Great-Buying Stray Kids Tickets 🗣 | + Experience ♡

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+ update : we scored P2 tickets not to long after this video! on ticketmaster for face value! 😀

Here is our ticketing experience for stray kids! Also we had two other people helping us get tickets but I forgot to mention that in the video! I hope you enjoy & if you have any questions let me know ♡ ps: sorry for all the shaking I was super nervous and couldn’t keep a steady hand lmao

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Great-Buying Stray Kids Tickets 🗣 | + Experience ♡
Great-Buying Stray Kids Tickets 🗣 | + Experience ♡
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  1. I bought SF9 tickets today – this was the very first sale where I didn't have any problems

    Got my VIP ♡

  2. Congrats on getting tickets! I tried the first time around on the chance that I wold be able to go but wasn’t able to get anything even if I was there 10 on the dot. I don’t really mind Ticketmaster’s new system since it is random as long as you are put in the pre-queue.

    I hate that most concerts the date near me is on a weekday 😭 I’m dreading the day Monsta X goes on sale.

  3. Everyone in the comments section talking about the tickets they have bought and the concert they are attending. While no kpop groups know that the country I live in exist.

  4. Are you going to NCT 127 Tour in Newark

  5. i’m so happy you got tickets!! have fun 🙂

  6. have fun!!

  7. congrats on getting tickets 🎉💕
    I bought blackpink tickets that was my first time buying tickets and it was so stressful omg

  8. yay we’re both attending skz!! we’re both in TIER3 and row d but i’m going on the Wednesday show

  9. so happy you got them! have fun!

  10. ahhh so happy you were able to get tickets ~~~ ✨✨✨✨✨

  11. i was so unlucky with stray kids tickets but hopefully i'll be able to find decent resales closer to the date!

  12. congrats!! i feel so lucky with my experience since i was the first one in to buy tickets and was able to get the tickets i wanted!! hope you have fun!

  13. I am so sad that I wasnt able to get tickets to see Stray Kids in Houston! The tickets sold out when I got on. ;___; Buying kpop tickets is seriously the worst thing ever and its soo STRESSFUL! Congrats on getting the tickets tho! ^^

  14. Stan Ateez

  15. That was me too for the Wednesday show I literally had my ipad, my laptop & my phone to get tickets for Stray Kids…not the tickets I wanted but at least I got my tickets lol!!

  16. omg this was stressful i was getting second hand anxiety!!! lol im glad you were able to get tickets, i wouldve been heartbroken 🙁

  17. Omg I am having anxiety because I want to go to the Nct tour in Pheonix since it is going to be like the first time a kpop group has came here (sad) but if it’s really hard to get Stray Kids tickets, how hard will it be to get Nct tickets? /:

  18. does anyone know what stray kids group photo tickets are? do you get to meet them and take a photo?

  19. do you need to pay with PayPal?

  20. i wanna buy tickets for their europe tour and i’m so scared i’m not gonna get them. it would be my first time buying tickets so i have no idea how it works with the seating or where to get them. do u think they’re gonna be sold on ticketmaster again? how do i know the difference between the sections?

  21. I’m lucky I got presale for SKZ in London! I heard the general sale for all stops sold out within minutes for Stray Kids, it’s crazy how fast things can go 😱

  22. How much were the tickets?

  23. Do you have to reload for the waiting room or does it automatically put you in?

  24. I had no problem buying a stray kids ticket, I got p1 up front for the Dallas stop and the Dallas stop is a somewhat small venue so that means less p1 availability, but it was a pain in the but getting p1 for ateez but ended up getting P2 🙃

  25. Do you think straykids come to Seattle?

  26. Reply
    outlet of the A's July 25, 2020 at 8:05 am

    How much is one V.I.P. ticket

  27. Hello! Can I ask you two things? I'm new to this and know so little about it. What are resales and where can they be found? And if you buy tickets and someone gets better seats for you too, what do you do with the tickets you had bought? Thank you in advance!! I would really appreciate your answer 🥺

  28. Is it someone who used to say ”i will never be able to go on a concert” that actually got tickets and went on concert before covid? Im really hopeless and nervous to try to buy vip when concerts are available again

  29. I can't wait for the next tour because I finally saved up enough money to be able to have THE BUDGET needed for no stress buying

  30. what is this games name

  31. How did it add you into the queue? Does it like get your spot once you get onto the page with the timer and you have to wait on that page for a while? I’m new to this and looking to buy tickets next time they come to the US. There’s not even a tour announced and I’m stressed

  32. What is this games

  33. I’m finally able to save up money to go see skz but the ticketing part is getting me a little concerned lol i’m scared now

  34. so is it more convinent to get single tickets for the seats u want and would ticketmaster catch u if u have diff accounts or same payment method if ur waiting in the queque line?


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