Great-buying bts tickets 2021! *ticketmaster we need to talk*

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Hello ! happy saturday🌻:) there is no such thing as a bad seat in bts!! I’m extremely grateful for these tickets. I hope everyone had their chance and if not, its okay!!🌱 YOU WILL SEE BTS ONE DAY!💜

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!❤ 🙂


🌱INSTA: @priscilla_lopez44
🌱TIK TOK: @priscillalopez444


Music by Kevatta – roll the dice –

Great-buying bts tickets 2021! *ticketmaster we need to talk*
Great-buying bts tickets 2021! *ticketmaster we need to talk*
  1. Yup got my tickets. Flying from Chicago!!!

  2. OMGG HAPPY FOR YOUU!! Have fun 💜

  3. Is it „impossible“ getting tickets at the general sale? Are they all sold out bc of the presale?

  4. Oh I’m so happy for you!! Remember to live it up bestie✨ I’m going the 28th 👏

  5. you should make a vlog of the concert! :]

  6. My friend got the presale code and was in the waiting room but still couldn't get tickets. We had to buy from a third party site. We went last night and it was amazing, but I really hope this doesn't happen to me again. I'm not even sure how to prepare for it. I just hope ticketmaster doesn't screw me over again

  7. This is literally the hunger game

  8. Happy for ya I’m sure you had one of the best night of your life !

  9. What’s the limit for buying tickets?

  10. wait so the blue dots represent open seats right? and also, since im planning to go with 2 of my friends, is it better to just pick and order for them especially if we wanna sit together, rather than everyone doing it individually?

  11. how do you sign up for presale? and for general sale, would you say that there were still a lot of tickets left? ☺️

  12. How early did you get into the presale ?

  13. Watching bc of today’s news 💜

  14. Do you know when the waiting room usually opens? Does it open an hour before or when the tickets release?

  15. where do you get the presale code?

  16. hi i don't know how ticketmaster works but how did you pay? are you gonna type your infos or is it saved already on the ticketmaster site?

  17. hey! not sure if you'll see this, but i really need your help~ im planning to buy stray kids concert tickets in 2 days. i didn't get the pre-sale because im not really sure how it works, nor if it's still available. does it give you an advantage to buy before everyone else/bigger chance to have wanted spots? if yes, how do you get it? i stayed up to date with all of stray kids' socials, but i didnt see anything about presalesl. also i heard other people saying that the computer map is not a very good technique because the map doesnt refresh or update as fast as people buy the seats. so they explained that basically people buy faster than the map refreshes. so a blue dot on the map is probably already taken, but the map didnt refresh in time. Is this true? And also, how long do you usually wait?

  18. do you have to refresh when you’re in the queue?

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