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If I didn’t answer any of your questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below & I will answer it in a Part 2 series!! Please watch the ENTIRE video before asking your questions, I will not answering the questions I’ve already answered in the video or else it gets too repetitive:(. Also, if you have any tips that I did not mention, please comment it down below! Good luck ARMYS!!!

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  1. There were a lot of other information I left out so if you want a part 2, let me know!! If this video gets to 1,000 likes I’ll film the part 2 by Friday 🙂 Please leave your questions down below. I’ll be reading through my comments this week! Good luck!!

  2. I got waitlisted instead of getting my code. Do you think there is still time to get a code today? Or would I have to wait for when the public can buy?

  3. Me watching from Texas like I’m going😂🙃

  4. Thank you for making this vid and being so responsive.
    I heard that the presale tickets are not always guaranteed tickets. Does this mean I need to buy tickets during the general sale (even if I already purchased presale tickets)? Or will I be ok with just my presale ticket?
    Thank you once again!

  5. I tried today and it kept saying error 😢😢

  6. Wish all of y'all the bestest of luck! 🍀

  7. I have the ARMY membership and ticketmaster didn't validate it… so I couldn't access it 😤

  8. Do we have to get the Covid vaccine to go to the concert?

  9. have you ever sat closer to the main stage? Do you know how often they stay near there? 🙂

  10. Hi pls pls pls answer my question 🙏🙏 .. i couldn't buy the tickets cause i am smol girl 😂… So some people told me i can watch it on weverse can huh ?????? Would you pls answer to this or someone ?????? Not only weverse any other social media app can ?????

  11. Do you know something about the resale on ticketmaster??

  12. I've never been into their concert to I'm really curious.. after you bought the ticket on ticket master.. what's next? Like I mean would you print the tickets or what? HAHAHAH I'm so sorry I'm just really curious cause I see a lot of army's purchasing tickets and they had that card thing with the picture of the boys and other stuffs. So I'm just confused
    Or they just give you a code thing?

    And also does ticketmaster accept philippine master cards? Or debit/credit cards? Or other international cards?

  13. I have a question, can I use Army Bomb ver. 3 to the concert? Or I have to buy the Army Bomb newest version.

  14. Reply
    Jimins Private Account October 15, 2021 at 2:31 pm

    I just have a quick question

    If they came to the country I live in (UK) what website would I have to go on to get tickets?

  15. Reply
    Xander james Dialogo October 16, 2021 at 7:22 am

    Will you make a vlog for their LA concert???

  16. I need your advice. Since, you have seen many of their shows I would like to know where you would seat if you have the chance to pick between seating on section VIP131 or C3.

  17. Hey can we buy it on weverse shop? Is it safe?😂💜

  18. Please tell me how to get a presale code and where to get it

  19. What about the PTD concert on 24-10-21

  20. Fakee not at all if you want to go just buy the tickets

  21. I have already have the ticket and watched it but how can I rewatch it?

  22. Please say tikit prize.

  23. how can i get the pre sale code 😭

  24. Hey girl, so the soundcheck email said we get access to exclusive merch.. what does that mean lol did they have that for LYS tour as well?

  25. wait so the army membership gets you a presale code?

  26. I have never bought tickets to a concert before so I have a question. It’s important to have multiple devices while buying tickets, but can I use the same account on all of the devices?

  27. Thank you Shila for posting this video! I’m a new ARMY so I’m a bit confused in buying tickets. So basically, you can only get tickets if you had tickets for MOTS?

  28. Bro I wanna go to a bts concert someday with my bestfriend and sister. What are the chances we’d be able to be seated next to each other?? Idk how that works 😭

  29. How does it work with the ARMY bombs etc. and buying merch? Are there rules when u get those tickets, like dont refresh the page etc. What does the queue mean? also why are the tickets so expensive right now on ticket master? and about the seats, what does the barricade mean and what are good seats if u want to interact with the members? and where to they announce this information (concert dates). Also a lot of people say that u need a lot of devices, should u use the same acccount on every device?

  30. Hi.am from India…I have small doubt…how to know bts concert are conducted.i want go to concert but the tickets process is within 2 days but by any chance even get ticket what is the use I'm in india.its difficult to travel south korea within 2 days right

  31. Concert happen again… I am so nervous.. first time going to try to buy it and fly there. I pray I get it! Thank you for some tips!

  32. I’ve never tried to get bts tickets before I’m so nervous

  33. When you select your preferred date for the BTS ARMY Membership pre-sale and then the ticketmaster presale, do you need to select the same date or can you select diff dates?

  34. Hi Shila! have a question, once we get tested days before if we don’t have the vaccine, will they also need proof that we got tested?

  35. Thank for the information i got a lot of anxiety i never find something so hard like this, but hope i will get the ticket and everyone will get it too in las vegas 2022

  36. Can we watuch online in free tickets

  37. Reply
    Sneha Sen(스네하 센) May 19, 2022 at 10:40 am

    I have a question that is will the link of Army membership presale link will work for everyone concert or for particularly this concert…. Please Reply

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