amazing-Social Gloves Weigh-In

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Bryce Hall, Austin McBroom, Tayler Holder, Deji, AnEsonGib, DDG and more participate in the Social Gloves Weigh-In prior to the Social Gloves boxing main event Saturday, June 12th 7pm ET | 4pm PT. For more information or to buy a PPV livestream, visit

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amazing-Social Gloves Weigh-In
amazing-Social Gloves Weigh-In
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  1. Team tik tok

  2. 19:44 click on pause and see the difference lmfao


  4. vinnie could hit me with a car and i'd say thank you

  5. can’t believe all the vinnie simps found this video

  6. "there was a significant weight difference that no one knows about" -Taylor Holder… fucking 4 pound weight difference lmao

  7. Taylor and gib talk fighting behind fousey and other guy

  8. When he said he gon faze underwear I was like 🤐😶😶😶😶😶😶

  9. Yo let’s do a teen boxing some can be team YouTube and some can be TikTok and I’m down to be on team YouTube

  10. One more than y’all can pick the date

  11. Reply
    kent matthew dicdican July 6, 2021 at 11:15 am

    Hope boy tapang could fight in your promotion to represent the philippines..he is a youtuber and has a record of 1 and 0 with 1KO in the philippine version " battle of youtuber".

  12. I only came back to see taylers excuse with the weight lol

  13. I had no idea how much work was put in to this look at fouseys channel

  14. Reply
    mary ellen taylor July 12, 2021 at 2:39 pm

    Nick Ireland should of won against Ryan

  15. You guys are winning team YouTube Austin I hope you win on hard rock ace family you are going to win

  16. Team TikTok Drop upset for Vinnie Hacker

  17. When did fousey and keem become friends?😹

  18. Reply
    Hillbilly Boxing League July 30, 2021 at 6:02 am

    BS holder is 6’2

  19. 12:42 who taught taner to put on shirts like that. Hope he doesn't always put them on like this. They both look like the wind will bjlow them away.

  20. 10:55 so cringe…

  21. Give people they money

  22. keem saying 300 pounds togib when… KEEM IS ACTUALLY 300j

  23. Man really said let’s goooo for lil baby

  24. God is coming repent before it's to late to get inside

  25. I feel like if Taylor was more aggressive he prob would have won.

  26. Gibi's name should be the crab

  27. Ddg short asf he 5 foot 6

  28. vinnie casually chewing his gum

  29. Bruh Fousy are you fucking kididng me? They couldn’t have got anyone else????

  30. Everybody was in shape apart from Deji

  31. All these fighters lied about there height 😂😂

  32. Ayo my boy Ben was dope, humble abt it

  33. They be Wwe or ufc

  34. sleept buddy

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