amazing-YouTube livestreaming sucks.

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edited by: one take jake

amazing-YouTube livestreaming sucks.
amazing-YouTube livestreaming sucks.
  1. Ludwig will always be the greatest streamer and this just shows it

  2. ok the battlepass idea is insanely smart

  3. Youtube: oh no ludwig is working on fixing the problems with our streaming.

  4. If i am a pig, can o join in too? :3

  5. Dude the end where he says "I will end this before 8 minutes so you guys don't get midroll ads" is the most CHAD thing I've ever seen and I love you ludwig for that 😀

  6. Can't wait to see where this takes streams at in the future, lack of features across platform to platform really ruins the experience. Hope this fixes the whole "oh twitch has this or youtube is better for this"

  7. Ive had the extension for awhile myself, Definitely not Sponsored but I can say it does work well! keep up the great work Ludwig!

  8. But I want to see Syk's chat mald in your stream with pitchforks. 🙁

  9. Lud is the Jesus Christ of YouTube

  10. from my experience youtube livestreaming scks

  11. lol the long goal for truffle is fixing tiktok and twitch he says. but youtube could just buy it and acquire it for $$. why wouldnt you take it

  12. i love what you're doing lud, but its kinda sad we need to get an extension to make watching better

  13. At this point imagine Michael creating a code to help this cause *

  14. I get it, but as a CS major going into software engineering, I now understand why software takes so goddamn long to make.

  15. I love your truffle extension! I'm watching a YouTube Live stream chat and it feels like I'm on twitch again! YouTube Live is not going so well right now but so is twitch but hey, YouTube is working its way up, and there trying to make it feel like Twitch but their own. This is all very new to YouTube still but their working up!

  16. Great idea. Terrible name.

  17. Doesn't he make one of these videos every week? Go tell Youtube wtf are we gonna do about it? Maybe I'm being pessimistic but this is a band aid solution and kinda seems like an excuse to make a new company and generate revenue. Lud did an interview WITH THE CEO OF THE WEBSITE FACE TO FACE but isn't able to sit her down in a professional setting and tell her what needs to be fixed? She'd at least listen to him instead of the peasant viewers.

  18. I always thought that YouTube Streaming has the mindset of "steady as she goes, and as long at Twitch keeps messing up like they are, creators will flock to us."

  19. I really dont like livestreams in between my youtube feed. Can we not have a dedicated app for livestreams with some integreation magic inbetween.

  20. One of my dreams for a few years now is to have a public backend that can be accessed by anyone and used with custom frontends. think youtube but you can make your own search engine, accessability options, optimal delivery modes for each creator.

  21. If this extension works well, I wonder if YouTube would just try to acquire it. It might be easier to integrate something that works already rather than build from the ground up

  22. Worst part is that it’s impossible to find YouTube gaming on the iPhone app. Am I wrong?

  23. things yt should change:
    -rename subs to followers and members to subs
    -call it raids instead of live redirection
    -add gifted subs (members)

  24. So when is YT going to buy your company for 2mil?


  26. Awesome stuff. Probably a outrageous question but will there be a edge version of truffle? lol

  27. Gigabrain youtube doesn't even need to make their site functional. Their flunkies will.

  28. Kinda weak how your company is gonna be largely backed and supported by contract workers. Contract backed tech startups tend to be not great for the employees.

  29. Fixing Susan's company for absolutely free, jsut to give viewers the best experience possible is such an alpha move. At the end, this will push Ludwig's viewership and revenue, while making the entire site better, so YouTube also wins. Everyone gets a slcie of cake!

  30. Yeah Lud's angling for a buyout and honestly when YouTube bites its gonna be one of the Mogulest Moves he's done

  31. No way .. this is interesting.. hmm

  32. Minecraft live tab. Look at it and tell me it’s okay.

  33. Goddamn Susan this has to be embarrassing to see your top streamer have to create a whole ass new company to modernize their website

  34. You’re an innovator Lud, I don’t watch your content generally at all but I don’t need to to agree and recognize that your ideas and position as a head streamer makes sense, you look out for your friends and colleagues, and work hard for what you feel, I fully respect you and hope youtube integrates you and your teams innovations onto the platform, best of luck with it, I feel like i’m witnessing a change in the tides for youtube creators in general

  35. Imagine if skynet starts on truffle

  36. Crazy to think that Ludwig's team have done more to improve YouTube livestreaming within half a year than the actual company has done since its existence

  37. Really out to kill twich quick

  38. I don't watch Ludwig much but this is really cool. Taking the initiative to make YouTube livestreams better is such a good idea and it will truly benefit everyone. It seems like Ludwig is a good guy not just a good streamer. Who knew

  39. Thanks for being a push to doing better for YouTube and going out of your own way to create things that enhance the experience Ludwig. Such awesome moves you’re already making since the switch.

  40. Hey Lud you look handsome. Also I appreciate you standing up for your friends and improving YouTube

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