Great-The Events Calendar – Free and Paid Calendar/Events/Tickets Plugin for WordPress

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Adding event calendars and ticket sales to your website can take it from just an informational website to a more interactive e-commerce website. Luckily, there are plugins like The Events Calendar plugin for WordPress that makes this much more affordable and easy. In this video, I’ll show you how I used The Events Calendar along with the Event Tickets plugin (both by Modern Tribe) to create a website for a client to display their medical trainings.

These plugins have free options and paid options. I used the paid options for these two plugins and I explained why in the video.

Event Espresso review mentioned in the video


Great-The Events Calendar – Free and Paid Calendar/Events/Tickets Plugin for WordPress
Great-The Events Calendar – Free and Paid Calendar/Events/Tickets Plugin for WordPress
  1. Check out my Event Espresso review referenced in the video

  2. Hey Ryan, thanks for this I'm looking for a plugin that will allow people to post and manage their own events on my websites and also allow users to browse for events and pay for tickets, will this one do it? Wanted to double check

  3. Can u help me it not working I don't know​ what I wrong setup

  4. Hello Ryan. Great Video man. This is exactly what I was looking for. I just have a quick question. Where do you change the code to modify the button from "Get tickets" to "Register". Please let me know as this will make my website more professional when advertising my classes. Thanks again. All best!!! 🙂

  5. Do you have a demo or an example of how Community Members can log in and add their items/slots? Also, I noticed that when adding to Elementor, it sometimes causes other widgets to freeze on the page builder pages. And – how may filters can you have at the top with the Filter, and is the Map Results screen standard with Pro/Filter?

  6. Hi, I want the date format as start date as 14-09-2020 from 9:30am to 5:30pm . I don't know how to add this time range format in the same date. Can you please help me I saw you had this format in your list styles events you showed in this video. Im using both free and paid plugins of events calander.

  7. Great review, thank you! Helped me pick this over the other options I was looking at.

  8. Thank you Ryan, really helps me understand the features. Once a person registers for an event are we able to link their entered details into MailChimp database, as we might want to use that list for future events.

  9. How did you show the event on the Home page, I can't create a section by the Free Elementor plugin like you created.

  10. Does that checkout allow for promo codes?

  11. Great video and thanks – Is it possible to create variable pricing levels ie. outdoor pods (£60) normal seating (£30) thanks

  12. Can I create filterable calender with this plugin

  13. Is there any Api for this plugin "the events calendar

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