Great-How to buy the BEST tickets: Understand events using Data.

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This is a more informal video I know a lot of you like. I go over a good bit of information on how to find the best tickets to buy. We first cover researching without any Ticketflipping tools since many of you are just now getting started.

We then dive into how Ticketflipping Live Analytics Software can help speed up your ability to consistently discover good artists, event, and tickets to buy and resell profitably.

Check out what we have to offer for those interested in ticket reselling:

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Great-How to buy the BEST tickets: Understand events using Data.
Great-How to buy the BEST tickets: Understand events using Data.
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  1. Great information. Thanks for your thorough explanations.

  2. Awesome video

  3. Thanks, this made things more clear.

  4. How far in advance do you normally buy tickets for events? Do you usually get paid after the event by Ticketmaster/stubhub? Interesting stuff

  5. Hi, the video was very informative, congratulations. However, because I see that the examples shown in this tutorial are based on artists and sports events taking place in the US, I'd like to ask if: Flare, the toolbox or ticket flipping in general, analyses any events (sports or music) worldwide? I hope you can assist with my query, Thank you

  6. it’s probably all your subscribers buying the WALK THE MOON tickets

  7. What is the even rating out of?
    what is the highest possible event score?
    what happens when there is a not so popular artist with a high school vent rating?

  8. Can you make a video about choosing events that will be profitable to scalp?

  9. Hey man, love your videos and really find the valuable. Is there any forums out there accepting registrations to share knowledge within the community? Thanks!

    Liked and subbed

  10. Does your community teach this concept on sporting events like the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc?

  11. can I get a promo code ?

  12. Is the ticket brokering market saturated? Last few times I tried to buy tickets I was totally beat out. It seems like there are so many brokers going after the same tickets.

  13. Can you use the toolbox on a laptop?

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