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Ticketmaster has made many changes to their ticket refund policy over the last month, and as a result I wanted to talk about how you can actually request a refund for your tickets!

Ticketmaster had made a change in late March/early April 2020 to their ticket refund policy, removing the ability to request a refund for postponed events, and only allowing refunds for events which have been officially cancelled. Previously, any events which were rescheduled, postponed, or cancelled were all eligible for a refund (with a couple of exceptions). This change was done very quietly and was picked up by the media on April 10, 2020, and it quickly spread across Twitter.

By April 14, 2020 Ticketmaster had to issue a response to the dramatic outcry from fans looking for refunds, and on April 17, 2020 they actually ended up capitulating and having to implement a new type of refund policy. They initially introduced the new refund policy as the “Rock When You’re Ready’ program, whereby cancelled events were able to get refunded like before, or you could request a credit for your tickets instead at a rate of up to 150%. For postponed events which had a new rescheduled date, these tickets would also be eligible for a refund or the 150% credit, and both types of tickets would be able to make their selections for one month beginning May 1 to May 30.

There were still issues with this program though as events which were postponed without a rescheduled date would not qualify for this program. By April 24, 2020, Ticketmaster released an update to their policy, firstly renaming it the “Ticket Refund Plan”, and also adding in another section which stated that any events which were postponed with NO rescheduled date within 60 days would also be eligible for a refund or credit option.

Ticketmaster is having cash-flow issues with the numerous amount of ticket refunds that are to be requested, so this new policy will allow for them to manage their cash-flow much better, though it will still be difficult to issue out all refunds in a timely manner. As a result, Ticketmaster is giving itself 30 days to process these refund requests.

To be able to request the refund, beginning May 1, 2020 you will be able to log into your Ticketmaster account and begin making your selections for any eligible events. Be sure to complete your selection process before the May 30 deadline passes though or else you may end up not being able to request a refund later on.

Ticketmaster has posted all their details on this program here:

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  1. BTS has postponed their whole Tour with no new dates in place – European ticket sale got cancelled. Once everything clears up they will reschedule the Tour from the beginning. Unfortunately, no one knows when that will be, when the 'back to new normal' will take place.

  2. I'm hoping refund for NBA game I purchased. May 1st too?

  3. do you recommend i take 150% in credit instead

  4. My event says “Check Refund Eligibility” what does that do

  5. I’ve been on Ticketmaster a$$ about my Millinenium tour tickets I purchase back in March . I paid a lot of money for these tickets. I requested a full refund on my tickets

  6. my event got postponed, how do i get a refund? i want my money back to use for something else and it showed a refund eligibility ?

  7. Thank you this was very helpful

  8. This 150% credit seems like a great option. Esp since they’re giving free tix to healthcare workers too. But this… Credit can be used towards the purchase of “eligible event tickets” at the Credit can be used towards the purchase at the same venue… I’m wondering what kind of stipulations there’ll be, esp regarding what “eligible event tix” is going to mean because I see no fine print…anyone know?

  9. idk if it’s to late to ask questions but my event got cancelled and i sent one of my friends a ticket but she doesn’t know how to send it back and i won’t get my full refund bcuz i have one ticket right now can u help me figure out how she can transfer her ticket i paid for back?

  10. So, my event to see The Weeknd has been rescheduled. I am not able to get a refund, as it has been rescheduled and there is only the 'sell ticket' option. I have to wait 2 months in order to get a refund? how does it work. Sorry for the trouble

  11. I might be late but if you read this I have a question. If I continue with my tickets and the refund window closes and the event later on gets cancelled will my money be lost ?


  13. Wait how about if you got a transferred ticket and it got canceled how do you get a refund ?

  14. So I have a question. If I want to purchase a ticket for an event in April of next year should I or should I not. I’m afraid that I won’t get refund back and I’m not sure how to know if I can. Please help🙌it would be Appreciated

  15. Is my window closed for a refund if the event has been postponed? I've been on the website and sent emails to Ticketmaster and I just keep getting the run around to go to the website and follow the directions for a refund and I'm unable to. Do they have a 800#? I'm so frustrated!

  16. I have a question. My tickets got postponed but there is not a new date. There is no place to request a refund either, I bought tickets in February, it got postponed in April, and the concert was supposed to be in May. Am I able to get a refund by contacting Ticketmaster? I didnt want to refund my tickets, so I wasn't looking out to see if there was even a refund window opened, thinking I will go sometime this year, but am I too late to get a refund now? If I can't get a refund, is the money stuck there or can a request to get my money back with my credit card or some other way?

  17. Hello the card I used to purchase my tickets I had to replace. What do I do they are wanting me to do a wallet and buy a Ticketmaster card or ebay card, I'm not to sure about that. My new card is still through the same bank

  18. Hello they canceled the BTS Concert but I still haven’t received a refund and nothing shows on my account. What should I do

  19. i’m getting a refund but I don’t bank with the same bank what do I do?!

  20. I have tickets from ticket master that I want to cancel the concert is on Friday do you think I can get a refund?

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