Great-buying BTS concert tickets 2022 *how to get FLOOR SEATS on Ticketmaster*

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Buying BTS concert tickets feels like an 8-hour shift! If you want to buy BTS concert tickets or you to know how to get floor seats on Ticketmaster, here is EVERYTHING you need to know about trying to get BTS concert tickets. This was my ticketing experience for the BTS PTD Las Vegas show! BTS concert tickets are very difficult to get because everyone is trying to click on the same seats. I’m so thankful I was able to get floor seats to see BTS in Las Vegas. 🙂 Actually, it was my fiancé hehe. BTS always uses Ticketmaster for the states!


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Great-buying BTS concert tickets 2022 *how to get FLOOR SEATS on Ticketmaster*
Great-buying BTS concert tickets 2022 *how to get FLOOR SEATS on Ticketmaster*
  1. My BTS ticketing experience 💜! If you plan on buying tickets on Ticketmaster or you want to buy BTS tickets in the future and want to try to get BTS floor seats, here’s a front row seat to the ticketing experience 🥲

    Even if you’re not a BTS fan, thank you for being here and allowing me to have space to share ALL the things I love! Hehe ☺️

  2. I wish Sam Goode was still around….

  3. thanks for this! taking notes for their next concert i go to 🤓 so just to clarify, you can wait on line for multiple dates on one account?

  4. I saw so many people getting the it’s not you it’s us message, it happened to me 3 times 😭😭😭 why is it?

  5. Easter weekend means students have longer breaks my peeps haha

  6. So just to confirm, when you’re in the waiting room it will automatically put you in the queue WITHOUT refreshing right? When I bought my tickets for PTD LV and the countdown went to less than a minute it didn’t do anything for a few minutes so I did refresh and ended up almost not getting any tickets. I’m wondering if I should have just waited even if it was past 3:00. What are your thoughts? I was afraid it wasn’t going to refresh in its own so I did it 😫

  7. Even as a member we got kicked out twice after almost paying for the sits someone else snag it then ticketmaster will kick you out.They should fix their crappy system. It should not allow the member if their sits were snagged by others. We ended up paying more for re sell tickets because by the time we tried the third time it said all sold out. So,,, even as a member it does not help at all esp. when the problem is Ticketmaster system. Instead they allow those people who buy a lot of sits and then sell them for triple price which is bad. Not all armies have money to pay that much! Hopefully karma befalls on those crooks!

  8. That "real time" wait was giving me anxiety. 😅

  9. You can use the same account to buy tickets for two different shows?

  10. My heart beat so fast watching this. I think we all need a super calm fiancé HAHAHA! Congratulations on scoring those tickets! We hope BTS head our way (Singapore) this year!

  11. Do you know if having the US or Global Membership matters? Which one do you have?

  12. This process was so much better than what i just experienced with the stray kids tickets. The BTS process felt more fair with the whole code thing. Tickets for stray kids sold out in 15 minutes but were up for resale in 30minutes for 3 times the price.

  13. Me trying to prepare for the txt concert after they announced it 😭😭 also if in the future bts announced another tour concert.

  14. Girlll I totally felt you when you got kicked out of line! That happened to me as well, with the 100 section, so can't imagine how heartbroken you were losing SC tickets! 😭 Your fiance is so sweet and supportive to get an ARMY account too 😊 Just a quick question, why do you refresh while in the waiting room?

  15. How do I buy multiple days?

  16. I'm buying txt tickets when they go on sell and I need advice 😭

  17. ok but did you really have 5 different accounts with 5 different credit cards?

  18. Can you get into the presale with the 22 dollar membership?

  19. It's getting more and more complicated to get those damn tickets 😭😭

  20. Omg this is going to be so stressful for me being that I’m not a tech savvy and I have shitty internet…

  21. Ok I’m still confused😭 y’all have my respect

  22. Just out of curiosity how much are floor seats?

  23. Thank you so much for explaining everything in nice calm manner..I've never been to a BTS concert…but ticket buying seems very stressful 😭😭..Will be asking for help to buy tickets for World tour 🤞🤞🤞💜💜💜💜💜

  24. I've never been any kpop concert cuz none of them came to my country, i wad wondering if soundcheck tickets and concert tickets are different? I mean do you need to buy 2 tickets? Like 1 for the concert and 1 for the soundcheck? If i buy the cheapest tickets, can i still buy a soundcheck tickets?

  25. omygod it looked so stressful. i hope if theres a world tour i could get a ticket

  26. Hello, how do you get the presale code? I didn’t understood this part 🙁 can you tell me the steps pleeease? Thanks a lot :*

  27. if they announce a world tour i’m planning on going alone so how much should i aim to save for tickets? i doubt i’d be able to get floor seats, but at least in the loge areas? i’ve been to concerts but i wonder if their tickets are more expensive than others

  28. Maya, thank you for the video. It is really helpful. I am a new armies and purchasing their ticket seems very intimidating.

  29. Army girl Juanita jk Jungkook girlfriend

  30. you are better then this

  31. how do i sign up for the ticketmaster fan service so when bts comes again i can get started ive never done it b4 i do have the bts membership also is there a bts membership number i need for future tickets

  32. But did you have different accounts and credit cards for all of those tabs open? Im confused, also how does the membership and ticketmaster come into play? Do you add those to your account directly way before or in the moment?

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