ticketmaster-Ticketmaster Tips & Tricks | How to Get the Best Concert Tickets Cheap

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Some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned recently for getting the best concert seats for the cheapest prices including how you should prepare for purchasing tickets on release day, and how the waiting room and queue work.

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ticketmaster-Ticketmaster Tips & Tricks | How to Get the Best Concert Tickets Cheap
ticketmaster-Ticketmaster Tips & Tricks | How to Get the Best Concert Tickets Cheap
  1. Preparing for Olivia rodrigo

  2. me wachting this 10 minutes before olivia rodrigo ticket sale

  3. Not me watching right now for Olivia Rodrigo tickets 😭😭

  4. Me watching this the day twice tickets go live

  5. Hey quick question! How many tickets can you buy?

  6. Don’t mind me just watching this for the Harry styles tickets tomorrow

  7. Me an hour before LOT tickets

  8. trying to get christina aguilera tickets for scarborough

  9. me being here hoping that one day, i'll be able to buy tickets to a concert of hailee steinfeld. Does anyone knows when and where hailee has a concert, goes on tour or has like a fan meeting? Like where does she announce it? Where can I buy tickets for concert of her?

  10. 3:45 > Habla de la cola virtual o 'waiting room'. Se abre unos 10 minutos antes de que se pongan a la venta las entradas y te asigna aleatoriamente un turno, sin importar tu hora de ingreso, pero tengo que estar 10 minutos antes con todos los dispositivos posibles y con la cuenta y la tarjeta metida en ellos.

  11. In 4:50 she said that In Ticketmaster it's not possible to be in the waiting room with more than one device, but then she said that she was with her phone and computer. So… It's possible or not?
    Im spanish and dont understand very well english

  12. Hi quick question, I am planning on purchasing two tickets on ticketmaster but I'm just wondering if I buy two are they both in my name?

  13. ich kann nur jeden raten keine Tickets von Ticketmaster zu kaufen ich sitze seid 3 Jahren auf meinen Tickets von 2020 fest und selbst mit Verbraucherschutz und nun einem Anwalt weigert sich der Veranstalter das Olympiastadion Berlin das Geld zurück zu zahlen .Laut Regierung müssen die Tickets die vor dem März 2020 gekauft wurden erstattet werden wenn man keinen Gutschein haben möchte dafür . BETRUG was hier läuft , so etwas ist wieder in Deutschland möglich .

  14. seeing this because of mxmtoon’s tour

  15. Guys after buying the tickets will they deliver it to us or wat shld we do pls reply

  16. Presale tickets are never the best available. It is a scam. Wait til after presale and better tickets will be available.

  17. That was awesome. As a fellow Ticketmaster nerd, I agree with just about everything you say! Thanks!

  18. anyone getting tickets for DPR????
    tickets go on sale on the 15th 😭😭 i’m sooo nervous!! IM TRYING TO GET VIP!! fingers crossed i get the tickets i want ❤️❤️❤️ tysm for the tips!

  19. i’m preparing just in case one direction announces a tour for their 10 years

  20. Here for Harry styles tickets 😭🕯

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