts tickets…

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    CoyotePete Cough cough August 20, 2018 at 7:19 am

    I just bought two tickets online from Viagogo for a TØP concert, which were sold +$80 from the original price. How do I tell if they’re real???

  9. Awww man… this happened to me a couple of years ago. Tried to take my daughter to the Jingle Ball concert in LA. It was her big Christmas present. Fought through 5 hours of traffic (of course it was on a Friday) from San Diego to get there just in the nick of time for the concert only to find out the tickets were fake. $500 down the drain. Luckily the Box Office had some on reserve for this sort of thing…. it only cost me another $500 =(

  10. Yeh nice video fuckhead, I liked the part where you told me HOW TO ACTUALLY SPOT IF THE TICKET WAS FAKE?? I don't want these Panic at the disco tickets to be fake. CHANGE THE TITLE OF THE VIDEO !!

  11. i just bought tickets for $800 from tickpick … they sent an email with a link to the tickets for me to print out right away. they are resold tickets so i hope to god their real and everything works out 🙏

  12. never buy from VIAGOGO, scamming fraudsters.

  13. how do i know if they are fake


  15. so um i think i got scammed 713 dollars for bts tickets but ig ill wait until the day of the concert

  16. I bought a concert ticket for Ariana Grande from a person from instagram, the reason i belived it is because we talked to her family and she had a fanpage of her for over a year, we looked them up and everything and the tickets look legit (also with that little sticker u know), i really hope its real or i will cry (':

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    Charlotte Isabella July 27, 2019 at 1:39 pm

    DM afeez ishola on fb he is a ticket seller
    he is legit he sold a ticket for me recently

  18. came here to see if my twenty one pilots bandito tour tickets were real and then i see twenty one pilots come up in the video

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