ticketmaster events page-How To Sell Event Tickets On Facebook

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By the end of this video you’ll know how to sell event tickets on Facebook! This also works if you’re giving out tickets to a free event.

Sending people off of Facebook increases the chances someone won’t finish their transaction. People get distracted, forget, or sometimes just don’t want to leave the social network!

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You’ll need a free Eventbrite account to set up your event and integrate it with Facebook:

10 Tips To Dominate Facebook Events:

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ticketmaster events page-How To Sell Event Tickets On Facebook
ticketmaster events page-How To Sell Event Tickets On Facebook
  1. If you use Facebook Events for your business, make sure to watch "10 Tips To Dominate Facebook Events" here: https://youtu.be/4GqZUit1kqo

    Let me know what you think!

  2. Please help I have a problem
    There is some one hate me and he keeps deactivate my account the method he used is : copy my instagram profile and make his profile picture like mine and his account has more followers than mine because he used some third party apps and then he reports my account accusing me that I’m the one who make impersonation and using VPN to report from a lot of IP adresses and he deactivate my account … how can I prevent him doing this ?

  3. What if Eventbrite is not the tickets sales platform? Could I use it with another saleslinks?

  4. Where do the money goes when people pays?

  5. Eventbrite won't let me save. It says to complete the required fields and I have done that. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  6. What % does Eventbrite take for each ticket?

  7. Does this work if you do reserved seating on Eventbrite

  8. What if I already created the event in Facebook, spent some money, so I dont want to loose the interest!

  9. Hey! Thank you for the easy walk-through video! Quick concern about the integration though..

    When I go to Eventbrite and "Add to facebook", I am shown this error message – "Recurring event is scheduled for more than 1 year". I know Facebook has an issue of event pages having a certain upper limit (52 events or 1 year whichever sooner). Is this why I cannot integrate my Eventbrite product (that has dates spread across multiple years)?

    Does this also mean that each time my Facebook event page reaches its limit, I will have to set up a whole new Eventbrite page and re-do the whole integration all over again? Is there a way I can keep linking new Facebook pages to my Eventbrite event page?

  10. Thanks again, great tips!

  11. Eventbrite does not work well if you have a multi-day event. It over-sold my event because they chose the sold-out date but then bought tickets for the non-sold out date. This has been a reoccurring issue with both paid and free events. Eventbrite's help desk (help is a loose term) basically said it is the way it functions and the ticket purchaser needs to pay attention. No…that is not it. I am currently selling tickets for an event tonight and tomorrow. Tonight is sold out but still appears as an option. I cannot remove it without canceling they said. But canceling would refund everyone's money. If people choose the sold-out night, they can only choose the one that has tickets. Their ticket says both dates. Ugh!

  12. I've just been "struggling" for years to even get followers while my competitors are just eating them up. Do you have a video for this? Thank you.

  13. By the way, great video. 👍 I will also watch your next recommended video. *New subbie*

  14. Hi Jerry, the page I want to put my event on my FB profile (a page that I co-manage) is not showing on Eventbrite, any tips?

  15. Hi that was really useful I have been trying to find out whether this live event on facebook is then live (and therefore free) to your audience. I can't find out how you control the access to the live event to those who only buy tickets. I hope this makes sense. I asked eventbrite and they said you need to check with each platform.

  16. Thank you for the tip. I notice this was a year ago, how does this play into Facebook with their new music restrictions???

  17. I'm interested in selling my Shipping container office that I currently own. Can I use this platform to do a raffle to win the Container? Let me know so I can make a decision

  18. Question: If I used add to Facebook my Eventbrite event, it will automatically go towards my event on my business page and I don't need to create an event, is that correct? If so awesome and I still will get paid by Eventbrite, not Facebook, is that correct?

  19. Hi Jerry! Great videos!!! Do you know why Facebook/Eventbrite won’t allow users to buy tickets to my online/virtual workshop on without going to Eventbrite? Get tickets link on the FB event page just opens up Eventbrite.

  20. hello from greece,thanks for your videos,question: can i do live stream like stand up comedy but my live watch only people who have buy ticket??not everybody in my page only with ticket

  21. is there a way to link an event brite page to an already existing facebook event without creating a new event?

  22. Hello,
    I'm making a facebook event and i don't have a ticket url is there any way to just set a price

  23. Hi Jerry, I followed the steps and the event went over to facebook, but people cannot buy my tickets directly from FB the only option directs them back to Eventbrite – any suggestions?

  24. What if I started on FB and it is all messed up now for ticketing…should I delete event and cancel on FB?

  25. Any chance you can tell me how to enter the cost of my event if I don't want to sell tickets online? It use to have an option to enter the price but now it's no there on one of my pages.

  26. Hey Jerry – you did not go over how the money from ticket sales goes to the event company – do you just add bank information when setting up your account with Eventbrite?- Any tips here recommended including refunds due to weather, etc

  27. How do I remove word "free" from facebook event? Where it says Price: Free…I just don't want that to be there at all…Is there a way to do it?

  28. We’ve spent $100 on fb got 500 views on our page on eventbrite any only 2 sales. Any tips?

  29. Hi Jerry – where does the ticket money collected go to when you create a FB ticketed event?

  30. Finally got why we're using an event manager. To run conversion ads. On FB I can track my event (and even retarget) but I can not run a CONVERSION ad unless I run a pixel. Light bulb.

  31. When people buy Eventbrite tickets on Facebook do they download the tickets to their phone automatically?

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