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This video talks about the super secret way of being able to ALWAYS get first in line for the Ticketmaster Smart Queue. Never be stuck at the end of the line ever again!

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00:00 Introduction Of The Three Step Process
1:08 Step 1
1:40 Step 2
2:30 Live Examples of Getting #1 In The Queue
4:18 Step 3
5:30 Conclusion
7:05 Life Updates

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  1. Does internet speed mater much???

  2. HI, you probably are seeing a lot to BTS concert related questions in comments and answering them too so THANK YOU! Am not sure if you will see this but I have a question on opening multiple tabs!? What is your verdict on it!? I'm trying to buy tickets for 4 shows how can I manage to do that!? Any advice is greatly appreciated please and thank you.

  3. So is there a reason why TM suggests using a PC/Desktop instead of mobile?

  4. im super late with my comment but after watching several of these videos I do feel like I have more control over the situation. my question is this tho; if I wanna try for more than one date, using web browser on phone would be better than the app, im assuming?

  5. I tried using the mobile app for tickets yesterday during a presale, but I was in the 2000+ spot, and by the time I got in, tickets were sold out. Any advice on how to make my chances even better? I've liked the band on the app as well as I've been a past ticket holder in the past (my concerts were sadly canceled). Thank you 🙂

  6. Thanks for the tips! So when I get past the queue part..does that mean I am the only one buying tix? So I dont have to feel rushed to buy them? Or?

  7. What the hell mann…simply wasting time….holy___________

  8. This video is NOT real advice – please refer to this video and others on my channel for additional guidance and tips.

    Unfortunately there are no quick fixes to always be first in line 😭

  9. wait so this means that if your the very first person to click on the queue button it doesn’t guarantee you first place?

  10. This video makes no sence… Just join on your mobile divice and you will become first in line. Why?

  11. Such a funny hobo

  12. will this work for olivia rodrigo

  13. I have an urgent question and hope you can help me. The ticket sale starts in 10 hours…
    Imagine using wifi on your laptop and mobile data on your phone with 2 different Ticketmaster accounts. Is that possible without being put on the end of the queue, because Ticketmaster thinks you're a bot? Thank you!

  14. Should I use the app or a web browser on the phone?

  15. Reply
    winter is my favourite season December 14, 2021 at 1:03 am

    hi! i have a question! let’s say all the accounts are different names and email addresses, but the phone number and card info is the same for each! do you think you can end up at the back of a line as a bot?

  16. would love to see you try for a bts concert

  17. u recommend the app or on the internet?

  18. This video is why youtube needs a dislike button. I just wasted my time watching this….

  19. ahh i’m trying to get p1harmony tickets on thrusday and there’s only 1.7k seats in the venue 😭 i’ll update!!

  20. Thank you for sharing! I will be using this method when I buy the BTS concert tickets on Wednesday

  21. Thx so much for all your info! If i buy 2 gold package (w soundcheck) but then can't go, will they be easy to resell? (Is it true soundcheck is not transferable??)

  22. Hi again! If you don't mind answering please, is mobile phone better than laptop?

  23. Yes, you got me. 😂 I was hoping I’d hear the magic formula. 😂 I wish that the queue didn’t exist and that it was as it use to be—everyone going in at once, but I guess the queue is there to prevent Ticketmaster or AXS from crashing. Or do you think it exists to create a sense of urgency?

  24. Background: I live in a rural area, so I realize my connection by computer and/or phone is a little slow.

    Question: It irritates me to no end when I “grab” tickets, then it sometimes says “Oops, looks like another fan got them before you.” I’m wondering why it even shows that I have them, if I really don’t. I’m still WAY within the time limit. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  25. Isit advisable to be in the queue or just wait for the sale to be open

  26. This is so true. I was in a car dealership with bad wifi using my phone for BTS concert tickets. My friends were at home with fast wifi and computers and they were 2000+ queue and some didn't get them. I only had 100 people ahead of me 😳 it works!

  27. Thanks I’m gonna try this for a concert that i gotta buy a ticket from

  28. Was gona subscribe, NOT NOW!

  29. hi, I wanted to know if it is useful to open multiple browsers per device ?!
    Also if I wait on the page like an hour before opening the waiting room I am always chosen at random with the fast connection and at the istance should I refresh again ?!

  30. Unsubscribed

  31. How do I find the waiting room section? I wanna get tickets for Justin Bb concert on june 2022 in Mi. Do tickets gets on sale few days before the concert? And then that option will be available? How do I find it & how do I know in what exact time they’ll open tickets on sale so I can be there 15min before. Pleese I need some help!!

  32. Hi thank you for this video! 2 days ago, 'stray kids' north american tour tickets went on sale and ticketmaster was a mess. I was in the queue for almost 25 minutes and all the front seats were gone!! it was sold out within an hour but almost half the venue tickets went back on sale and they were all from scalpers! the VIP tickets were $300 and scalpers are reselling in more than $6k. can you please give me tips on how to avoid them and get in queue faster? I badly need the VIP tickets and if i buy from other sites, the VIP benefits are not transferrable. Do you think the internet speed matters? my net speed was 200 mbps btw! the tickets go on sale on Monday again and I'm considering going to Starbucks for better internet connection!

  33. what a waste of my precious time

  34. Isn't older account get the higher odds of being at the front of the queue? I have a friend who is a broker and he told me his accounts have instant access to almost every event.

  35. I tried to get tickets to garth brooks recently and I waited the 10 minute countdown it threw me in the queue at 200,000+ in front of you then kicked me out after 10 min, logged back in at 250000+ in front of me and it kicked me again I said eff it.

  36. I noticed you didn’t click on “open the app”. So use the mobile device and don’t use the app?

  37. The first step was not true in my case, several times! The computer was always faster and that's logical. I use ethernet on computer, always faster refresh rate then wifi !!!!

  38. What a waste of my time….

  39. i need ono tickets

  40. I had over 68000 people before me for Harry Styles in London A MINUTE after sales started🥲

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