ticketmaster events 2022-Tickets: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver explains why concert tickets are so expensive, who’s making money off of them, and which One Direction is his favorite.

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ticketmaster events 2022-Tickets: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
ticketmaster events 2022-Tickets: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  1. Ticket prices have vastly outpaced inflation since the mid-90's, i.e. during the era in which music fell from its mid-80's-to-mid-90's second golden age to the absolute all-genres dogshit it is today?
    Fuck the world in all ways at all times in all its holes, confirmed.

  2. 'I know what you're thinking'

    Yes. Yes you do John and it's why we love your stuff. Mickey mouse shaped potato. Classic stuff.

  3. In my state in Aus scalping is illegal for sporting events only. Not entertainment. Unless it recently changed. Still hate ticketmaster and ticketek and the extra fees.

  4. prices are really ridiculous, I paid $1300 for 3 tickets to see Elton John in nyc, he was worth it but still they cost too much

  5. Ain’t ever paid more than $5.

  6. I mean if an artist is scalping his own tickets atleast throw an autograph on the ticket

  7. At least 1 state in Australia has restrictions on resale prices but yes, the ticket sales companies are still out of control here

  8. And this is why I'll miss the Backstreet Boys 👍🏻

  9. Wow, ticket master sounds like an easy way to make some money off selling tickets.

  10. Why don’t you ever do shows roasting how Biden

  11. We may not agree on everything but John is a decent dude

  12. 500 for 1 concert??? I go to the UK for a rock festival for 5 days with camping included for around 650 usd and I can see KISS, iron maiden, korn, skindred, deftones, bvb, rise against, alestorm, daughtry, skillet and many others… wtf is happening in the US?

  13. Hold the phone. Tickets (or anything) are expensive because there is a market of people willing to pay that price. Tickets to a concert are also a luxury. So what are we complaining about, exactly? Everybody can't have luxury items? Cry me a river.

  14. Pearl Jam 2nd hand $5000 for pit! What the actual FUCK!

  15. i hope the prices to see the mickey mouse potato aren't too exorbitant

  16. This must be just in the US. Most I have ever had to pay for 'fees' is about £2.00. Our ticket prices are fairly ok except when it is a massive band, then it is madness.

  17. I was simply scrolling down, that's how I got here . creators of n Nigel…. many dissed claimants https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6DOxuucAEk

  18. John Oliver is Nail Horan stan confirmed

  19. It’s an expendable income tax.
    Just don’t go.

  20. what lip gloss does Jon recommend – asking the real questions

  21. Surge pricing sucks butt hole!!! God dang that supply and demand.

  22. start supporting local bands at the local pub.
    way more fun.

  23. gotta love the usa

    middle men for all industry!

    predatory realestate requiring fees to sell your most valuable asset
    predatory student loans requiring fees for mandatory education levels
    predatory lease to own scams
    predatory stock markets where stocks are inflated by big banks and requiring mandatroy fees to play
    predatory tax system
    predatory health care system


    too bad the red voters don't realize all this consolidation of wealth is basically how china copied and now operates…
    Except china has 1B people to steal from at the bottom aka a much bigger 99%.

  24. I have 1 rule when buying tickets. If I can't buy it for face value I don't go.
    I still grudge the fees as I've noticed 'online transaction fee' has now replaced postage (since covid, most tickets are now electronic, it's a QR code on your phone so you don't even need to print at home). I will never ever buy from the secondary seller or a tout (scalpers).
    If I can't get a ticket from the original box office I miss the concert.
    Bands playing to empty seats and touts being left with unsold tickets and huge financial losses are the only way this crap is going to stop.
    It's sad but ultimately the fans have the power here, if we stop paying for scalped tickets we can force the industry to change. While it's just my opinion, I think anyone willing to pay £2000 for a ticket that should cost £50 is an idiot.

  25. I don't think you're allowed to brag about instantaneous ticket sales in the thousands when it clearly happened with a keystroke or two, and the tickets were all sold to agencies. But the people going to concerts NOW don't know or care how badly they're getting screwed — all they know is, "I gotta see Bieber! Everyone's gonna be there! I can't NOT go!!!"

  26. It says a lot that I could watch this episode and go "At least nobody died this time."

  27. I used to stand in line for scalpers, 100$ a day and some tickets, depending. I'd be in line for up to 5 days prior to tickets going on sale. On sale day, we'd get an envelope with the funds and anxiously waited for 9 am.The limit per person was 6 or 8 tickets, but the return was easily 500$+, though much of it was made on the night of the show, I remember my boss sweating it out with 3 tickets left and the show had already started.

  28. YES THANK YOU I AM SO PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS. My parents saw shows in the 80s and 90s for 20-30 a pop. Im forced to carve out copious amounts of money to get tickets from scalpers. And the fees. wtf

  29. Support bands from overseas. Seek out music better than what's on the radio. Tickets are cheaper.

  30. I'm only a LITTLE disappointed that Drew Barrymore didn't show up at the end.

  31. This pisses me off to a point… I hate that those people profit off of artists and fans, I wish we could directly send them (the artists) our money. If I'm ready to pay 100$+ to see an artist I love, it's because I want THEM to get that money, not promoters, not scalpers, not F**king Ticketmaster v__v

  32. Almost like this was a retaliation to the enormous loss of profits caused by internet sharing. Seems like a massive failure in reporting that it wasn't a part of this report. Maybe it'll be covered later.


  33. Ticketmaster has been a huge criminal enterprise for a long time

  34. I was totally lucky enough to get Def Leppard tickets from a reseller on Ticketmaster, who had marked down the price SIGNIFICANTLY so they were easier for people to get and enjoy. It cost around $235 for two people, front row balcony. I’m extremely happy with them and the price!!

    BUT that being said…that’s my own good experience with it. The rest is utter garbage. Trying to get Elton John tickets last month, was a nightmare. Prices were in the $600 to $900 dollar range for basically back, far end of the venue. I saw tickets go from $3,600, and they were way back of the mosh. I tried to get tickets for Gary Mullen and the works, and it kept telling me every seat I wanted to buy, was selling out AS I WAS CHECKING OUT!- only for it to then magically come back on for sale, 5 minutes later?!

    Ticketmaster is a complete joke.

  35. John, how dare you! You went into my password file and stole my perfect password?!?! 😂

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