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If you found out your event has been postponed or cancelled, it’s time to figure out how to get your money back! Learn how to request a refund on Ticketmaster with this complete guide!

The basics are very simple: did your event get postponed or cancelled? These are the only two options we need to worry about.

If your event has been cancelled, then there is really nothing to do as Ticketmaster will refund your ticket purchase automatically ‘in as soon as 30 days’. This could be interpreted in a couple of ways, but in the end you should be expecting your refund to hit your purchase method in around 30 days, plus/minus a few depending on the processing speeds.

Remember though, a cash refund is only guaranteed for cancelled events that were purchased through Ticketmaster directly; if you bought tickets on the secondary resale market, then each of those marketplaces will have their own individual refund policies. StubHub and others have implemented a credit refund of 120% of your purchase price (which expires at the end of 2021) instead of a cash refund, though those in states which require a cash refund to be paid will still have to issue a cash refund UPON REQUEST ONLY.

Ticketmaster also offers a credit option instead of cash on certain cancelled events, though the rules are a bit tricky around this because they only apply to events taking place at Live Nation operated venues. You can see a full list of venues which will offer a credit here:

Note that with the credit option from Ticketmaster, just note that the credit will only be able to be used AT THAT SAME VENUE; you cannot use the credit for other Ticketmaster events. So unless you visit that venue often/live in the area, the credit may not necessarily be the best option for you. However, if you do plan on attending that venue again in the future, the 150% credit option may be very viable.

For postponed events, it depends on whether a new date has been set or not. If a newly rescheduled date has been announced, then there is a 30 day window which will open up from the announcement of the new date to go ahead and request the refund. If no rescheduled date is announced when the event is postponed, then a 60 day clock starts before the refund period will open up. If after 60 days there is no newly rescheduled date, then a 30 day window will open up to request refunds.

For actually requesting a refund, it’s quite simple – log into your Ticketmaster account (NOT ON THE MOBILE APP, can only request a refund through your computer/mobile browser), go the event in question, and then simply hit the big button that says REFUND. It’ll confirm the amount and the tickets, and that’s basically it!

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  1. My event got canceled I've been trying months get my money back i cannot get through at all supposed be put back on my card I haven't seen it at all since May so what do I do?????????

  2. Tbh they should just put back on your card automatically if completely canceled because we were told hold on to tickets would be honored at later date so I tried get my money no one ever responds

  3. Can you get a refund if you just want to return the tickets or does the event have to be rescheduled or canceled

  4. I selected the wrong date by accident. Is there a way to change the tickets for the correct date?

  5. Can you exchange tickets for better seats and pay the difference?

  6. If I buy ticket insurance can i get a refund if i just want to return the tickets? (I´m from Brazil and I don´t know if I´ll be able to go to the concert but I already want to ensure my ticket)

  7. my event is postponed and there isn't an actual new date but I want refund, and when I scrolled down to the bottom of the website there was no option to get a refund. what do I do? and what does this mean?

  8. What if you got a new bank card could you get a refund?

  9. I bought my ticket with a mexican credit card, am i still eligible for a refund?

  10. Hey! You think I can get a full refund because in NYC you need to be fully vaccinated now to attend concerts and I’m not and don’t plan too! I purchased tickets before it was mandatory and it started Monday to be fully vaccinated to attend concerts, stadiums, restaurants etc. I want my money back 😭😭😭

  11. My event is canceled, but the original Bank account is close and it was a debit card from México, I'm so worried about the refund, do you know what options I have??

  12. My event is canceled, but i wanna know if ticketmaster gonna notice me or send me a mail or something when they refound me?

    Sorry my bad english 😅

  13. Can you please help me I got charged for 12 fast passes and only ordered 3 and they won’t give me a refund

  14. Does gametime do a refund like this as well? If ordered in advanced?

  15. I just purchased tickets for a concert next year and got the insurance! I don’t want to go to the event and want my money back, will I be able to and if so how do I got about it ? Would it be by filing a claim on the Allianz site ?

  16. My event was not postponed or cancelled, but I had the option for refund. I requested less than 20 minutes after I bought and then bought better seats (blue man group)
    Do you think they will approve?
    I didn’t realize they had to approve 😥 i bought better seats too, so I have 2 tickets mine and 2 tickets requested for refund.

  17. I dont have an option to request a refund on the page.. even tho it says in the email I was sent after the reschedule that I have till Nov 20 to request a refund..

  18. I bought resale tickets and the weeknd canceled the the tour. I had front row seats for $1200. I tried to request a refund and it said the refund will be transferred to the original buyer. I found thru old emails a guy named Jimmy sent them but didn't list any way to contact him. How do I get my refund when I can't get ahold of the original buyer?

  19. This is not helpful at all. This will be the last time I will ever use this shit.

  20. I bought 2 tickets
    For the Justin Bieber changes tour in 2020
    The tour was cancelled due to COVID.
    The event was rescheduled to 2/2022
    And I look in “upcoming events” and I don’t have any tickets!! I’ve emailed Ticketmaster and I’m waiting to hear a response. I’m praying I get a response soon!

  21. They took the refund button down.

  22. Do you know what to write on both deposit boxes ? When ticket master ask you , that way they refund you back I’m so confused

  23. whose here after the brockhampton breakup 😔

  24. Hi! I bought tickets and the price dropped on the seats next to me. Would I be able to ask for the difference back?? What if I exchange my tickets to something cheaper, do I get the difference back??

  25. Can I get a refund on tickets that haven’t been cancelled or postponed?

  26. Hey!
    The event I was going to got canceled and I received an automated email that said I’ll get a refund within 30 days.
    Looking at everyone’s responses, I’m actually kinda anxious 😭
    How long does it actually take for the refund to be processed at the earliest? It’s a lot of money though😢

  27. I requested a refund in 2020. Ticketmaster says my refund is still be big processed. That when the venue or promoter gets the funds, then I will get them. I’ve contacted Ticketmaster at least 6 X over this and continue to get the same answer. I wonder if I should get my credit card company involved. The rescheduled concert is happening in May. It’s for a big name and at a stadium. They should have funds.

  28. If I request a refund, will it actually work or is it just "a request" 🤔😩

  29. A big thank you! You encouraged me to reach out to Ticketmaster one more time for my refund that I requested in 2020 to see if they could give me an estimated date. They actually did!!! It was actually from a real person that gave me a real answer. I did put the word HELP in capital letters in the first sentence this time. Maybe that made a difference. Anyway she said that once the event happens that I will receive my refund within 30 days after the event. This is far more info than I’ve gotten from them before. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thx again! 👍

  30. How do I request a refund from a seller on ticket master ?

  31. I bought a ticket and insurance for the ticket, last year, I no longer want to attend the performance and do not want the ticket, thier website does everything go prevent me from getting a refund.

  32. I need help I sold my tickets and it said in 7 days they will refund my money but then that 7 days came nothing I had to verify my account said after I verify my account I’ll get my money after I verifyied my account n 7 days waited that nothing now I have to put some tax information it’s telling me to put before they can send my money I did that already and now i don’t know what’s going on got a confirmation that the irs completed my info now I’m waiting for my money so idk what is going on

  33. hello, how do i request new tickets? I lost mine

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