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Learn all the best tips and tricks on how to buy tickets last minute to sporting events, concerts, or any other ticketed events! Follow along as I try to practice what I preach…because there are many lessons to be learned here. Be sure to let me know how your last minute ticket buying experiences go!

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  1. Omg loved this video!! Especially when you're in the car at the end 😂😂 also love the improvements in film quality and sound!

  2. this is what ill need to do for MCR tickets ;((( maybe sell an arm and leg for those nosebleed seats… please do a video about Ticketmaster's stupid "dynamic pricing" system!

  3. great commitment to the tutorial!! gonna try it in Vegas – for Golden Knights at the end of March 2020 – will let you know!

  4. im gonna try and do it for harry styles next year, cross you're fingers yall!

  5. Yeah I’m actually heading to New Jersey this Saturday finally to see a hockey game for almost a year☹️☹️☹️ I paid a little too much but I do usually wait last minute and the tickets drop. For this event their only letting 2000 people on so that’s why I kinda got them expensive and early

  6. hoping to finesse some Harry Styles tickets for me and my brother in Toronto later this year, lets hope I can get some!

  7. how would a concert work? can you still buy last minute? how do you find out delivery method

  8. I'm gonna attempt to do this for this weekend's Clemson vs Georgia game in Charlotte. The problem is the game is on a Saturday night on a holiday weekend and it's a huge game. I'm praying that tickets are affordable enough in the 12-4 hour window so I don't sweat it a few hours before kickoff

  9. Do you have a video or commentary on best times to sell tickets? I just bought NBA season tickets and am debating when to start posting them everywhere

  10. Does the box office sell tickets that were available in ticketmaster? I am trying to go see harry styles and the tickets are sold out on ticketmaster and I wanted to go to the box office the day of to see if I can get some tickets but should I do that or just wait and buy on a website? What do you recommend? Do box office still sell tickets even though it says sold out online?

  11. Hi yet again, yet another of your helpful videos! Does this video not apply to BTS? (I always hear how hard it is to get tickets, do you think even with bts there will be last minute tickets? Do you suggest checking at the stadium box office or is online sufficient?

  12. I do this every year for Coachella. My cousin and I drive down to Coachella from LA with no tickets. We ALWAYS end up with VIP tickets for the same price as GA. Sometimes a little Higher than that but nonetheless way cheaper.

  13. using this for the harry styles forum show this weekend LMFAO

  14. For concerts they sometimes have that initial buying period. Does waiting until the last minute always save you money in comparison to buying them as soon as released?

  15. Reply
    Lloyd Matthew Felicen January 15, 2022 at 3:39 am

    Thanks, I will try this for the Raptors game as soon they allow audiences to watch inside the arena. I hope the pandemic will soon be over.

  16. So I was told that I was supposed to get an email and I was wondering how long do people usually wait for there confirmation email?

  17. So I’m buying 3 tickets for a Charlotte Hornets vs Boston Celtics game and I don’t know when to buy them. The game is March 9th so, buying the week before would be good?

  18. I'm trying to go to a concert and just purchase tickets at the box office the day of the concert so they can be discounted. The show starts at 7:30 PM and the box office opens at 10AM. Would you suggest going to the box office right when it opens at 10 AM the day of the show or a few hours before the show starts??

  19. Reply
    CoolGuyDoingCoolThings March 2, 2022 at 11:22 pm

    I buy all my tickets the old fashioned way, show up at the stadium and have scalpers come to me. I once paid $100 for a pair of tickets, 4 rows behind the visiting teams bench, face value at $325 each, to see Lebron play in Dallas while he was a Cavs the first time. Bought the tickets right before the end of the 1st qtr.

  20. just curious if this all applies to nba playoff games

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