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Mobile Tickets are the easiest and safest way to access tickets to all your favorite events. When you shop with Ticketmaster and your event is Mobile only, or you selected Mobile Entry at checkout, your mobile phone is your ticket. Accessing your tickets is as easy as tap show and go! Watch our quick video for how to make sure you are mobile ticket ready when you head to your next event.

Follow these Ticketmaster Tips for Your Next Event: Use Mobile Tickets
You’ll need access to the Ticketmaster app or mobile web
Apple iOS APP

Android App

Mobile Web

1. Sign in to your Ticketmaster Account
2. Locate your event and tap to view your tickets
3. Add your tickets to your phone’s wallet before arriving to your event
4. At the event, your tickets will be scanned from your phone’s wallet.
5. You’re in! Enjoy the Show.
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amazing-How to Use Mobile Entry Tickets | Ticketmaster Ticket Tips
amazing-How to Use Mobile Entry Tickets | Ticketmaster Ticket Tips
  1. What happens when you can’t find your ticket on my app or my account. Please help!! Tried to contact ticket master and they sent me the same instructions as I have tried on their website. My concert is tonight and can’t talk to a real perso to resolve the issue.

  2. i cant get my ticket the old days get at home

  3. i can get my ticket on there site

  4. Ticketmaster has the longest line of zero stars in the review section. Ripping people off left and right. Not answering the phone, email, surprising people with the jab requirement and not posting it. Deceptive liars stealing from you. Look up the reviews before you buy, then buy from somewhere else. We are giving our tickets to the homeless for tonight. We will have birthday fun in a different city and ticket thieves has the cash. Win, win, win.

  5. I am inItaly
    and it says not available in your country?ca you help me please?

  6. I'll be going to a concert using this method in less than a month from now. I'll update this comment after I go to explain the experience

    EDIT: Updates in comments

  7. this is freaking me out seriously!!! i want to print out a hard copy of the bar coded tickets that cost hundreds of dollars!!! help!!

  8. This is so frustrating I have been trying to reach out to you guys for a couple of days now it would be great if the app works but it doesn’t my tickets do not appear there and I keep clicking resend the link and it keeps telling me somethings wrong can someone please contact me

  9. There's a LOT of questions below – WHY IS TICKETMASTER REFUSING TO ANSWER THEM…!!!!!!!

  10. I hate Ticketmaster!! I have attempted to contact them numerous times – by phone (when connected, they hang up) – by email & they send me responses that DO NOT work on my phone. I am 3 bus stops past frustrated with this rubbish. In all honesty, I will probably never purchase another ticket from a venue that requires the use of Ticketmaster's nonsense.

  11. Dear Ticketmaster,

    This video isn't helpful at all. The instructions are incomplete and vague. Most people don't know what a "phone's wallet" is, because frankly, most people never have to use one. In fact, the truth is, it's not even necessary to use it for our Ticketmaster tickets, so please don't tell us that it is, that's simply dishonest. People don't appreciate being lied to, even if it's supposed to be "better" that way. It just makes things confusing, and makes people who use your services not want to use them again in the future.

    If the video explained what a "phone's wallet" is, and why it would be good to use it, that would actually be helpful, accurate, and honest. Plus, the screen shown in this video doesn't even match up with how the Ticketmaster app actually looks. I don't think the people who made this video understand their userbase. We are people who have questions about how to use Ticketmaster, because the app and any emails or site pages that we were already prompted with were too unclear on their own. We have questions, and in the process of trying to find answers, we find conflicting information; and Ticketmaster is the one offering inaccurate information. That's a big problem, considering it's your app.

    So please, make more clear and accurate instructions. We are trying hard to not go through more screens. We are trying hard not to download more apps (everyone's phone is full by now, because everyone tells us to download apps). We are trying hard to find the most convenient way to use our tickets. Planning a trip to a concert is a lot of work, and Ticketmaster is actively going out of their way to make it harder. Better yet, make a simpler system. I know that's a lot of work, but until then, at least streamline what you have by simply giving us accurate instructions. This shouldn't be something that needs to be said.

    Guy who had to download an app to go to a concert (?!)

  12. I am sorry this was no help at all for me – it is simple for those who are fermilier with Ticketmaster but not for me I am 81 years old – please do it again at half speed and maybe I will get it, then I can look at it again and again.

  13. This is my first time using The Mobile app. I just went into the ticket downloaded it on my Apple Wallet and When I go to the venue I will tap and it doesn't show a barcod anymore because of fraud So it will come up on your phone as the an Icon comes up that says Hold Near Reader. I will take a print out with me that TicketMaster now uses NFC Technology, This is proof of my ticket and the way it shows up on my phone, I usually get paper tickets but this venue doesn't except them. I do love TicketMaster I think they are very professional , responsive and great service. Hope this helps.

  14. Can I make a picture of the QR codes and show this at the entrance?

  15. I don't have a cell phone (I use a laptop), and if I did, I wouldn't bring it to a concert. Thanks for making it clear that you don't want my money and that I'm not welcome at your events. There is no other option for purchasing tickets to the events I want to attend (thanks a lot), and I'm not caving to the pressure to use your data-mining app. GTH, Ticketmaster.

  16. When I trying to download the ticketmaster app on my phone, it was telling me "This app is not available for your device"… So I can just login through the website instead of app right? And other thing is, if I just use website to show, will it still have "add to your phone's wallet" step? What is phone wallet? I don't know about it…

  17. This gives me so much anxiety, has anyone bought 2 tickets using this before? How did it go? Did it work? I’m worried only 1 ticket is gonna go thru to the scanning, or is there an option where I can send my persons ticket to their phone? Don’t wanna purchase w/o knowing how this works first lol

  18. If I transfer them are they still on my ticketmaster account just in case I totally screw this up?

  19. I hate smartphones, I hate apps, and I hate not having the option of printing. Never ever ever using Ticketmaster again, or any other company that does this.

  20. Bought 2 tickets last week. No option for a print out. I do not own a mobile phone. No response from customer services. Totally screwed and wasted £95.

  21. Look at the likes to view ratio on this video.

  22. I didn't think Ticketmaster could possibly suck even more than they already do…but then they proved me wrong by coming up with this idea.

  23. My tickets just say “ Ticket details “ There’s no barcode or QR code. No idea what to do now. Will I still be let in?

  24. What would be far more useful is some actual customer services and receiving actual tickets!!
    I don't need an ap to see a concert

  25. So, if i get tickets in different sections, would i be able to send each ticket to each person?

  26. So many questions.

    1. Only iPhone has “Wallet”, dunno what Androids have, if anything.
    2. It’s not a barcode, it’s a QR code (the square).
    3. You don’t need a Ticketmaster account for each ticket. Multiples can be scanned from one phone.
    4. Ticketmaster will rape you for every penny they can and will mine your data like cat burglars. Know your security.

  27. it says the app is not available in my country

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