ticketmaster events los angeles-Ticketmaster To Verify COVID Vaccination Status Of Fans Before Issuing Concert Passes

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As an experimental vaccine for COVID-19 continues to make progress, the concert industry is preparing for a potential return to live events in the coming months.

ticketmaster events los angeles-Ticketmaster To Verify COVID Vaccination Status Of Fans Before Issuing Concert Passes
ticketmaster events los angeles-Ticketmaster To Verify COVID Vaccination Status Of Fans Before Issuing Concert Passes
  1. And welcome to Biden's America folks. Today it's concerts, tomorrow it's simply going to the grocery store. Saw this coming a mile away

  2. Attention People: Ticket Master= 144 add up each letter and itll add up to 144 just like Mark of the Beast!!! Wake up People the Deceivers of this world are in front of our faces everyday!!1

  3. The first steps in the rollout of a medical tyranny to bring in a one world totalitarian system in the name of your health. Where forced vaccinations will be the norm. You will have to show your vaccination pass to be able to go anywhere or get anything or buy food. Especially once they get rid of cash as they're in the midst of doing now. You people really are the worst. If you anti-human New world order traders hate humanity so much start with yourselves.

  4. Be ready to live as a coward and slave(unless you’re a Luciferian) or be brave and ready to fight and die for The Most High YAHWEH


  6. Good luck Ticketmaster. I'm sure you'll change your tune when you can't fill these venues. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. What would we do without the government telling us how to be safe? If the government so concerned about people’s health why didn’t they care about that contaminated water in Flint Michigan? So I guess a poisonous rushed untrustworthy vaccine is our only hope for something that has a 97-99 percent recovery rate 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️. FOH

  8. So you can’t buy or sell without a mark? Funny how you can’t see what is here and about ramp up.

  9. Hey, Brian sent me. I'm here to thumbs up your great comments.


  11. We better stay away from everyone because complications from a cold can cause serious illnesses and yes, even death – particularly in people who have a weak immune system. , cold symptoms are sore throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, headaches, and body aches. Sound familiar. This is a joke and many are asleep, do some research or we all go down the slippery slope. I think we are close to the bottom!!!

    YAHAWASHI (saviour) ha (the) Mashiah (anointed) is going to shock the world. The letter J was not invented until the 1400s waykiWayki time.

  12. This is not conspiracy, this is straight up new world order tyranny. There is no pandemic. Do your f* cking research. Event 201. UN agenda 2030. Weather warfare. All of it is real. These global lockdowns and forced mask wearing is all about tyranny and these d* mons will lie forever to change everyone's dna using nanotech and AI. Don't get testing and don't take vaxxs, its all mark of the beast. Research everything. Question everything. Spiritual warfare. Protect your soul.

  13. Bye bye TicketMaster!!!! another Fox News move to loose fan base !

  14. 11 Covid karens liked this!

  15. Just like Black the ripper said I will be dead before they vaccinate and chip me it’s obvious the government killed him that’s why they have swept it under the rug like it’s nothing he warned us and no one listened now this is the outcome they are gonna have to kill me before I let these devils chip and vaccinate me

  16. If vaccine is not taken, no school, no work, no holiday, no food no treatment. Now you tell me what that's called

  17. First it was only a few weeks of a total lockdown of the US, and the rest of the world, we are now 8 months further, and still in lockdown, same with Face diapers, that in MANY places people were first ask to wear a Face diaper, and MANY people did wear a Face diaper, even when it still was not mandatory.

    Then a few months later wearing a Face diaper became mandatory, in many places, and MOST people now are wearing a Face diaper (just like the good little sheep's they are, because they do not see the truth and only the lie), if you do not wear a Face diaper in many stores they will not let you go in.

    The next step IS going to be that you need a certificate, that you are vaccinated, if you do not have one you cannot go in ANY store again, and then they later gone make it you cannot buy food and water anymore outside a store without a certificate that you had the vaccine, and you can also not pay without it your rent/mortgage anymore.

    MOST people (95%) in America (and rest of the world) are brainwashed, because of the extreme propaganda we now get everywhere, on TV, Radio, Internet, in every store, do 6 feed distance, wear a mask, think of other people and bla bla bla, on the speakers and on the ground and on the doors, and then we have signs everywhere telling the same.

    Sorry to burst many people there bubble, but most people ARE going to take the vaccine, and funny is it was written in the Bible that this will happen 2000 years ago, but the Bible is not true right, al fiction right?

    Revelation 13:16

    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

  18. Nobody wants that toxic, not safety tested, liability free poison in a syringe! Stay out of people's life and health!

  19. Time for a line In the sand before this gets ridiculous. Keep your ID 2020, your RNA vaccines and your fear.

  20. I guess that’s the end of Ticketmaster, nobody cares

  21. kandiss Crone, your mask fell down and you touched it! Cooties!

  22. So the PCR test is faulty, yet a pandemic has been built around it, CDC and WHO no longer report the flu, and now a forced vaccine. Got it.

  23. Lab flu 2.0 and the Sound of social distancing insanity,Masks,tests forcing,next they'll try vaccine forcing,The name of game is how far can push us in corner until had enough

  24. We was conspiracy theorist though..

  25. conspiracy theoriest are crazy there isn't some secret government agenda to take peoples rights and freedom away…. that wouldn't never happen HERE IN AMERICA only in those other countries with dictatorships and authoritarians 😂😂😂 nope not in good old USA, INC

  26. Mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn 🤬that concert lol 😂

  27. Concerts and live performances have been my main type of entertainment for the last 30 years, but i guess those days are over. I will not be supporting this craziness!

  28. Fight for what you love now or you will have time to cry for what you lost. This is not about a virus. Population control . It has now become more than obvious and now more people are waking up to this

  29. "ticketmaster lawsuit" was the first in the drop box when they typed in "ticketmaster" in the search engine at 1:54

  30. I can't for the life of me understand why can't people see what's going on here!!

  31. Goodbye, Ticketmaster. I'd prefer to support smaller, off-the-books venues anyway. 

    Good luck with your dystopian servility, though.

  32. Sounds like a good time for a legit competitor for TM…they charge ridiculous amounts for fees anyway

  33. Since when it is the ticket sellers job to be the arbiters of health anyway? They sell tix to Snoop Dog and Jimmy Buffet shows where 80% of the crowd is smoking weed in the venue! Do they claim responsibility for my health in that circumstance?

  34. I mainly got the vaccine so I could go to concerts again. Going to concerts is my hobby and I’d go to one or more every other month or so before the pandemic . Not having a concert to go to or have an event to look forward to for more than a year has honestly been the worst thing for my mental health. I’d do anything to go to concerts again and don’t care if I have to show proof that I’m negative and have gotten it.

  35. 559,81,7417,Cesar Rodrigue,.

  36. Should be plenty of seats left then !

  37. It’s just became a reality and the cowards emailed it out very late on a Friday night. Go to hell, Ticketmaster. Our relationship is over.

  38. So will the people turned away get refunds? – probably not. Class Action Lawsuits incoming.

  39. So sad we have to hold “adult” hands because they are too chicken to get a vax.

  40. Y’all are soo weird in these comments

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