Great-Manage Your Mobile Tickets Purchased on Ticketmaster

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Great-Manage Your Mobile Tickets Purchased on Ticketmaster
Great-Manage Your Mobile Tickets Purchased on Ticketmaster
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    Saturn King of Mushrooms January 16, 2020 at 2:51 am

    There is no view tickets option

  2. How would we know when it arrives

  3. I dont have a barcode…

  4. What is the paper tickets called?:)))

  5. Wanted to know how to send ticket to member of my party.

  6. can you pull up tickets from your apple wallet offline?

  7. Where is the wallet? On my phone? How do I put the Google wallet on my phone?

  8. Someone help me im super frustrated. I have a android. Im trying to do 2 things add a ticket as well as exchange for better seats. Can i do that without buying them again please help. Im new to ticket master

  9. This is so retarded…
    There's a lot of people that don't have smartphones that a lot of people that don't want a smartphone

    If this is going to be the future concerts shows venues things of that nature they're going to be losing a lot of business

  10. I need help please when I go to my email I accept the tickets,it says "Just a moment.." I'm at my ticket info and it says "get your Tickets Ready" I press View and Save Tickets it says "Just a moment again" then I'm lead to a bar scanning thing it says "Screenshots won't get you in" and below it " add to apple wallet" yet my wallet is useless because i don't have the barcode nor a bar picture to scan please help me I only have 1 month and until first saturday into may until the due PLEASE

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