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Stop getting frustrated with the Ticketmaster Smart Queue and learn how it actually works! There are a few variations to the waiting rooms and I go into detail about them all, including actual tips on how to improve your odds as well.

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  1. THANK YOU!!!! I used all of your suggestions and got the best seats I could have hoped for! Thanks for explaining it all in a clear and concise manner because I owe my amazing seats all thanks to you!! I used one device and got the tickets on the first try! 🙏🏼 Thank you 😊

  2. preparing for olivia rodrigos sour tour

  3. Quick question, is the queue process still the same for verified fan?

  4. Once you are past the queue and into the buying ticket section, are you able to purchase 2 tickets?

  5. Nice video, sir!
    This is my first time booking tickets myself, so I’m a little nervous. I’m just wondering, is this process any different on a PC as opposed to phone? And if I were to use my phone, should I use safari or the app?

    Thank you!

  6. When they send you an email saying "your waitlisted" what does that mean?

  7. me trying to get Olivia tickets tomorrow

  8. Super helpful! Thank you for the great video! Just a quick question, do you think it would considered it bot activity if I do the 2-step authentication for multiple accounts each on a different device but using the same phone number to get the code?

  9. Hi Thank you for the video!I want to ask something.If me and my sister have vip gold tickets we need a adult with us because we are 16 and 12 years old.And my question is if my dad get VIP silver can he come in as our attendant or he needs VIP gold tickets too?For a bts concert

  10. Currently in college and I know of a lot of people who will be trying to get tickets, should I use my campus' wifi or should I use data?

  11. trying to get tickets for the group ateez tmr!! i’m really nervous but i’ll try my best :))

  12. should we wait for the page to refresh or should we refresh it ourselves before being sent into the queue?

  13. Trying to get Harry tickets next week 🙃

  14. trying for harry styles tickets on monday !! when the queue ends to get into the waiting room, do i refresh or do i wait for ticketmaster to refresh, because i’ve seen different people say different things 😥

  15. has anyone had any experience with buying wheelchair accessible tickets? hoping to get harry styles tickets this week but am very worried about being able to get accessible seats. are you still queued in the waiting room or is it different? also does anyone know if they sell out as quick as the regular seats? i know there are obviously less wheelchair accessible seats and it obviously depends on the venue but let me know if anyone has any tips/experience!! :))

  16. Is it best to tick best available or to specific that I want VIP/ certain tickets?

  17. How early should I click the link that I’ve been given for the presale that sends me through to Ticketmaster? Is there any point in having the website open for hours before it goes on sale or just 10mins?

  18. Am I better using my 5G data With 180mbps speed or my wifi with 50mpbs, the obvious answer sounds like data but unsure as to whether I’d need to be on an actual network?

  19. does this work for O2 priority as well? because looking at the Harry Styles tickets on the O2 priority it only allows to set a reminder? :/

  20. me doing my research for hslot 2022

  21. Is it okay to open two shows (two tabs) for different shows (same tour)

  22. so does the waiting room open when the countdown gets to 0?? i’m confused…

  23. Thank you for all the info!! I want to buy 4 tickets but want to select seats in pairs since I heard it can be hard to get 4 good seats together. Once I purchase 2 tickets, can I purchase the other 2 right away or will I be sent back in the queue?

  24. Is it okay to have multiple browsers or tabs open, each connected to a separate account / separate email to see which account will have the best place in the queue? Or will there be problems other than too many connections to a wifi

  25. What about multiple events that go on sale at the same time.

  26. I have a question about refreshing the page. When do i refresh and when not to do it? And is it better to use adblocker?

  27. Do you have limited time when youre buying tickets?

  28. thank you so much for this video!! it'll be my first time using ticketmaster for the stray kids tour in oakland and this was really helpful 🤧 i just wanted to ask if being in a different country during the sale (in my case, the philippines) could pose any problems? i already have an account with a credit card attached to it so i think there shouldn't be any but since it'll be my first time ever, i just wanted to make sure 😅

  29. i need my stray kids tickets🤓

  30. yes im here bc of skz 🥸

  31. This video was beyond helpful, thank you so much for all the tips and info!!!
    I have just one question that I’m hoping you have an answer to. So while I was watching the video, I saw the screen recording of someone buying Post Malone tickets, and in the “What to expect” section, it said that you could only buy 1 ticket per person (every run through the queue). So my question is, if the ticket purchase maximum for the concert I wish to attend is 6 tickets, would that mean that I could purchase all 6 tickets at once (so I would only have to run through the queue the initial time, and the “what to expect” section would have a different statement under it), or does it mean that I can only buy a maximum of 6 tickets through one account by running through the queue 5 other times in order to buy them?

  32. So if I were to make two different accounts, one on a computer, one on a phone, one on wifi, one on data, but I had to have the same payment information, could that end up hurting my odds?

  33. Would using a vpn work to avoid getting seen as a bot by ticketmaster if many people are trying on the same network?

  34. hi! just wanted to come back here and say that i was able to get the tickets i wanted for stray kids oakland, albeit not via ticketmaster 😅 i had to go through a (trusted) reseller site since by the time i got into the buying area, most of the seats were already gone / EXTREMELY expensive because of official platinum (i see the prices going from 800-2000+ each 😭) when you open the site now, most of the seats are for reselling and i'm just super disappointed in tm for allowing that to happen :')) regardless, your vids really helped me get to know the site and also stay calm during the whole ordeal, especially as a first-time user. thank you so much for your tips! 💓 hopefully i'll get to use them properly whenever i use tm again 🤧

  35. So it asked me to sign in when I went to go "join the queue." I lost valuable seconds. There are already 2,000+ people in the queue already. It was the last show to go on sale in the country. It's over.

  36. THANK YOUU!! i’m definitely using your tips to get tickets tomorrow for harry styles one night only. i have a couple quick questions,
    1. i registered for the verified fan amex card early access, and if i get chosen to attend that presale does the code only send via text or by email too?
    2. can i use the same code twice on the same account for the same event but on a different device? if so, should i risk it for a better shot or play it safe with only 1 device?
    3. could you give me like a small general idea of how verified fan works? like if i get a code or not what happens and if there’s anything specific i should in either case
    thank you again! this was so helpful

  37. Does the live nation queue work the same???

  38. Reply
    Ambalika Isthira May 9, 2022 at 9:13 pm

    Hi! i would like to ask you about the registration verified fan. So i live in Indonesia and its outside US and Canada, but im planning to visit LA around November and i would really like to come to harry's concert. I was wondering is it possible for me to register from my location now? bcs every time i tried to register from your website, the site always thinks that im a bot and the "Pardon the Interruption. As you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot." always shows up. Please help me figure this out, it means a lot. thank you!

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