ticketmaster events chicago-2022 Kpop Concert Guide! | buying tickets, traveling, what to bring, etc.

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Stray Kids ‘District 9 Unlock’ Concert experience:

Will happily answer any questions in the comments! However, as of uploading this there is little to no info about Stray Kids’ tour this summer!!
All we know are the dates and locations from this twitter post:

Thanks again to everyone who has stuck around! 🙂

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more coming soon?? – actually working on it lol

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Wish I’d Stayed – Yusei
Stray Kids Maniac teaser clean instrumental by K-POP Filters:

ticketmaster events chicago-2022 Kpop Concert Guide! | buying tickets, traveling, what to bring, etc.
ticketmaster events chicago-2022 Kpop Concert Guide! | buying tickets, traveling, what to bring, etc.
  1. But what if I am waiting for better seats and everything gets sold out🥲

  2. Okay random questions time:
    If you cant bring water do you usually buy one there before the concert starts? Or just try and go without?
    If driving what is the best options for parking? I'm thinking myself to try to see Skz in Chicago but I'd be traveling 4 hours to and I'm just trying to think through that… big cities stress me🙃😂
    Picture/video wise do you bring a portable charger for your phone? Do you clear out all your space? I always am never having enough space or battery😂👍
    And buying seats wise what do you recommend?? And what do you think prices ballpark will be with going to other kpop concerts? (sorry that's a lot😂❤)

  3. thank you so much, I was really stressed out cause it's my first time buying tickets by myself, you helped me a lot<3

  4. I’m so nervous, I’m bouta go on war zone tmr for skz tickets lol but hopefully I get the seats I want, AAAAHHHHH

  5. Thank you so much! I’m stressing sm as a baby stay 🥲. Also, does ticket master let you buy multiple tickets per account?

  6. Also something I wanna mention about lightsticks, BRING BATTERIES! Not in case the ones you have die, but if you're planning to buy a lightstick at the venue. When I went to see P1Harmony last month, they were literally selling the lightsticks without batteries 😭
    Good thing I had a lightstick already, but there were so many people demanding refunds. It was unacceptable 😔

  7. how does the check-in process go? like once you enter the venue

  8. what's the general opinion on using phone flashlights instead of lightsticks? my friend and i went to the p1h concert last month, and we wanted to sway along with our flashlights like lighters but literally no one else was doing that?? so we don't know if it's rude or just not common?? 🙏🙏i want us to be better prepared for the skz tour

  9. when does the queue usually open?

  10. Hiii!!! How much earlier would we have to get there for Straykids????

  11. I'm watching this even tho I'm in germany and can't go to a kpop concert 😭💔 :((

  12. Thank you so much this was really helpful! I plan on getting skz tickets today so I’m a little anxious. I’ll only be buying for myself so I hope it won’t be to difficult lol

  13. I got tickets today!! For the Atlanta show. I’m so excited!! It will be my first kpop concert!!

  14. watching this while the countdown for tickets is at 15 minutes, I'm probably taking the train from Portland to Seattle!! wish me luck!!!!!

  15. I wish I watched this before skz went on sale I didn’t realize it would glitch out because the same phone number was connected to both of my accounts. So I think that delayed me a lot. I didn’t end up being able to get reasonably priced tickets there because I was only seeing official platinum seats for hundreds/thousands of dollars whenever I refreshed. I actually just ended up buying them on stubhub that day for a bit of a markup but nothing too crazy. Anyway I’m excited that the atl show is at state farm arena because it’s so convenient to take public transport since there’s a gate right at the entrance/exit to the marta station!

  16. They are so expensive even the seats in the back my mom promised me I would go but now I can’t bc it’s almost $1000 for 2 people now I can’t see skz but she said I could got to South Korea in a few years and see them there! Im literally so sad rn 😭

  17. I want to ask something. How do I check the entry requirements for the Kia Forum??!?!?!!?

  18. I couldn't get any ticket for the skz concert, the prices were insane!!!

  19. Thanks so much for the helpful video I really needed this. I'm going to see stray kids in Seattle this coming summer I can't wait to be so fun this is my second concert. My first one was seeing the rose

  20. Does anyone know what time I should be there for merch I really wanna try and get a hoodie PLS LMK

  21. stray kids maniac 2nd world tour is my first concert not online 😭, thank you so much for the advices 🥺💕

  22. here after txt tour annoucement hehe

  23. I have 2 questions! One, do you have to be over 18 to be go to a concert? If your not and they ask for an id what do you show them? And two, how early should you arrive at the venue? I want to be able to go and chat with other people and see all the freebies😊 I really want to be able to go to the upcoming txt concert but I wanna make sure I’m fully prepared!

