amazing-BTS LA CONCERT TICKETS! SOUNDCHECK! (BTS Permission to Dance on Stage LA)

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I GOT SOUNDCHECK FOR MY FRIEND & 3 TICKETS FOR NOV 27TH! I wish everyone good luck and hope you get the ones you like. A lot of seats were blocked off so the 2nd wave of people have chances for good seats. My friends will try to get my sister tickets as well. Remember that any seat will be amazing and as long as you’re there! GOOD LUCK!!

$450 SOUNDCHECK ($469.20 with tax & fees for Silver Soundcheck)
$275 P2 SEATS (after floor)
$225 P3 (2nd floor)
$185 SEC 324
$75 SEC 515

(Prices from this tweet

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amazing-BTS LA CONCERT TICKETS! SOUNDCHECK! (BTS Permission to Dance on Stage LA)
amazing-BTS LA CONCERT TICKETS! SOUNDCHECK! (BTS Permission to Dance on Stage LA)
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  1. Congratulations🎉🥳👏
    Take me with youuuu😭😭

  2. Will we be able to watch it ?

  3. Hello po ate pano po manuod

  4. Plzz make a vlog for whole bts concert plzzz plzzz plzzz
    Puppy eyes of jimin

  5. Reply
    SizzledSavage Fries October 29, 2021 at 8:42 pm

    congrats xCeleste!

  6. I want to say wooohoooooo! To you!

  7. Ur so lucky

  8. Me seeing people buying tickets
    me international army
    🎵My head playing🎵 : When it hurts but it hurts so good
    Do you take it? Do you break it off?
    When it hurts but it hurts so good
    Can you say it? Can you say it?🥺

  9. Mama ARMY!! xoxo

  10. Remember to record a video for us to see how it looks like there pls 😭 and congratulations for getting a ticket hope you have the best day in your life and stay safe 🙏🏽❤️

  11. Lucky I envy you girl😲😮

  12. 개부러워요…

  13. Did you have multiple tabs open on your pc?

  14. When it comes to floor tickets does it come down to camping with how close you get or does it go off of the placement of the tickets you bought on the map?

  15. So are resales tickets higher than the original????

  16. Which payment methods were available besides mastercard?

  17. How much rupees in BTS concert ticket highest price

  18. Hi there, do you know if we could pick up our tickets the day before if we got souncheck? Do you know anything regarding will call tickets?

  19. Did I just see the floor seats are 275 dollars 😬 so the Indian rupees is just 20-25 thousand rupees what???? I was thinking that it'll be in lakhs in indian rs

  20. What was the price of one Ticket?

  21. Can you please tell how to join ticketmaster & what to do next??

  22. Best night of my life even if it was from the nosebleed seats 😂

  23. I have a question did you use your friends Ticketmaster account on the other tab and your own account on the other as well? Or same account but different days?

  24. Watching this to prepare for Vegas tickets tomorrow 🥺💜

  25. How do you copy the code onto a computer when it is sent in text? I wasn’t able to type the code into my computer last time. I was only able to use my phone.

  26. Reply
    Elaine Jane Jadulco March 2, 2022 at 5:20 am

    Hi! We’re hoping to get tix tomorrow for PTD in LV. I just wanna ask, can we use one email to login in both laptop and phone? Pls help meeeee 🥺🥺🥺

  27. Hi did it ask your for social security code ?!?! I didn’t hear right can you tell me so I can prepare ?!?

  28. Sis can u Tell me I Apply bts Concert Ticket And My tickets Where I find my Ticket😭😭😭

  29. Reply
    ᴄʜɪᴍɪɴ🐥⁷ April 24, 2022 at 8:56 am

    can someone tell me whats the difference between soundcheck tickets and non soundcheck tickets? Like, if you buy soundcheck tickets.=, does it mean you have to get another ticket for the main concert?

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