Great-How to Sneak Into Lower Sections at Concerts

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You guys have been requesting this video for a while now! Hope I helped clear some things up from my other video!
If you have any questions- feel free to comment them 🙂

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Great-How to Sneak Into Lower Sections at Concerts
Great-How to Sneak Into Lower Sections at Concerts
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  1. my IQ dropped 50 points after watching this   thanks

  2. Another tip would be to go on front of the stairs like at a twenty one pilots concert I bought cheap tickets and just went to the section that was next to the stage and my friend and I just stood like in the space between the rows of seats when you’re just standing and if security stopped us we would just say my phone died and that’s were I have the tickets I was so close I was almost in the pit where you’re just standing it was amazing



  5. I’m going to System Of A Down with my GF at the talking stick resort arena I got 2 high seats I’m worried that the seats gonna suck.
    Any suggestions please.
    My idea is that we get there early and walk with a crowd of people to the pit or when the opening band starts the we will hop the gate.

  6. honestly, just run down or to the front when the lights turn off and when the singer is going on stage

  7. Going too see Travis Scott in LA in December, super excited but i want too try and sneak some better seats

  8. Okay so me and my friend have same section but our seat numbers are different so can she sneak at my seat like PLEASE HELP ME

  9. ayyy shoutout xfinity

  10. Lol I'mma try sneaking into the Ariana grande sweetner ga section

  11. No idea if you still look at your comments. But I'm going to see 10 metal bands (4 shows) at this same theatre this summer. I'm just bringing a few wristbands in different colors, it worked for me out in Chula Vista San Diego.

  12. i did this but it was because me and my friends were seperated at a twenty one pilots concert and their were 3 seats open in my row in the upper level and we stayed their for the whole show… im going to try at least for the sweetner tour

  13. I'll do this at the KISS concert in alb

  14. really tryna do this for a why don’t we concert honestly

  15. Wait what you live in Mass too 😂

  16. Why wouldn’t you look on ticket master it should say it I was purchased or not instead of guessing

  17. Went to see Kesha & Macklemore alone last summer and paid for a lawn ticket, once show began I made my way to an empty seat right behind the floor lol.

  18. Fck! I missed the chance to sneak to the VIP section!😭 If i sneaked i could have seen Twice better 😭

  19. imma try doing this at a bts concert 💀 but it will be hard

  20. I'm gonna see Kim Petras (and Dj Alex Chapman) tomorrow and then I'm gonna see Waterparks on black friday but i think there's gonna be security there and i really wanted to see Kim Petras up close :/

  21. i'm seeing stray kids at the hulu theater and i'm tryna do this ngl 👀

  22. Just me and I'm buying a section/row ticket. But I want to get there super early and get GA up close! It worked last August! 😉

  23. Can me and my sister go to floor seats even tho we brought upstairs tickets

    Its so hard because there's separate entrances for floor and seating

  24. I want to sit at pit or orchestra for straykids but I bought lodge and scared to try again

    I tried for BTS at rose bowl and got caught 😂😭😭

  25. Reply
    Don’t touch Meh Gucci? February 15, 2020 at 10:35 pm

    when i can only afford backseat

  26. when i went to the speak yourself concert last year, my section was 412 but there were extra seats that were empty so basically the staff were giving free tickets away and i got one hehe

  27. My anxiety just boosted and I’m not even planning to do it 👀

  28. Does photoshopping a ticket work? And how would that be done. so I’ve never been to a concert and I’m confused with how general admission pit tickets works? Because I wanna know how I can get a ticket for the pit but I’m confused with how it works and on ticketmaster, it doesn’t show an option for the pit and I’m literally so confused. Please help!!

  29. Your parents should teach you integrity and honesty it seems like you never learned that. Getto you did not buy them guess what that’s theft. I hope I’m working security when you try this I’ll throw your butts totally out

  30. Lol, this feat isn't even conceivable at a BTS concert.

  31. My piece of advice, depending on the venue just tell the security "I'm heading to the bathroom" or "I'm buying merch" and try from there to sneak into the floor. It's how I've seen Panic at the Disco, A Day To Remember, and soon My Chemical Romance on the floor of the venue

  32. Ima do this for The Weeknd 2022 😌

  33. praying i can do this for billie

  34. does anyone else hate floor seats unless they're closer up

  35. Watching this before carti

  36. I have to do this with bts thank. you

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