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On this Ticket Tip Thursday, we’re discussing how to transfer tickets from one phone to another (or basically one account to another). If you have any questions you want answered, just leave a comment below!

Transferring tickets between two phones (or any two accounts/devices for that matter) is a relatively straightforward process, and only takes a few moments at best.

Simply log into your Ticketmaster account and head to your Tickets page. Here, you’ll be able to select which event you’d like to transfer tickets for, as well as cancel any outstanding ticket transfers that have not yet been accepted. Note that some events/ticket types will not be eligible for transfer, so be sure to check with the event page itself to get all the details.

Once there, just click on the Transfer button to begin the process. Next up is selecting the seats you’d like to transfer. After that, you’ll just enter in the transfer recipient’s name and email address (or phone number) and voila! Nothing else to it really.

If you end up transferring tickets to the wrong email address/phone number, you can simply cancel the transfer before they accept the tickets and re-do the entire process.

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  1. If I have already transferred my tickets to someone else, can they transfer them back to me/

  2. Have you any screenshots as to what a ticket transfer email looks like (to the person receiving the transfer?)

  3. Can this method be used to transfer VIP meet and greet tickets? Will the recipient be able to use the M&G privilege?

  4. What if you are not able to sell/transfer?

  5. hi! my mom got me and my sister twice concert tickets and picked to get the tickets shipped to our home. but not thinking they would come in on time we ended up just transferring the e tickets to each of ourselves. those original tickets that got shipped, will they still be shipped and just not be able to use (since the original barcode changes after ticket transfer) or do they cancel the whole physical ticket shipping itself?

    also, AFTER the transfer if we decide we want the physical copies again will the physical and e ticket barcode be the same (if they don’t come in on time) ?

  6. I have tickets from Ticketmaster that I transferred to my Apple wallet. I got a new number & want to transfer them. On my Ticketmaster account shows I have no events. Is it possible to transfer?

  7. hey quick question ! i bought some tickets off of tickpick for a concert about 3 months ago… they transferred perfectly fine and are currently in my ticketmaster app but i have some reoccurring anxiety they’re not going to work when i go to get into the concert. i guess my question would be “ can transfers off of another site to ticketmaster be fake ?” or would ticketmaster not allowed the tickets to be transferred with a fake barcode ?

  8. hello i have a question, my friend got tickets for us to go to a concert, she has both tickets in her phone, would they let me in if she shows that she has two tickets in her phone or does she has to transfer a ticket to me so i could go in?

    sorry if it’s a bit confusing

  9. I am disabled and do not use a smartphone (I'm on a laptop). I guess Ticketmaster doesn't want my money and I am not welcome at its events anymore since there's no print option for me?

  10. I bought my tickets from seatgeek how do I get my tickets on my phone

  11. Someone was able to help me buy BTS concert tickets for the upcoming Las Vegas concert. We're trying to see if we can transfer the tickets over to me but currently the button for transferring isn't allowing us to click it. I assume probably because it was really busy on Ticketmaster and it needs some days to refresh. My question is, in regards to transferring, will the name of the person who originally was on the ticket, still be there? Also do venue organizer check IDs for proof that the ticket is under my name or their name? Or will they know that it's a transferred ticket? This is my first time doing this as well as first time going to a BTS concert so I just want to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  12. Hi there! Knowing this information would it be safe to get tickets transferred from someone on a selling app, or is it best for them to sell to an individual through the Ticketmaster app? My concern would be if the were to cancel the transfer and they keep cash and the tickets.

  13. how i can transfer my ticketmaster ticket to seatgeek because unfortunately barclays center partner up with seatgeek and now i need to transfer my ticket to seatgeek

  14. Hey I have a question. If i were to transfer my tickets to someone (honestly i really dont wanna go and i want to sell them to someone) if i were to sell it to them would it work? Im not sure if it would be under my name and if that would be a problem pls help.

  15. How do you trade with a stranger? How can you trust they'll send theirs when you send yours? Is there a way to do this with some kind of guarantee?

  16. If I transfer tickets to someone from Ticketmaster, can they see the face value/ original price of the ticket?

  17. I need your help I purchased tickets from Ticketmaster 1 day ago and I got an email saying “your order is being processed” what does that mean? Also on the bottom it says my order # when I purchased what I paid and section I got also it says
    Notes from seller: Flash (what does that mean?)
    Please help

  18. My event doesn’t have the transfer option. The tickets won’t be available until the day of the event. What are my options? Thank you in advance

  19. I bought tickets online Ticketmaster for me and a date both tickets on my phone do I need to transfer the tickets in order for her to get in or they have to scan my phone twice.

  20. Hi this informarion is so helpful!! I do have 2 ticket on my ticket transfer for me and my companion. Is it okay that i have my 2 tickets on me? Or i should transfer it to his phone?

    Thank u in advance

  21. Hi, my sister just transferred me a ticket that is safetix only, i accepted it but now the ticketmaster app says that they sended it to me by U.S mail, is that normal? will the ticket appear as a safetix ticket later? or we are screwed?

  22. Hello thanks for the video ok so you might’ve said it but I bought tickets to resell but the resell option is not available so if I want to sell them I will arrange with a person to buy the tickets and then I would transfer the tickets to them ?

  23. so i can transfer to another person okay thank u sm

  24. Hi, I have a question. I bought two tickets for a concert through another person's account and that person transferred my tickets to me. I already have my tickets in my account, but I want to sell them because I will not be able to attend, but I do not have the option to sell the tickets, how can I do it? I only get the option to transfer the tickets. the concert is in December and I can't request a refund due to ticketmaster's policies, what can I do?

  25. I have a major doubt. I’m from India and if I want to sell a ticket on ticketmaster it can be only done if US bank account details are provided. So, can I add a US bank account details even if the account and bank details don’t match? Would it create a problem if account name and bank account holder name are different?

  26. Hi I just got My tickets transferred n now the barcode isn't moving also can u use any device after transfer

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