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What even are presale or promotional codes you may ask? It’s just a mix of letters of numbers that give you access to early access on tickets and potentially ticket discounts as well! Wondered how to use them on Ticketmaster though? Let’s find out together!

00:00 Introduction
00:57 What is a Presale Code?
1:58 How To Find Presale Codes
3:42 How To Use Presale Codes On Ticketmaster

First off, what is a presale code? It’s pretty much a little ‘secret’ that isn’t so hidden usually that gives ticket buyers the ability to buy tickets in advance of the general sale. They can offer you discounts, early access, unlock different seating options and more!

So where do you find them you may ask? Well, they aren’t that hard to find usually, as the more people with access to them, the more tickets the venue and artist can sell. A lot of times codes are simply given out via fan newsletters and forums to help fans of the band get access to tickets when they come to town. Fan club seating generally are offered a better allocation of seats compared to the general sale as the artist would want to reward those fans who are committed to them!

Another way of getting presale codes is by being a specific credit card holder, such as with American Express or Citi. They will offer presale access and premium seating access to credit card holders for numerous tours and events throughout the year, so having access to these cards will give you options that just don’t exist to everyone. Some of these cards do come with annual fees though so keep that in mind when trying to lock these down. If you are interested in becoming an American Express cardholder I have my referral link down below!

Lastly, you can always search across Google to find codes sometimes though it will be more hit and miss depending on whether it’s a general or unique presale code. If a code is only available to season seat holders or fan club members, then you may need to pay for access to these codes, so just keep that in mind too. Not every presale is accessible to everyone as there are certain benefits locked away for those who are committing more money (not always, but more often than you may realize).

So how do you actually go ahead and use these codes on Ticketmaster? Just following along as there are a few different ways of doing so.

Generic Presale Codes:
American Express (they have multiple, some may/may not work every time) – Amex card is required to checkout: AMEX | INGOLD | PLATINUM | 8002973333
Citi – Citi card required to checkout: 412800
Live Nation: COVERT
Live Nation also has a monthly code that changes. Can find these on their social media or signing up for their newsletter
Ticketmaster Verified Fan Presales: Unique codes, require sign-up

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