ticketmaster bts-GETTING A BTS LA SOUNDCHECK CONCERT TICKET | How to get BTS Pre-sale Ticketmaster Tickets | 방탄소년단 LA

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I cant believe I got myself a silver soundcheck ticket for BTS In Sofi stadium LA! In this video I’ll just show you how it works and what the estimated prices are!!

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ticketmaster bts-GETTING A BTS LA SOUNDCHECK CONCERT TICKET | How to get BTS Pre-sale Ticketmaster Tickets | 방탄소년단 LA
ticketmaster bts-GETTING A BTS LA SOUNDCHECK CONCERT TICKET | How to get BTS Pre-sale Ticketmaster Tickets | 방탄소년단 LA
  1. question, if you never had tickets for the mots:7 tour can you still get the presale tickets? this is my first time buying tickets so im confused. i searched it up and it said i needed weverse membership so i bought it but it still doesn’t work.

  2. How do you get the VIP tickets in the first place? I just got the ticket too but it was way behind. But at least I got the ticket.

  3. Great video! This process has been painful but I managed to score A3!!! Should it say sound check on the confirmation? I selected gold and was able to snag A3 but am a little nervous since I can’t see the actual ticket yet.

  4. I have a question!!! Is it ok to use my phone cuz i don’t have a computer

  5. Hi, do you know if B2 Row 30 is soundcheck? Also your video is AMAZING! Thanks for the help!!

  6. How long did u wait at the count down before entering the waiting room!!!

  7. Are all of the tickets in section B3 considered as soundcheck tickets? Also, what time does soundcheck begin? Thank you!

  8. Congratulations for getting tickets…i hope you will have a great fun there😃
    I haven't attended any concerts til now but i have heard that "getting bts concert is so much hard,because site crashes in just 2-5 minutes and even if you wait for long,at last it shows tickets are sold out,etc etc"
    Do all these problems also happen if you have global ARMY membership and you join VIP presale?
    And what is the difference between General addmission seats and VIP seats?
    I know my questions are so dumb but i don't know much about getting tickets but i really want to know🙃

  9. Thank you so so much for making this video. It was super helpful for navigating the complex ticket process. Congratulations on getting your ticket and enjoy the show! 💜

  10. I got a VIP ticket for Sunday..are VIP tickets the same as soundcheck? I am a little confused

  11. Quick question.. is it true that the seats for November 27 are almost sold out and if so is the one for November 28 looking better?

  12. How much did the B2 sector cost??

  13. Hi I got a ticket in the VIP section
    Could you tell me what that means?

  14. Omg I'm nervous about to try, can I login with both a smartphone and my computer with my one login account???

  15. Congratsssss. I was watching your last videos preparing for this. You were SO lucky that you got in quickly, I had to wait minimum 30 min 😭

  16. Hi are the sound check only in the floor area? There’s VIP in the upper sections too, I was wondering if those also have options for soundcheck.

  17. Enjoy everything about BTS CONCERT~~!!!!!

  18. Congratulation :), got a question, how do you get vip presale codes ?

  19. I'm so happy for everyone who got a ticket. I'm watching tons of videos of army's experience buying tickets, hoping that bts announces more dates soon! I've been an army since debut but couldn't attend any of their concerts before 🙁 They probably would never hold a concert in my city, and I was too broke before to buy tickets and travel oversees to attend a concert. Now I have a stable job and have been saving during covid to afford traveling and concert tickets! Hopefully they announce Europe dates cause that would be the closest to where I live. Good luck everyone.

  20. I got the bts tickets for December 2nd!💗💞💘🥰
    Now, Ticketmaster is saying that the requirements to enter the concert is to have a proof of being negative COVID-19 2 weeks before the concert.

    How can I do that?😲
    I need help on this please😩💓

  21. I don't understand presale code. Can you please tell me how and where to get it????

  22. If someone purchases a soundcheck ticket , at the venue can we use the phone ticket or we have to collect the ticket from the venue itself ?

  23. Thank you so much for the information 💜does the price that you shown include taxes?

  24. Congratulations girl 💖💖💜💜

  25. Congrats! What time does the sound check normally begins? Safe travels !

  26. where do presale codes come from?

    ps – loved the vid! Have fun at the concert!

  27. question!! i paid around 1k for me section 100 seats but its supposed to he prices around $185? i bought mine off ticketmaster but why are the prices completely different

  28. Is it must to have laptop?? And which app do u go to buy

  29. How do you have so many pre-sale codes?

  30. Did you have the same acc for both tabs?

  31. How were you able to be in a waiting room for both? Did you have two different codes?

  32. Hi! Baby army here and I’m trying to get tickets for PTD Vegas. Do you know if tickets with sound check are only available for people who pick floor seats?

  33. Question do you have to have different accounts on ticket master to have two screens?

  34. did you use the same accounts for the tabs? or were you on different accounts for each one?

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