Great-Andrew Schulz's Beef with Ticketmaster | Joe Rogan

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Taken from #1314 w/Charlamagne tha God & Andrew Schulz:

Great-Andrew Schulz's Beef with Ticketmaster | Joe Rogan
Great-Andrew Schulz's Beef with Ticketmaster | Joe Rogan
  1. Ticket price : $50
    Total price after fees: $80

    Me: Wut

  2. what a freaking brilliant guy. honestly

  3. it's why I don't buy tickets from Ticketmaster. They've got a huge monopoly, so I miss out on plenty. Never seen the fees that high before, honestly, but I haven't ever been to an expensive show. The last time I bought tickets from TM was about 7*(edited) years ago. $15 ticket, $6 surcharge. Said forget it after that show (which was disappointing anyway).

  4. Anyone want to make a new ticket site we only take £2 for every ticket sold an we'll send email lists to anyone selling tickets we'll take the market for a year or two split it and be done

  5. Couldn’t agree fucking more. I’m like this guy Andrew Schultz more and more.

  6. Andrew Schultz is the future. A true visionary and a PRIME example of an entrepreneur. The little guy can beat the big guy sometimes, and Schultz is your proof.

  7. I Understand the issues but… … trusts me, the perspective of being cheated off only because the losses is coming from your part of the pie. while im not disagreeing with points made but once your business and its affliated services progressed, you too will gradually to max its ways for profits.

  8. TM is giving Artist more control over the resale market and a large cut of the gate and y’all think Artist are going to revolt. FOH. If you only knew how much Taylor Swift increased her tour earnings by working closer with TM last year y’all would stfu

  9. Bro, Joe was on hush, dang

  10. Nigerians are smart bro, pay attention

  11. Andrew Schlutz gotta be one of the smartest most savvy comedians I’ve seen

  12. As much of a trash company that Ticketmaster is. Why is this prick complaining about the fees you gotta pay, isn't he rich??

  13. Spot on. This direct to consumer (DTC) model is the way of the world. Anyone trying to hold it back will be like the music companies holding onto to CD's while iTunes ate their lunch. Look for blockchain to play a major role in this future.

  14. Andrew is smart asf. Ticket master is like a data company basically

  15. How is live nation not a monopoly?

  16. Louis CK figured this out years ago

  17. I once bought tickets to watch my cowboys from that app, $300 for a nosebleed was bad enough (fuggin jerry jones smh) and they slapped a hefty fee on top of that. Seatgeek charges about 15-20% “seller fees” too. Seriously f*** those guys man

  18. For the longest time I have refused to attend any show sold by Ticketmaster.

  19. I have 2 awesome tickets to Red Hot Chili 🌶 Peppers in Toronto August 21. The website gave me 2 tickets that are in a separate section…..My recent experience with Ticket Master is already bad enough that I probably won’t use them anymore.

  20. I'm late but just in case; this is why NFTs have so much potential. It's also why corporate media is so desperate to convince everyone that NFTs are dumb — because it threatens virtually every traditional power structure.

  21. That damn processing fee has stopped me from buying tickets to events so many times just on principle, I wish there was another option.

  22. Tm is the evil empire. I hate live nation.

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