amazing-Ticketmaster – How To Download Tickets To Android

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Ticketmaster – How to download tickets to android device. Show your tickets at the concert venue from your mobile phone.

amazing-Ticketmaster – How To Download Tickets To Android
amazing-Ticketmaster – How To Download Tickets To Android
  1. Thanks!! I thought I was going nuts. It kept trying to get me to go to google pay for some reason. I don't even know how to use that stupid app. But I'm setup through ticketmaster now. Honestly, when I get there I'm seriously just gonna hit the text message link right to the tix lol. Just in case you give a crap, the wife & I are headed to Alice Cooper!! Nice! Thanks again.

  2. Hello, I got a question please help me, I bought a ticket but a can't download the ticketmaster app because is not alowed in Mexico, I just clicked on "My account" and "My events" and "event details" and then view tickets" and then appears the QR code the row the number, so I just show that to enter to the concert or I Will need the mobile app?

  3. I am from NZ I going to an event in April will the ticket show on the app in NZ or only in US but will it show in the website

  4. Hey so I cant see the barcode under my tickets like you did…how do i get the barcode?… I'm lowkey freaking out…

  5. I can view my tickets but am worried about internet service at the concert. It says you can save your ticket to your phone. If I do that, where can I find my ticket ? Where does it send it? Just in case I dont have service

  6. Do you know how to print them out

  7. Thank you sooo much for the info. It really helped me.


  9. Thank you for this video . You helped me more than you know

  10. This was really helpful. I'm an android expert more or less but have never used a digital wallet and wanted to make sure I was ready to use my ticketmaster tickets tomorrow. This video answered all my questions!

  11. I don't know why the companies that create these app don't give step by step instructions for their apps. Your instruction was simple and easy. I am not sure how these people these days get this stuff so easy. Us older people are just lost most of the time

  12. I know I’m late but I’m just asking Incase I don’t see mines so my sister transferred a ticket to my phone I got it ,I added it to my wallet on the phone but when I try to see in “my events” I can’t see it but one of my other sister see transferred it to saw it but I don’t see any events in “my event” when I have accepted and received the ticket pls help💀😭I’m gonna rage if I can’t see it and I only have 2 months to fix this before the due date🫡

  13. Hey how u doing I have a question

  14. I ordered tickets for July what if I don't bring the physical tickets to the event can I still access it on the app??

  15. I have tickets in my app but there is zero option to view barcode. My event is in 5 days . Very stupid app and instructions they give

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