Great-Ticketmaster, StubHub execs testify on transparency in event ticket pricing

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House Energy & Commerce Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee holds a hearing on “In the Dark: Lack of Transparency in the Live Event Ticketing Industry.” Ticketmaster Pres & COO Amy Howe, AXS CEO Bryan Perez, StubHub VP & gen counsel Stephanie Burns, Vivid Seats VP of legal affairs Ryan Fitts, TicketNation co-founder & CEO Don Vaccaro, and pres & CEP Joe Choti testify.

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Great-Ticketmaster, StubHub execs testify on transparency in event ticket pricing
Great-Ticketmaster, StubHub execs testify on transparency in event ticket pricing
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  1. I think they should have to state their salaries and how much of the fees contribute to their salaries before beginning their such heart felt speeches!

  2. This has been going on for decades. It is illegal ticket scalping. The artists are very aware and the price fixing continues.

  3. We went to buy tickets for 150 rage against the machine, and other people bought them all up and resold on ticket stub and it cost us 755$ for 2 tickets on ticket Stub. F….them.

  4. Forget the NFL, high school football is much more exciting !!!

  5. Can airlines testify also? I’d like to see someone grill them as to why they keep cramming seats in airplanes. Isn’t there a law or an FAA safety rule against that.

  6. @1:50:41 the lady slips up cuz she knows there main ticket sellers are people buying with bots buying up tons of tickets then reselling tons of the tickets & they don't charge those ticket power sellers as much to sell on there sites.

  7. Ryan Fitts knows not that he has forced me to sell my tickets on his app. I cannot sell them anywhere else. I am doubtful that these are actual tickets. There is no platform of choice. I can only sell these tickets on vivid seats and I fear that they are inadequate.

  8. Who cares. Undercharging tickets just means the entertainment industry is dumb about money. Charge 500 dollars a ticket, and people won't scalp them.

  9. So easy. No online tickets. Just pay only at the door. Otherwise you pay what you pay. Supply and demand. Concerts are just entertainment, not necessities and not to be wasting time in courts and congress.

  10. Your safety is very important to us.

  11. here's an idea: let's just entirely disregard everything all these little dweebs and creeps, asking and answering all these questions, are claiming and proposing, ,and do what we like, but do it without cheatin' anyone, just be sincere! i mean, i'm sure that anyone who would listen to this whole thing, has got far worse problems than the price or convenience of their tickets and their frickin',,, i would argue, GOOFY complaints and so-called 'issues', PFFF!
    on -the-other-hand… did you hear what happened to randy travis? tragic! but he took it like a man! RESPECT!

  12. Reply
    MR. Reconstruction March 8, 2020 at 9:20 am

    Nascent Iodine!

  13. who are the major investors…in this….monoloply…..All Hedge funds….

  14. When Metallica came to Minnesota and played at the new US Bank stadium I had 93X ( radio station ) pre-sale access. They were on sale 1 day before the public sales started. The criteria I put in was "2 tickets any where any price." It came back and said " no tickets matched your search criteria".
    I thought how the F is that possible ? Keep in mind main floor was GA general admission! So the next day the second they went on sale I was on the Ticket Master site and did the same thing and got the same response. Nothing matches your search criteria. F-them they are a monopoly and should be treated as such.⚡

  15. What business is it of the federal government what a private enterprise charges for it's product? This is an over reach. Let the market regulate prices. Absolutely ridiculous!

  16. Remind 👼😎👼
    If this One

  17. How about Tansparency on congress 1 TRILLION dollar spending bill last year 2019. How about auditing yourselves.

  18. Ticketmaster are legal crooks and all these house congressmen will lay down and lick their balls.

  19. Perhaps wanting to stop ALL Trump rallies. Now ALL venues are closed. Odd timing. Congress is putting people on trial? Who do you think you are??

  20. Stop paying these prices- if we just stop purchasing these outrageously priced tix then they will get stuck with them and eventually prices will go down. Ridiculous but anyone that continues to purchase tix from these sites is only helping prolong the issue!!

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