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If you’ve ever wanted to contact Ticketmaster for any reason but didn’t know how, now you’ve got a one-stop shop! Whether its through their live chat feature, email, social media or over the phone, I show you what can (and can’t) be done!

Live chat is definitely the easiest way to do so, but did you know you can’t do it from the Ticketmaster app directly? It’s true! You can only do it from your desktop or mobile browser pages.

You can also reach out via email through a direct form, or can even contact them through social media (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) and get your support that way. In the past you could have called Ticketmaster as well, but they have since shut down that ability. Sad :(. If you need any help contacting Ticketmaster though, leave a comment below and I can look into it for you. Good luck getting your queries solved!

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  1. Hi, I’ve bought tickets and then I try to sign in and it says error 503, I try to change my password but it says that they don’t have any account with that email.

  2. I have 3 tickets to an event next Friday that I cannot attend. All the tickets say “not eligible for resale” . I’m not stuck with 3 tickets? I’m really panicking as I’m out of a lot of money. Can you let me know if you know what to do with this ‘not eligible for resale’ label?? Thank you so much

  3. I need HELPP, I bought tickets on December for a music festival happening in April, however I was in a rush when I made my Ticketmaster account and typed in the wrong email and I can’t change it, supposedly my tickets were gonna be sent to my address but it’s been 2 months and I have no clue where they are, I’m starting to get stressed

  4. I sold a ticket and every time I try to verify my bank account with the two small deposits they made it says unable to complete transaction or the numbers were wrong and I’m looking at my bank deposit and I know they’re not wrong it’s been over a week and I still have not gotten my money I need help.

  5. Hi
    I had bought tickets for an event on Saturday but I picked the wrong time. And I emailed them today after I realized the time. Is it a way that I can get the tickets changed?

  6. Hey!
    The event I was going to got canceled and I received an automated email today that said I’ll get a refund within 30 days.
    Looking at everyone’s responses, I’m actually kinda anxious 😭
    How long does it actually take for the refund to be processed at the earliest? It’s a lot of money though😢

  7. How do I get e tickets convert to from hard copy tickets

  8. So… Ordered tickets yesterday morning for a show tonight, never got a confirmation email from Ticketmaster or my tickets. But my paypal credit account was charged for them. Signed in and it says I have no upcoming or past shows. I have sent 3 emails since yesterday morning and no response other than the automated one. I'm going to be REALLY disappointed if I don't get to go as I bought the last three seats together. Oh ya, and when you go online to buy tickets for this, it shows the three seats I booked as unavailable now!

  9. You look like you just got out of bed and made this video

  10. I am struggling with a ticket transfer. I see the transfer is pending, but the recipient does not see anything in their account. Ticketmaster is no help. I have tried email get human etc with no results. Do you have any suggestions how to get this done?

  11. It's a shame that you have to go these routes to get a hold of big company like Ticketmaster. A customer shouldn't have to track down a companies social media handles. I sold tickets to two events and am still waiting to get paid. It's this type of business that makes me not even want to go to events anymore or do any business whatsoever with this company. Good luck to everyone who does.

  12. I purchased a meet a greet pass for a concert happening on April 8th. I checked my bank and they charged me for it as well. I just checked my tickets and they gave me a merchandise package instead which costs a lot less $. Is there anything you recommend? Thanks!

  13. My tickets have been saying tickets pending for the past 6 hrs so does that mean people can buy it or is it not up for sale yet? How long should it take bc I can't even take the tickets back now (sorry I did post the same comment in your other video but this is a bit more recent)

  14. How do i change my tickets from pick up at Will call to e tickets

  15. Please Help!!!

    I had 3 tickets exchanged for different seats so they would be all together with a group of 5. I had the QR code and everything was good to go before the exchange. Ticketmaster emailed me and said the exchange was good to go, but now I can’t view the tickets on the app or website. The app just says “ ticket details “ and the website won’t let me view the tickets. I can see them just cant click on them.

  16. Thank you for this video! I wish it would have solved my problem, but unfortunately Ticketmaster is not responding to my emails. 2 years ago I was supposed to receive a $600 credit for a cancelled show and I never did. I can’t find access to the “live chat” option anywhere and I’m really at a loss for what to do next. Any help would be much appreciated! Keep fighting the good fight y’all

    EDIT: SPAMMING WORKS! I sent the same email 15 times and out of the 6 reps who responded, one of them was able to access my code and upload it to my account! So grateful ♥️✨ thank you all

  17. anyone know what time should ill be for a meet and greet? event starts at 7pm thanks

  18. just want to call a "person" and have them get back to me 🙁

  19. gave wrong email, JUST need to correct so I have tix confirmation – WHAT A FREAKIN NIGHT MARE :0.
    SORRY, just venting

  20. Ticketmaster’s customer service is absolutely awful. I was supposed to go to a concert in February but the artist postponed because he got COVID. They postponed it to 2024!! I can’t attend that, I just moved to a different state. They told me they will not give me a refund until the new date was announced in the mean time just try to resale it. So when they announced the new date I tried to remove my ticket from resale (they told me I had to do that first in order to get my refund) and now it’s not letting me. So I contacted them again and they said I can’t remove my ticket from resale. They have been so slow on responding or they ghost me until I ask for help again. I can’t believe how many people have had bad experiences with them.

  21. I want to upgrade or exchange my tickets for a better seat and pay the difference but I can’t contact them anywhere to understand on how to do that, if anyone knows i will appreciate it so much! Thank you!

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