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Have you ever found yourself wanting to sell your tickets on Ticketmaster but unsure of where to begin? Well this is your complete guide on how to actually go ahead with both listing and selling your tickets on Ticketmaster’s fan-to-fan ticket resale program!

Learn all about the different steps to take to list your tickets, price them correctly, and then actually sell your tickets. We do a deep dive into the various features, benefits, and downsides of using the Ticketmaster platform to sell your tickets.

Have any questions? Please let me know in the comments below and I’ll help you out with selling your tickets on the Ticketmaster resale platform!

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  1. hello! i sold two girl in red tickets on live nation but ticket master charged me a dollar is that supposed to occur? i google it but it said that was for bidding verification but i am not trying to purchase a ticket after i just sold two!

  2. What does face price mean in Ticketmaster?

  3. Hii! If u bought the tickets in another site different from ticketmaster can u still sell It here? Your vid was very helpful thanks ☺️

  4. Do you need a credit card or enough money on a debit card to put as a refund account?

  5. did it really take 5-7 days to receive payment? I’ve been hearing people say it took them 1 month….

  6. Thanks for the great video. That was very helpful with me having to resell my daughter's tickets! You are a very good presenter!

  7. How do you know to look for a upcoming event ahead of time before Ticketmaster post?

  8. Hi quick question… I currently have a ticket purchased through AXS but they have a +10% cap on how much it can be resold for so I want to resell it on Ticketmaster instead. Do you know how to transfer the ticket from my AXS account to my own Ticketmaster one or is this not possible?

  9. What if the date comes and my tickets didn’t sell??

  10. My sell button is faded and won't let me click.

  11. My tickets are automatically sent to the buyer or I have to send them?

  12. Im trying to resell two baseball tickets (SF Giants vs Dodgers) and it will not let me resell them… says the event is a not a resale fan to fan exchange. It says only ticketmaster events can be resold. Can you only resell concert tickets? Wish someone would have told me before hand.

  13. Question, if I buy the tickets I get them on my phone right away? And the seller doesn’t have any more access to it? Also is it 100% I won’t get scammed?

  14. Question: if I have 3 tickets for sale (seats next to each other) could someone only buy 2 because I do not want that I want all 3 to sell together?

  15. Hi, I’m barley starting my resale journey. I noticed that it asked me for seller tax details, but I still file as “dependent” with my parents. Would it be okay if I input my information under seller tax details?
    Also, should I wait until Ticketmaster validates my tax payer information, so I could get paid? Or can I list the tickets now, before I’m verified? Thank you 🙂

  16. Is Ticketmaster verified resell ticket legit ? I won’t get scammed ?

  17. besides stubhub, what other sites do you like to resell tix? vivid, seatgeaks, axs etc? do you only use one, or do you resell on all of them? thank you!

  18. Hi I was wondering if you could help me, I had just put out two tickets I bought from vivid seats yesterday to Ticketmaster. When looking back at the venue, it is not showing my listing is they’re anything I’m missing? Thank you.

  19. I got sold my tickets and I just got an email before getting paid but is it necessary or required to do the form 1099-K? Is that a real thing?

  20. Is the new policy to pay the seller 7 or so days after the actual Event takes place?

  21. Thanks for an informative video! Has anyone tried selling tickets on TM and it's still showing up on your account as unsold even after you got an email saying that it was? I was trying to sell 4 tickets and managed to sell 2, almost two weeks ago. Since I haven't sold the last two yet, I was going to lower the selling price but when I looked into my account, it still says I have 4 tickets available for resale. Can buyers back out once they've paid? Or is it not updating because the event hasn't passed yet?

  22. Is it safe to verify my information?😭 especially with my SSN

  23. what if "sell tickets" option is not available?

  24. It says my tickets aren’t eligible for resale 😳

  25. You cannot sell your tickets for higher than the price you paid, including all fees.

  26. i bought tickets on ticketmaster using paypal. quick and easy with minimal personal info exchanged, which is the whole point of paypal. but in order to resell those tickets I have to give ticketmaster my banking information AND my credit card information. Soooooo LAME!!

  27. i listed my ticket but can’t find it for sale on ticketmaster when people go to buy tickets. i see no pink circle next to the tickets for sale.

  28. What if you buy a festival ticket that comes with a wristband? Am I supposed to send them the wristband or is the email ticket enough for them?

  29. What if you are independent and they are asking for your tax info?

  30. hi, i’m trying to sell a GA ticket for a show and because it’s not an allocated seat it’s not showing on the map on ticketmaster, another resale ticket for that section is being shown ahead, can my ticket still sell?

  31. My tickets have been saying tickets pending for the past 6 hrs so does that mean people can buy it or is it not up for sale yet? How long should it take bc I can't even take the tickets back now

  32. Hi, So it’s Legal to resale tickets on sites Like TM and stubhub without having a License in the different states?

  33. Great video! I do have a question: I added my Canadian checking account but it still doesn’t show. I did get an email confirming that this method was added to my Account, but I can’t see it on the selling ticket page where it asks me to select how I would like to get paid. Can you please help? Thank you!

  34. Hello question I got tickets and don't let me click on the sell is it because I didn't get the protection or why?

  35. hello can you resell platinum tickets on ticketmaster?

  36. What happens when ticketmastwr only makes the tickets available 5 days in advance. Can you only sell them during those days?

  37. Thanks for the video. I have a situation… so today my mom bougth a ticket from a scalper/reseller ( x3 times much more expensive) because she did not know that it is not worth it buying a ticket much more expensive than it should. I already did this but tbh I am afraid that we are not gonna be able to actually get our money back and we will not sell the ticket for the price that she paid for. Any advice? Thank you again 🙂

  38. Hi thank you for great video, I bought 2 tickets but I’m trying to get a refund of one of my tickets. I bought this individually so i tried to reach out for refund but I don’t know where to get a refund… I searched up for a day but I couldn’t find the way…Do you know i how to get a refund?

  39. Hi! I just bought verified resale tickets and on my account appear “order in progress” it means that I don’t get my tickets? can Ticketmaster reject my order?

  40. I cant not click on the button sell ticket

  41. Mine are at the Greek and they’re listed by odd or even numbers like 4,6,8 and it won’t allow me to sell them together ugh

  42. It’s been two months since I sold the tickets and I haven’t gotten my money. What should I do?

  43. Great video I learned a lot !!
    I have a question though. What happens if you list your ticket and no one buys it. What happens now ?

  44. I have a question, which do you think is better? To receive the cash with my checking account or my debit card from the bank? Wouldn’t it be the same result or what?

  45. Hey ame tu video y gracias por la traducción, me encantó este video gracias

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