amazing-Tips & Tricks to Buy the Best Concert Tickets EVERY TIME (from an expert!) | Carolyn Morales

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In this week’s video, I give you all of my personal tips and tricks on how to buy the best concert tickets! I’ve been to over 10 concerts so I’d consider myself somewhat of an expert haha. I broke this video up into three parts so feel free to jump to any time stamp that best fits your situation!
What to do before tickets go on sale: 1:23
What to do the day tickets go on sale: 7:28
What to do after tickets go on sale: 11:45
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amazing-Tips & Tricks to Buy the Best Concert Tickets EVERY TIME (from an expert!) | Carolyn Morales
amazing-Tips & Tricks to Buy the Best Concert Tickets EVERY TIME (from an expert!) | Carolyn Morales
  1. I need harry tickets for Houston brooooo

  2. me watching this bc olivia rodrigo announced her tour dates

  3. hey! for anyone who’s ever had a verified fan code, how do i apply the code so i can get into a presale? first concert lol

  4. i literally got tickets to meet ariana grande why tf am i tripping so much ab tickets for olivia rodrigo

  5. I’m literally so nervous hahaha hopefully I’ll get tickes for dua lipa in Mexico city🤞🏻

  6. I'm trying to get a reasonable ticket price for a concert in Vegas in March. The tickets for the good seats are over 1,000. Nosebleed is around 400. I hope I can get in the day of but that's risky.

  7. hey! i have a question so i was going to a concert 2 years ago and it got postponed because of covid. in 2 weeks is happening but i lost my tickets, what can i do? i do have proof and everything but not the tickets

  8. Me watching because Harry styles has just released his Uk dates😭😭😭🤞🏻

  9. I can’t I’m so stressed 😩

  10. Here after I’ve been looking for tickets to see harry styles😭 I’ve been looking the whole day I can’t anymore 😭😩

  11. me watching bc harry announced LOT 2

  12. if there are multiple presales can it sell out on the first one or is there limits? i’m realllly stressing haha i’ve never got concert tickets before and i’m trying to get harry styles ones😭😭

  13. sorry i’m back😭with the limits on presale is it like a limit on standing tickets? or just any ticket? so like if it says standing tickets are sold out on one presale will there be more that were ‘off limit’ at the next presale? sorry for being so annoying😭

  14. Here for the new harry concert!

  15. Me getting ready for Harry styles o2 presale tomorrow morning

  16. harry’s tickets go on sale on friday and god i’m so stressed 😭 thank u for the advice !!
    also ur so pretty

  17. me watching this for hslot 2022

  18. Scared omfg Harry added another date

  19. Does the General Admission section have seats? Im going to a Tyler the Creator concert and my friends want to get their asap to get to the front?

  20. Hi Carolyn!! It's possible to sign in with more than one device to increase the odds of getting good seats? Thankss😊🙏🏼

  21. when you say “check the box office the day of the concert” is it actually going to the arena? like to the place of the concert ? i’m sorry i don’t know any of this trying to go to bad bunny here in denver on wednesday 😪😪

  22. I'm the type of person who takes time on buying generally anything just because I want to be sure I am getting the best price for what I pay. At the moment I am stressing out on which site to use to buy Tyler the Creator tickets. I've used Seatgeek before but they always charge you the ticket price and then a TON of additional fees which sucks.

  23. here for mxmtoon’s tour 🙂

  24. me watching cause i have enough to buy madison beer tickets

  25. Me because New Edition announced the tour !!!!

  26. Hey girl! Thank you for this useful video. I'm planning on going to Justin Bieber's Justice Tour next month. I'm wanting to buy a floor ticket, but I'm worried that I will not be able to get a good view of him because of my height… Do you know if lower section seats are good for short people? Also, if I do end up buying a floor ticket, should I wear high heels to get a better view of Justin? (I hope that's not a silly question.)

  27. im here because big time rush just announced their reunion tour!

  28. does seat geek work in mexico?

  29. Awesome, we’re not into the same kind of music, however your advice is spot on! Thanks!

  30. I'm tryna see Lady Gaga for my first concert in September but all we could find were Top Deck tickets but I dont know if they'll let us try going to another seat

  31. Yess can u do a part 2 about how u can meet them after Nd just more great information pls and thanks 😁

  32. If im on phone and computer same time in ticketmaster do i need to be on same account on both?

  33. I like your shirt of the Jonas Brothers

  34. I bought tickets from tickpick and where transferred to ticket master but I don’t know if they are legit. I’m scared I got scammed even though I already have my seats 🥺


  36. I am buying concert tickets for the first time in my life, and I have been stressed out. However, your advice has helped me focus on what is really important! Wish me luck 🙏

  37. Thank you so much!! Very helpful 😊

  38. Would you recommend floor or seats? X

  39. hi so i wanna go to a kpop concert, do you recommend being in phone and pressing on the seat map? i heard tht was bad. or do you recommend the laptop more?

  40. this was so helpful omg thank u sm

  41. Trying to find tickets for Olivia Rodrigo but don't trust any websites cuz I've never bought tickets or gone to a concert in my life but this video really helped thank u 🙂

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