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What is the best device to use when you want to buy tickets on Ticketmaster – your phone or your computer? I do a deep dive into the pros and cons of each option and in the end there is a very clear winner. Ticketmaster has been working on improving their user interface on both devices for a long time, and they have finally found a winner with the creation of the list and map views.

Using these views, they provide a customized way of searching for tickets that appeals to different users. Some prefer being able to select the exact seats in the entire building with the click of a button, while others prefer to have options presented to them in a list, basically having their seats curated to their own unique preferences. There is no wrong way of searching for tickets as each situation is specific and unique to you. Learn all about what works for you here with this great Ticketmaster tip and explanation!

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  1. Just wanted to tell everyone… SUSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL.
    Watched his videos and it helped me get BTS tickets, please trust his words!💓

  2. Thx, just got my BTS concert tickets💜💜

  3. Hello Shiraz, thanks for the tip! Just wondering, when using your mobile, have you tested whether using WiFi vs. Cellular data is better?

  4. Armys trying for the Europe shows please watch! The ticketing process is slightly different but the tips are still extremely helpful! I managed to get soundcheck tickets after binging all of his videos 😀

  5. Okay so I feel stupid, but somehow I can't find where I can put in my credit card information beforehand.
    I can find where I can put in my adress, but I can't see anything that allows me to put in my credit card information.
    What confuses me as well is, that I can't put in my adress etc. on the ticketmaster app.
    Can someone explain how I can put in all the information before the sale starts?

  6. Ticketmaster app is not available in my country how I am supposed to buy there concert tickets? 😭

  7. i noticed you weren’t using the mobile app. is it better to use the website?

  8. ive been watching ticketmaster videos on yt for like 5 days since the louis tomlinson tickets are going in sale tomorrow lol

  9. I have been trying to buy tickets from SeatGeek to watch the lakers game but every time I buy the tickets it says there was an error. I’ve tried on my dads phone, brothers phone, my laptop, my brother laptop but literally every singe time it says there’s an error. Can you help me figure out this situation.

  10. Trying to get twenty one pilots tickets, hope this works!

  11. What's the difference between standard admission vs aisle seating?

  12. For whatever reason, my ticket purchase attempt today, via my desktop computer, generated the following message. Since I don't have another device to use, I guess I'm SOL.

    We apologize. We are unable to complete your request on this device.

    So that you may continue to shop, we recommend using a different device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.). Using a shared device? Make sure you're logged into your Ticketmaster account.

  13. I’m with you, computer screen real estate is nice, but TM app on the phone is pretty slick and reliable.

  14. who else is back watching this king after PTD On Stage LA was announced ✊😩

  15. Truly a blessing coming across your videos, can’t thank you enough for the clarity! I’m going into this weeks presale for BTS tickets with more confidence than last week. Definitely going with my phone, LETS GET THIS!

  16. Would you recommend using the app version on the phone or just go to the webpage on the phone?

  17. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEEEO! Im here for the bts concert

  18. Would you recommend using a MacBook or HP when trying to buy tickets on ticket master? Is one better than the other?

  19. what should you do if ticketmaster crashes bc the server is overloaded?

  20. i have a samsung a11 is it good? can i use it to enter my evant with this one?

  21. i saw this video yesterday and today I got Ateez VIP tickets, I'm so happy rn 😀

  22. Hoping to get good Twice tickets! Thank you for your insight and advice!

  23. Watching this incase I plan on going to a concert
    Thanks for this!

  24. I'm here because currently trying to find Billie Eilish tickets. ✨

  25. Here because I can't seem to get Harry Styles tickets, thanks for your advice I will be using my phone now

  26. so would a ipad/tablet be the best option? since it has a bigger screen than a phone, but still allows you to quickly zoom?

  27. Is it best to use cellular or wifi on an iPhone? Is the app or website better? I have relatively fast wifi but i think it can get a little slow sometimes. I’m super nervous for a possible upcoming BTS tour and I kinda want floor tickets!

  28. I kind of don’t understand the difference between list and map view. can you explain that a bit further or just clarify the benefits between the two? i have a concert sale tomorrow and i’m really nervous.

  29. I like using the computer because it allows me to use all the promo code extensions I can use, to get any additional discounts I can get.

  30. Do you actually have to print out your concert tickets to enter the music venue you’re going to or can you just rely on the door man scanning your ticket barcodes that were sent to you through email?

  31. Everyone talks about the app but I can't find it on Google Play 🙁
    I get an error when I want to enter the site using WiFi. I'm not in the US. I can using mobile data though but I can also access it using VPN. Has anyone used VPN to buy tickets? I'm afraid it can fail for some reason

  32. Does list view on phone more effective if I am dead set on selecting maybe 4-5 sections and I will only buy rows 1-3? How do my chances look if I buy 3 tickets instead of 1 or 2?

  33. do you prefer using cellular data or home wifi? i did some internet speed tests but i’m not sure what a good result is supposed to look like

  34. also i got an email from ticketmaster confirming i made it into the presale, at the bottom it says they recommend laptop or desktop. do you think i should listen and use my laptop or should i use the phone instead?

  35. Is getting into the waiting room 10 minutes earlier and 30 minutes earlier really make a difference?

  36. hey i’m back again sorry i have a question no one can really answer, can i buy tickets from the same event but with different payment information?

  37. There’s a BTS presale today, so of course, here I am!! Lol

  38. I have no idea what I do prefer, I did get really lucky back in 2019 getting p1 and meeting txt just by using my phone and the laptop, not so much! And recent concert wasn’t lucky, but I still got good benefits and only got 2nd row at p2. Which was not far at all !! I’ll probably use both devices with different accounts to not risk anything. This has been a very helpful video! I do have an upcoming ticketing sale this Friday, I’m still awful at getting tickets I just rush and forget what I’m doing, clicking and clicking without looking around the map… lol

  39. hii i hope you are able to answer, my question is should i make another account for ticketmaster on my phone and use the data there? i plan on using my laptop and my sisters laptop as well and they are both connected to the same wifi but diff acounts. is that ok?

  40. For using computer and if I use list, would it be better if there’s no extended stage? It’s just one stage in the front so everyone’s basically fighting for the same section…

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