1. Thank you so much for the tips! They’re super helpful. I signed up for the Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever tour presale.

  2. Thank you for your tips!! I'm super nervous about the Billie Eilish presale this week !

  3. I don’t have a US or Canadian phone number. How do I register?😭

  4. if u signed up with an email but signed up with someone else’s phone number, when it asks to verify that phone number when i’m in the queue do i have to use that one or can i verify with my own phone? thank you

  5. Thank you so much i got Billie Eilish verified fan all help to you!!

  6. I got a code but i still dont know how to buy tickets as a verified fan

  7. i received the presale code but idk where to put it

  8. I appreciate your help! I got verified and Getting ready for the Billie eilish presale and your videos are the best 🙂

  9. Oh no, I was too late… 😢 I hope the price will be reasonable.

  10. Hi.. I love your videos. And inspired by you i bought a event ticket on ticket master but by mistake i bought a event ticket for September 2022 instead of 2021, what options do i have to get rid of these tickets?

  11. Hi, I bought some Tyler the creator presale tour tickets today and I’m now thinking about selling them since I think general admission is more reasonable when it comes to pricing, if you can reply with how to do sell presale tickets I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you

  12. big question.. does editing your intial entry, i.e. picking different show dates than the one you originally picked, affect your chances of getting selected?

  13. tysm! I’m currently trying to buy tickets for a bts concert but idk how but thank you for this vid <33

  14. This was really helpful and reassuring. It's good to know that the next time I try for Shawn Mendes presale – I won't be flagged as a bot. I am seeing Ben Platt next year and I got Reverie VIP meet & greet. I didn't have to do presale for that one since he's a hidden gem that not many know about. So I got one ticket for me, one for my BF and the total was ~$1160. I have the tickets secured in my Ticketmaster account… So when I do have the money to see Shawn Mendes on his next tour – Ticketmaster will know that I'm a real human because of my previous activity. I really, really would like to aim for gold VIP for Shawn Mendes on his next tour because: 1. I like the challenge of fighting for those tickets. 2. He is a wonderful artist that I've supported for years.

  15. Hey! if i got in for a verified fan presale but i didn’t buy any tickets but then registered for another show and another presale is it possible to get the code again ?

  16. um so basically 😭 i forgot i was using vpn and logged into ticketmaster and it said i was a bot so i took off the vpn and everything went back to normal but i feel like that pop up it showed me abt me being a bot is gonna ruin my chances for next tour getting the verified fan presale email😭😭 what do you think i should doo

  17. Is pre-sale for all the dates of the tour?

  18. I'm trying to see Adele. Thanks for all your tips!

  19. I’m trying to see Olivia Rodrigo thank you

  20. I signed up for Olivia rodrigos on Monday but I’m nervous because I’ve never tried to get tickets before for a concert and I’m trying to get 4 for my sisters and me

  21. Thank you so much for this! This is my first time using Ticketmaster and using the fan verified presale! Trying to get Olivia Rodrigo tickets so hopefully everything works out in my favor 🙂

  22. Followed your tips and I got Olivia Rodrigo tickets for my boyfriend and I! Thank you so much

  23. Wish you would have covered what to do if that fan page option isn't found on the front of tickets marketer/event page 😕

  24. can i only sign up when there is a tour available? because when taylor swift goes on tour i want to have close floor tickets. and in order to get those i think you have to be a verified fan but there’s no tour available right now. she also does this thing where if you listen to her music and buy merch it gives you a better chance. so how does that connect with ticketmaster ?

  25. Hi thank you so much. What if you want to try and get tickets to multiple shows for one artist on different days? Are you able to do this with the same account? Would my only way of doing this to be have someone else sign up for a different date? Kinda like how you said to have a family member to sign up but for a different date?

  26. Wow thank you so much I now know what to do next time to hopfully get cheaper tickets, I'm seeing BTS but I did not get into pre-sale so it was pricy as a reseller ticket. I had a question are fan pre-sales forever or will one have to sign up for one each time? Also do you pay for them?

  27. Can you
    Help me get tickets for stray kids ! 😭😭😭

  28. I have a question regarding the zip code, does it make any difference if my zip code is of a city of a different country than the one the concert is held in?

  29. iam tryin to sign up with BTS do i have to wait til they have a concert ive not done it b4

  30. I have trying for a week to get verified fan pre- sale verification at Kia Forum in LA for Harry Styles in the fall.I have done verified pre-sale before (but did not get tkts) and have completed registration form but I cannot get a registration code sent to me to complete registration.I signed up for all dates thinking it would improve my chances but is that causing a problem?Please let me know.

  31. I figured out my problem! My fault.I had one incorrect number in my listed phone number!!!!!!I was able to correct in profile and complete registration.Still wanted to know if requesting all shows he is playing is a good or bad idea.Your thoughts?

  32. what happens if i dont have a US or canadian phone number?? i wont be able to subcribe??

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