Great-BTS Fans Angry At Ticketmaster's Late Ticket Release For LA Shows

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More tickets to this weekend’s BTS concert at SoFi Stadium were released Friday, but some fans were less than delighted about the surprise opportunity to see their beloved boy band in person.

Great-BTS Fans Angry At Ticketmaster's Late Ticket Release For LA Shows
Great-BTS Fans Angry At Ticketmaster's Late Ticket Release For LA Shows
  1. Someone call this music? A lot of them don't actually come for music, but to take pictures for social networks. What will become of America I wonder.

  2. Not this racist xenophobic people in the comments. 🤦🏽

  3. Two words: Travis Scott.

  4. what kind of brain do you have to have and go listen to these characters?

  5. I'm sad California is where they're performing. It's the worst state ever!!

  6. By the way what is the price of thier concert ticket??

  7. You should’ve talked about the title !!!!!!! Because yes we are mad
    Ticketmaster sucks , we believe late tickets releases are them failing to resell the tickets as scalpers

  8. What kind of "music" is this??

  9. What happened to social distancing with these sheep lol

  10. i see all ARMY is Happy

  11. What a journalism nowadays.
    Should be ayoutuber instead..

  12. Omg bts has so many fans I wish I can be there I wanna see bts I miss them 😭😭🥺🥺

  13. I’m so happy I was able to get tickets thank you Ticketmaster

  14. You guys are awesome thank you. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  15. They are not angry, they only shout the fanchant

  16. Really praying for a world tour

  17. I have been a fan of BTS since 2018 I never knew who they were but when I began to know them I began to realize that their song has more positive energy I could feel it they don't talk about what's happening right now or this or that they just talk about how life goes on for us without BTS I don't know what I've done if I would have known the whole tooth about my dreams and where I want to go Love myself the song means a lot and it shows me that I should love myself the way I am it's important if I see them in person I want to meet them

  18. So dissapointed in this click bait title.

  19. The title is misleading and the army were shouting bts name in the beginning (if u don’t know)

  20. Angry fans rush the stage and crush 50 to death!

  21. I hope all ARMYs enjoy the concert in an orderly and safe manner and go home

  22. I have never been more jealous in my life 😤😭😓💔

  23. The tickets where very unfair. People who had tickets before the pandemic started should have automatically had tickets but instead they refunded everyone and sold the tickets at an unaffordable price. Why is the cheapest ticket $745 thats not fair. And it goes up after that. This concert is made for rich people only.

  24. A news channel can't even be accurate with its video title. No wonder quite a percentage of the public has so much distrust with the media.

  25. I waited for two years, live in the us and did not get tickets. I love them so much.

  26. Got lucky 🍀 can’t believe i was able to purchase them for my daughter.

  27. Stop calling BTS a boy band. You don't call a man in 20s a boy.

  28. What kind of clickbait shit is this??

  29. Grammy became the shame of a nation. Music accused of plagiarism and that had to pay royalties and include the author's name is nominated for Clip of the Year. Shame Grammy. Apology for plagiarism. Shame

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