  24. would you recommend using a laptop or phone to buy tickets?

  25. when I'm waiting in line for tickets and it's the time that they go on sale do I reload the page or keep as it is?

  26. So had their been any issue of bringing a parent with you if your not 18 and over. Also I’m really hoping I could go for my birthday.Many of my friends are stays and I want to bring them with me

  27. I got tickets for Stray Kids and it's gonna be my first concert ever so I'm super excited! How early should I get there though?

  28. Do you have any tips on reselling tickets? Like how to you find people to buy them from you and how to transfer tickets to be for someone else if they require ID at the concert. I have tickets to see Dreamcatcher but if get tickets to see TXT then I’ll have to sell the Dreamcatcher ones because I unfortunately can’t go to both.

  29. I’m going to the Chicago stray kids concert 😁😁😁😁

  30. Hi, i’m planing to go to the TXT concert in new york. If anyone knows any details or the date to buy the tickets olea se let me know cause i don’t have social media😭

  31. My mom got me and my sister's Twice tickets for May 15th for only like $105 each

  32. When they pre-sale, how long do they have the pre-sale period? I'm planning to get the moa membership to get pre-sale tickets for txt but my dad is paying and I don't see him until Wednesday which is from now 1 day 😭 (The pre-sale tickets were announced like a day ago btw)

  33. Thanks for this!! I’m going to a monsta x concert on may 26th (my birthday lol) with my bestie and this really helped! <3

  34. I got tickets a few days ago! It's My First kpop concert and I'm SO EXCITED

  35. What if the group ticket vendor is AXS and not Ticketmaster? Can I only use AXS but not Ticketmaster?

  36. Thank you for your video! I’m seeing The Boyz next month and it’ll be my first concert kpop concert!! Does anyone know the situation around buying merch and where to store it? A friend told me that she wasn’t given a bag at the recent BTS concerts so she had to carry everything w/o her own bag. Do you think large clear plastic bags are allowed for this reason? My clear bag that I’m taking is way too small since I might buy the lightstick at the venue.

  37. Hi so it's my first time watching a concert and which seat do you recommend like is it okay to be near at the stage or farther?

  38. I'm trying to get TXT's tickets and I want them soooo badly! Any seat will be an amazing experience for sure. Thank you so much for this video!

  39. I'm so scared for the war to get tickets, wish me luck 😭🤞

  40. hey , um i was hoping for skz coming to europe but they still haven’t announced europe. It’s really sad ): (does anyone knows about the thing with europe?)

  41. Do most venues let you wear a hat or like any head wear? Bts thank you for the video currently going to my first ever concert im so excited.

  42. anyone know where to buy txt concert tickets?

  43. I'm going to skz maniac concert and I'm beyond excited. I'm literally talking about it all day and my family is tired of it🤣🤣 I've planned out my outfit already for the concert so I feel very prepared for that. I wanted to make a banner but probably not because I'm already carrying other stuff 🥲 but I can't wait😭 literally in 2 months (basically 1) knskabskanz. We also got seats in 101 section so im not mad ehe

  44. weird question: but how would u rate the floor seats for short people? lol i have no idea how tall u are but for me i think i’m like 5’1 or 5’2?? and i’ve heard that people recommend not having floor seats if you’re on the shorter side but i was somehow able to buy vip floor seats for skz after trying to buy tickets for weeks and i was NOT about to miss out on all those benefits LMAOO (plus this is my first kpop concert so i’m really excited) but i’m a little worried that i won’t be able to see anything 😭😭 i’m thinking about wearing platform shoes, obviously not high heels or anything uncomfortable probably just some docs/platform sneakers. also for reference i got tickets for the anaheim show section 105 and kinda near the middle/back

  45. Do you have any tips on parking?

  46. I'm already stressed out about SKZ coming to Germany. Even if they didn't announce anything yet.
    But they or the universe hate me so much. Because I couldn't see them now five times in a row and ahhh. I just wanna see them for once 🤧💕
    Hopefully it Go's well for this tour🥺

  47. Not bringing water is the stupidest thing on concert 🤧 the security always is pissed because of fans passing out but not allowe water 🤧

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